Pop Star: Amy in Oregon


“Do these count? I’m gluten-free so can’t do the “real” cake pops so these are my gluten free alternative :) Thanks for all your fun creations :)” – Amy

Of course they count. And they look great. – B

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5 comments on “Pop Star: Amy in Oregon”

  1. We are gf & it doesn’t hold me back from baking at all!
    The best choco cake I’ve ever made is baked w/ chickpea flour! Brownies too!

  2. Our daughter is gluten free too. We’ve had great luck with Betty Crocker’s GF cake mix. Her friend’s actually prefer the GF cake pops to regular ones. They stay really moist and aren’t “crumbly” like so many GF things can be.

  3. I agree! They are beautiful!

  4. These are super cute Amy. Great job!!

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