Pop Star: Becky


“Thanks for being such a cake pop inspiration! I love your work, your blog, your book! I made the attached few cake pops – the possibilities are endless!!” – Becky

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132 comments on “Pop Star: Becky”

  1. I was hoping you would tell me how to make a cake pop for a school project but those are pretty cool cake pops good job

  2. Please share how to make the soccer ball cake pops!.  I love them 

  3. Not sure if your still answering since its been quite some time since original post but could you send me info on how you did the soccer balls as well?

  4. Awesome work!! Could you please tell me how you did the soccer balls.

  5. I love!!!! I don’t speak english very well but can you share your méthod (football) with me pleeeease.

  6. Hi Becky,
    Perfect, beautiful and clean!!
    I couldn’t find your page on facebook do you mind to send me the instructions for the soccer ball?
    Thanks a lot!

  7. Becky,

    These look jus amazing! Can you plz e-mail me the method, especially the soccer ball?? Thanks in advance.


  8. So sorry for the delay! Email me directly for details/instructions!

  9. Love the dog pop! can you send me instructions for both dog and soccer ball, please?! Im actually trying to figure out how to make German shepherd pops for a fund raiser so this would be a good base for me to go from! thank you!

  10. Can you please send me the instructions for them. Thank you!!
    If posible a video :)) thank you!

  11. I love the soccer/football cake pops and would love to know how you made them – I have a big order coming up and and advice would be greatly appreciated. Please could you e-mail me to tell me how you did them. Many thanks and thanks for sharing.

  12. hi, i love your soccer balls, they are great for any male any age, can you please forward instructions my sons birthday is coming up would he love these or what?
    Thanks so much for sharing these with us.

  13. Love the cake pops. Would like to make volleyball pops for a fundraiser coming up. Could use any tips you pass my way. Can you please share your instructions? Thanks.

  14. Hi Becky I absolutely love your soccer pops (or football as we say over here!)Would love yo know how you did it as would be perfect for my sons Football party.My email is you

  15. Can you please send me instuctions fo the soccer ball cake pops! They look great. Thanks.

  16. Love, love, love your cake pops. I too would like the instructions for the the dog-so realistic. My email is

  17. sorry- email is if you prefer.

  18. Great soccer balls. Looks like fondant? What did you use to make the fondant stick? And did you make a template for the little pentagons? Easiest method for cutting out the pentagons or any useful tools? Thank you!

  19. Hi Becky,

    These are awesome!! I just received an order for soccer ball cake pops, will you please please email instructions to

    Thanks in advance!!!

  20. Love the soccer balls, could u email me the instructions to

  21. I love the soccer ball!!! Can you email me the instructions? Please pretty please.

    Thank you


  22. Hi Becky:

    Your soccer ball looks so precise. I love the details. Great job! Can you email me directions… Please pretty please…

    Thank you

  23. I love the soccer balls! I am in deperate need to make them! Can I have the instructions please?

  24. WOW. the dog is mind blowing. Im in awe, if you wouldn’t mind i’d love to find out how you did it, thanks so much. You are so talented, it’s incredible!!

  25. Hi Becky !!!! You’re soccer balls are spot on!!!!!! Do you mind sharing how you made them ? would absolutely be super grateful!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!
    my email:

  26. Love your soccer ball. Can you please send me instructions for how you did the soccer ball and the dog? My email is Thank you.

  27. almost a year.. but if you can I´d love to know how you made these two.. awesome!!.. ty..

  28. Love, love, love these! I am inspired and want to do the soccer balls for my son’s soccer party this weekend. Would you be so kind to send me instructions.

  29. Love the dog and soccer ball – can you email me the instructions PLEASE! I’m hoping to make volleyballs.

    Thanks so much!

  30. Hi Becky,

    Great work would you be able to email me the how you did the dog and the soccer ball.. Thanks!!


  31. wow you are amazing help me I want to learn

  32. I love your work very interested as to how to do this thanks for any info

  33. gosh becky, these are wonderful. if you’re still willing, I’d love to know how you did the dog and soccer ball… thanks!

