Pop Star: Chrissy in Connecticut


“I wanted to have a unique favor for the guests at my Sister’s baby shower. After searching your website for ideas and inspiration I came up with these oh so cute Cupcake Bites. These were such a ‘hit’ at the shower I didn’t get the chance to try one myself! Oh well, guess it’s time to make some more.” – Chrissy

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5 comments on “Pop Star: Chrissy in Connecticut”

  1. Sorry Oreo, I did not see your question until today. Hope you were able to find something for your friends showers. I got the sugar decorations at a local cake supply store that does not have a web site. Than you Wendy for posting the link above. Those are the same sugar decorations I used for these cupcake bites!

  2. Hi Christina and Oreo, You might want to google “edible diaper pins” or similar and see if you can find what suits you. Here’s one source, fyi:
    Good luck!

  3. i really want to know where you got those please answer!

  4. These are adorable! I wanted to know where you got the clothespin candy? I have three friends due in May, and these would be perfect!


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