Pop Star: Amy in Texas


“I’m so excited to show you my Lego Cake Pops!! This was my first attempt at your awesome creation. Thanks so much for the wonderful inspiration. My son and his friends loved these!” – Amy

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18 comments on “Pop Star: Amy in Texas”

  1. I was situated been redolent of that website beside our uncle. I am present uncertain no matter if this particular article lives compiled by him being no person in addition make out like particularised roughly my own work. You happen to be fantastic!

  2. Can you make these for my birthday?

  3. I’m making these for my cousin’s birthday….and my brother’s!
    Hahaha i’m obnly 11 and have made so many fondant cakes for friends and family thanks to you!

  4. oh. my. gah. I freaking love these. You are my hero.

  5. Super cute my son just loves Lego’s

  6. Thanks for the delicious idea! I made these for my 7yo birthday party! They turned out so adorable. Kids & parents loved them!

  7. Fantastic idea! I have 3 boys that will be so EXCITED to taste these!

  8. Did you use a mold for these or did you do them by hand? These are really cool and am thinking of doing these Star Wars style for my boys birthday.

  9. These are ridiculously cool! Great job!

  10. MY husband is obsessed with Legos, this is such a great idea!

  11. Great idea!

  12. My son is a Lego nut. I never bought of doing these. Thank you for the wonderful idea

  13. WOW. Those look amazing. Great job!

  14. Luv your pops….and LUV your e-presentation with the “Lego Cake Pops” tag. What application do you use? I don’t have a blog and don’t want to do a blog, but I would like to finish my photographs with cool labels, so any help would be welcome. Thanks!

  15. OMG these are amazing and soooooo creative, my nephews are lego-addicts and will just freak out if I can pull these off!

    How did you shape the tops?

  16. I’m so excited to be featured here!!! Thanks Bakerella:-) You are such an inspiration. Love your sweet designs.

  17. Pop Star for sure, they are soooo cute! What kind of edible pen did you use?

  18. my nephews b-day is coming up in Nov and he has all the legos his grandparents can buy him for me to step on !!!!!

    BUT I am the Aunt that will make some of these lego pops so I can be a pop star to ….cant wait for Nov now so I can be a pop star !

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