  34. Hi Becky, would you mind sharing again how you did the soccer balls? Thanks.

  35. I am not sure where I left off, but if you’d like information, please email me or stop by my Facebook page!

  36. Hi, would you please tell how to made the soccer ball?

    I love your work.


  37. Please would you or anyone sent me instruction they are fab well done!

  38. Hi there, I’m new to the cake pop craze and yours are just amazing! could you please tell me how you made both the dog and the soccer ball? Thank you so much!! can’t wait to try these out :)

  39. Love the dog!! WIll you please send me instructions?! Thank you….

  40. Could I please get the soccer ball instructions too? Thanks!!!


  42. A-MA-ZING!! I love the dogs but your soccer balls are so perfect!! I have been requested to make some for a soccer banquet. How on earth did you get the lines and pentagons so PERFECT?!! I have made regular balls with white pearl crosses for my nieces first communion, and owls for her birthday, but I’m a little lost with the balls. I was just going to use one of the black food markers, then I saw these, WOW!! Did you use some sort of template? PLEASE advice would be so helpful!! Thank you!!

  43. Please please could you send an image/instructions for the basketball ones?
    Thank you so so so much

  44. I’m always looking for anything “dog” for my 10-year old granddaughter who’s first word was “uff-uff”. Your pops are perfect!! And the soccer balls are perfect for my athletic little grandsons! If you’re emailing instructions to everyone who has asked, please add me to the list! Thanks, in advance! They’re wonderful!!!

  45. Hi Becky,
    You are clearly a talented artist! Beautiful job on the dog & soccer ball! I’d love to see how to make them if you’d have time to share.
    Thanks, Tina

  46. I would be most grateful if u could send me your instructions on how u make the wonderful looking “soccer ball” pops. My twin grandaughter (14 yrs. old) are really into soccer. They have been playing competively since they were 8. I would love to make these for the “Team Treats” in a couple of weeks…. I don’t know if u use fondent or the candy melts… I would love if you could e-mail me the instructions to make these…..Thanks..Judy O’Shaughnessy

  47. I would love the instructions as well. Thank you so much!

  48. I appreciate your talent and willingness to share it. Would you mind to send the instructions for both?? I will be sure to give credit where it is due!! Thanks so much

  49. The texture in the dog looks soooo realistic. You did an awesome job. Would love to receive the instructions for the dog. pls send to

  50. Hi Becky.
    These are amazing! Can you please send me the instructions for the dog?



  51. These look awesome! Like so many of the others…can you send directions on the soccer ball?

  52. I would love to know how you made the dog. I need to made scotties for a scottish terrier club and thought this would be fun.

  53. Fantastic Could I join the may others with my request for the instructions.
    thanks for the great site.

  54. Sorry, i forgot to add my email:

  55. OMG! luv it. would you mind emailing me the instructions for both? i would appreciate it so much. Thanks!

  56. So creative!!
    I, too, would love info on the soccer ball! Please?! Thanks!

  57. Just wondering if you could share your technique for the pics shown above. I absolutely adore them!! I know my little guys would get a kick out of them. You can email me at
    Thank you so much – Trish

  58. Hi Becky,

    In love with ur dog!! it look so real!! Could u pls teach me hw to do it? My email add is

    Thank u so much!!!


  59. Hi
    Fantastic footballs!! Could I too have the instructions for them pleeeease :))

  60. I’m going to jump on the band wagon here and ask you for the directions for both the soccer balls and the dog. They’re amazing!! Very, very impressive!

  61. Jennifer, if you haven’t already, send me an email.

  62. Please send me your technique for the soccer ball pops. Thanks!!

  63. Kami, send me an email!

  64. I love it…Please share with me how do i make the soccer balls. Tomorrow my son starts his soccer season and it is the perfect opportunity to make them.

  65. Girl you are rocking the cake pops! That dog is so ADORABLE!

  66. that’s wonderful dog! Can you please send me instructions for how you did the dog? my Thanks!!

