Pop Star: Andrea in Arkansas


“After seeing your cake pops I was dying to make them. I planned to make them for an all girls party, but then my ankle swelled up to triple the size for absolutely no reason. That didn’t stop me from making them, although I did have to sit down a few times and prop my leg up so my ankle would quit throbbing. They’re not the most beautiful cake pops, but hey it was my first try! I plan on making a different themed cake pop for a reunion in June. Time to start brainstorming. I’m glad you started the pop stars section. It gives me some really good ideas for future projects. PS: I didn’t get a good picture of the “best” ones because my husband took the pics and doesn’t think of those type of things….men.” – Andrea

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3 comments on “Pop Star: Andrea in Arkansas”

  1. nice they look so yummy

  2. Whoa; these are SUPER cute! I’m sure you’ll come up with a great theme for the reunion – Happy Popping to you!!!

  3. I think they are great looking…

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