Pop Star: Cakey


“Hi, Bakerella! Your character pops inspired me. :) My subject was the infamous pigeon from Mo Willems’ Don’t Let the Pigeon Ride the Bus ( They were completely time consuming but well worth it. We gave them to Mo (along with some Cat the Cat pops) at a signing and he was very impressed.” – Cakey

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12 comments on “Pop Star: Cakey”

  1. I am now obsesses with these! They are awesome! :)

  2. Great, great, great!

  3. i love these =D theyre so adorable but could u tell me how u made the candy melt so smooth? the wilson candy melts r really thick and i was wondering if u used a different brand or something. thanks!

  4. Please tell us! I need step by step instructions by July! My son needs a pigeon party. So awesome!!!

  5. i would have to do a bus caketo go with them…fab..we adore the pigeon :) to do the beak? chop up yellow icing maybe??? i have no skill with piping! lol

  6. No one should be allowed to post such cuteness and yumminess and not tell us how it was done! I am going crazy over these. Do I dare try? Details, please!!!!! Just the beak at least. Pretty please???

  7. love these!!! we read the books all the time and my children just crack up!!


  9. How did you do the eyeball and beak? I’ve never tried these but I’m doing the pigeon stuff with classes right now and it would be so fun to make these.

  10. I really love your sweet things :D <3

  11. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I love these!! I am a kindergarten teacher and pigeon is one of my favorite characters. I introduce him to my class each year and get constant requests to hear his stories over and over again! Great work!!

  12. Love this!!! Love this pigeon…I read pigeon finds a hotdog all the time to my son!!! May have to try my hand at this guy!

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