  67. the dog was very beautiful! Can you please send me instructions for how you did it? my e-mail: Thanks!!

  68. love them. please send me instructions. for my sons b-day party would love to try to do the soccer balls. thanks. my e-mail is

  69. love them. please send me instructions. for my sons b-day party would love to try to do the soccer balls

  70. I am in awe! Your cake pops look spectacular!!!! If you don’t mind could you email me directions as well for both the dog and soccer ball? I would so appreciate it!

  71. I love both of your cake pops and I would really appreciate it if you could please send the instructions for the dog and soccer ball to .

    Thanks so much!

  72. I’d LOVE to have the soccer ball instructions. Thank you and GREAT WORK!

  73. Love the dog and soccer ball. Could you send insturctions. Thanks, Barb…

  74. Hi Becky,

    I’ve dabbled in the art of cake pops also but your work is amazing!!
    I would love some pointers like the others.

    My email is:


  75. Hi Becky,
    These pops are amazing!!!!!You are truly talented. The dog looks so real and the soccer ball would be great for my son’s birthday next month.
    I would love to have the “how to” for both the dog and the soccer ball, please.
    thanks so much,

  76. Wildwood woman, your email is not correct! Please try again!

  77. Hi Becky,
    May I also have instructions for both the dog and soccer ball? These would be perfect for me to make next week for my nephew’s birthday, thanks so much!

  78. Woow! Can you please email me the instructions for the soccer?

    Thanks for sharing :)

  79. love the dog and your soccer balls are perfect!!! would love to make dogs for animal fundraiser, please send me how tos…

  80. did it work this time?

  81. i love the dog becky can you pl.s sand me how to bake it to my email

    thank you becky

  82. Be sure to provide your email address!

  83. Could you email me directions for the dog please! He’s great.

  84. ooooo the dogs! can you send me directions, too! you are amazing!!

  85. Your works of art are amazing!!!
    the details, very impressive, would you consider adding my email to your request of learning how to try and re create
    Thank You for your consideration
    Keep up the great work!!

  86. Please, i need the instructions! They look awesome!
    My email ist

  87. These cake pops are amazing, you did a wonderful job! I don’t know if you are tired of this yet but could you please email me the directions to do the soccer balls? Great job and you really need to get your own blog going, I know I would be a fan!! Have a wonderful holiday.
    My email is

  88. Those are awesome! I would love to have the instructions for the dog. Thanks.

  89. Love the soccer ball… could you send me instructions as well?

  90. Becky,
    Outstanding! I’m getting ready to make some pops for clients at the university here. Our maskot is a Wolf and they’ve got their biggest game of the year coming up the day after thanksgiving. I would love to feature your “wolf” pops along with football pops to them on Wednesday (11/24/10) . Any possibility that you could give me some pointers? Thank you!

  91. Amazing job Becky! Congratulations!!!
    The dog cakepop it’s just impressive.
    I’d like to know if would share with me how did you do that? And the soccer cakepop please?

  92. These are awesome!!!! Can you please email the instructions to me at Thank you so much!!!

  93. I would love to get the instructions for the dog one!! That is super cute!! The soccer ball is great!! I tried to do volleyball cake balls for my cousin a few months ago and they looked like volleyballs they looked sloppy (but still tasted yummy!!) my email is

  94. can you please send me the directions for the dog?! My grand-daughter loves dogs (and “wolfies”)..I would love to make these for her. Many thanks!~

  95. All, thanks so much! Overwhelming! If I haven’t emailed you, I apologize as I’ve tried to send a message to those who asked. Please feel free to email me at beckabooscakes @

    Thanks Bakerella!

  96. Becky, you are a pop star! your pops are so inspirational. i’d love if you could email the recipe and how tos to get the incredible likeness of the dog. i want to make some cats for an orphan kitty rescue bake sale later this month. thanks for your generous sharing! my email is

  97. Congratulations, Becky! They’re both adorable. Can you please email me how you made the soccer balls? My email is Thank you!

