Pop Star: Ashley in Nebraska


“I am a huge fan of yours! You have changed my life so much since I first stumbled on your website 2 years ago! I just wanted to say thank you for all the inspiration! I had some left over cake recently and tried my first attempts at Super Mario Bros! You Rock!” – Ashley

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12 comments on “Pop Star: Ashley in Nebraska”

  1. They look sooooo good well done, What did you use for the nose and ears?? I need to make some for a party next week

  2. I loved these pops, I want to try to make for my God son’s b-day party, but I have no clue how to decorate. Can you sent me insructions on how to decorate them.

    Thanks a million

  3. Could you send me some instructions on what you used and how you shaped the characters? Thanks

  4. these are great! did you by chance use a large confetti sprinkle for the brim hat and a fondant nose? I was given an order for Mario Bros and can use some help.

  5. These are amazing. Great Job!
    Did you cover these in fondant then colored it?

  6. Omg! On my twelfth birthday I really wanted the new super mario bros. game for wii!! Who needs the game when you can have cake pops! Wow! Amazing! Great Work

  7. Would you be able to tell what you used for the hat brim and nose??

  8. These are amazing!! My son would LOVE these!! I am having a Mario birthday party for him this year.

  9. Fantastic!!!

  10. these are soo hot. very very impressive miss ashley

  11. Thank you Lesley! I don’t often use molds. These are all done by hand! All detail work is done with a toothpick :)

  12. These are amazing!!! Way to go! Did you do these without a guide or mold or anything?

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