Pop Star: Alpha in Mexico


“I was asked to make some sugar skulls cake pops for the Day of the Dead. I made a traditional skull and used fondant for decorating, some gold and silver round sprinkles. Each skull had it’s own design. Decorating these was a blast!!! And were a total success with kids and adults!!! So grateful for the inspiration!!! ” – Alpha

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8 comments on “Pop Star: Alpha in Mexico”

  1. me gustaron muschisimo felicidades

  2. I love it!

  3. @Maria Fernanda: Thank you. I appreciate your words.

    @Ginelle: Yes! GO MEXICO! :D I sent my pics to this address:

  4. GO MEXICO! :D

    I’ve always wondered where can I send my photos…

  5. hi, i love your work, im mexican and is amazing the mexican skulls ( las calaveritas) congrats
    an thanks for showing the mexican culture

  6. I need any cute ideas for a girls birthday party , she is turning 3 and wants everything , Blue & Green flying dragons, Please help !!!!

  7. Gives me an idea for Madi Gras!!!

  8. Awesome! I made some also…you can see on my FB page..

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