  98. love both of them! would also love the recipe/techniques. my e-mail is thank so much!!!

  99. OMG!!!! Love them both!!!!! I too would love the how to on the dog ones. I help out at a Bark For Life where I live and I would love to make those ones and sell for a fundraiser they look so real! Thanks for sharing!!

  100. I have been cake decorating for many years, but just now have gotten interested in cakeballs!! These are precious, please share the instructions with me also!! Thank you so much! Amazing!!

  101. Hi Becky,
    I really would like to know how you did the soccer balls. I have had someone request these and just haven’t had luck with them. Will you email me how you did them?


  102. Hi Becky,
    You mentioned that you have made basketballs also. My daughter would love those. Will you email me a picture please. Bravo on the dog and soccer balls.

    Thanks so much!!!

  103. These are amazing and precious. I realize it is a lot of work but I too would love to have the recipe/technique if possible my email is Thanks so much!

  104. Hi Becky, please can you send me the instructions for the dog – its so cute! My email is
    Many thanks, Gail x

  105. Will do! Please feel free to check out others on my Facebook site!

  106. The soccer ball is too cute. I would love to make it for the little’s soccer games. The Dog is amazing, you have such a gift of creativity. I would so appreciate it, If you would be kind enough to share the how to’s on these pops with me too. I’m hoping to surprise my friends at a holloween movie marathon. Any suggestions you could shre would be great. Thank you

  107. my daughter & I love the soccer ball and the dog, can you please email me how you did those? thanks!

  108. Deatra, what is your email?

  109. Wow these are awesome If you wouln’t mind I would like to have the recipe/directions for both the soccer ball and the dog thanks so much rshandy

  110. I do not have my own blog, wish I had time to write one! I will send emails to a few of you today!

  111. I love, love, love your work. If you wouln’t mind I would like to have the recipe/directions for both the soccer ball and the dog which is amazing really. When is the booktour coming to Florida?

  112. Sorry to jump on the bandwagon but these are amazing! Do you have your own blog? These should be featured somewhere! If you could send the directions to my email I would be so grateful!

  113. Could you share how you did both of these with me?? They are very very good!!!! Email is Thank you!!

  114. I’m speechless.. the soccer ball and the dog are beyond perfect!!! especially the dog! stunning!! could you pretty pretty please e-mail me how u made both of them! i would be extremely grateful! :D; email: , Thank you!

  115. I just love your cake pops. Would you please tell me how the dog was done. It looks perfect!!! my email is

  116. Would you mind terribly sharing how you made the doggy one with me? He is absolutely adorable!! Thank you. emkesner77 at aol dot com

  117. I love the soccer balls! my husband is a huge soccer fan and I would LOVE to make these for him I know you are probably busy with a million and one things but if you could please e-mail me how u made themI would love it!!! my email is

  118. Outstanding job on both pops! You make the Soccer pops look effortless…..Please share your technique with me…..from one soccer mom to the next! I will be very grateful.

  119. Well done! These are fabulous!

  120. Deborah-

    Yes, I have made basketballs! Just dip them in orange, then either use an edible marker or a piping bag with black candy and make the lines using a visual. I can email you a pic if needed!

    I only made one dog, but it probably only took less than 5-10 minutes to decorate!

  121. Wow these are awesome. I am in awe. I need to make basketball ones soon, don’t suppose you’ve made those too? [hint hint] The dog is so lifelike, how long did it take to make each one??

  122. Kathy, what is your email?

  123. I agree with the girls. Soooooo cute! please share the soccer ball with me too please,

  124. Those soccer balls are fantastic. I agree with Wendy. Could you also please e-mail me how you made these so well…

  125. I am so excited I was featured!! I will send you all an email after the weekend is over…

  126. Love the dog! Can you please send me instructions for how you did the dog? Thanks!!

  127. looks like the comments don’t link to my email which is: “”

  128. These rock! Please share your method (email me, please…pretty please?) for the soccer ball pops; I need to make a ton of them and I’ve been using the edible ink pens….these look so precise and finished – AbFAB, Becky!

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