Pop Star: Anju in Canada


“A friend showed me your cake pops and I’ve become addicted to making them and trying different new ideas. :) I love all the Toy Story movies and absolutely love your Mr. Potato Head cake pops. I decided to make some Toy Story alien cake pops for my niece’s birthday party and they were a hit! The kids love them. Thanks for the inspiration, Bakerella!” – Anju

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26 comments on “Pop Star: Anju in Canada”


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  2. do you sell these? I think you have the best alien cake pops and i would LOVE to buy some…

  3. Hi. I just received you’re new book! I’m so excited! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi everyone. The coating is just the candy melts that Bakerella uses…except I had to mix my own shade of green. The antenna is made of apple green shoelace candy. The eyes are royal icing eyes I made myself (but you can also buy). The ears are green chocolate covered sunflower seeds. And the mouth I simply drew on with a black edible marker. Good luck, everyone! :)

  5. hi i was wondering what you coated the cake balls with and what the mouth is made with. i want to make these for my son second birthday in may he saw yours and loved them! please get back to me. thanks

  6. cool are thoses the toy story creatures can you tell me what did u use

  7. I love your toy story alien cake pop. Our school is having a book fair and the theme is aliens. I would like to make these for the book fair. Can you please tell me what you used for the eyes, mouth and antenas/ Thank you Marta

  8. Where do you buy shoelace candy? I’ve never heard of it.

  9. The claw! It moves!

    These are absolutely adorable, great job!

  10. Love these aliens!! Have been looking everywhere for instructions and can’t find any! I’m having my son’s 4th B-Day party and the theme is Toy Story and these cake pops would be GREAT. Could you share instructions? Thanks so much!!

  11. Love, love love these!!!
    Can you share the instructions on how to make these – my son is crazy in love with Toy Story, so we are throwing him a Toy Story themed party on Saturday and these will be perfect along with Mr. Potato Head!
    Thanks you!

  12. So cute! I love the aliens from Toy Story!

  13. Love them… what is that nifty little stand I see? Looks home made. Can you share?

  14. i love this im only 7 i love the toy story 3 characters thank you for the great idea

  15. whats up i think u are the bomb digity

  16. Hello! I love! Could you share the recipe? The want to do for the birthday party of my little twins, thanks.

  17. cute! I love these but they need a lot of ingredients and you only use so much of them. But still, CUTE!!!

  18. I used green coated sunflower seeds for the ears. Happy cake-popping! :)

  19. What you used for the ears?

  20. What did you use for the ears? These are perfect for my sons Buzz party next weekend!! So excited!

  21. I love these!I’m thinking about using them for my bake sale coming up soon!
    Thanks so much for the idea!

  22. Hi everyone, thanks for the feedback. :) I made the eyes out of royal icing and I used green shoelace candy for the antenna.

  23. Would you tell me how you mae the antenna thank you

  24. So perfect! Looks just like those aliens! Love them!

  25. Love LOVE these! what did you use for the eyes and top antenna??

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