Pop Star: Cindie in Ohio


“I love a challenge, but at first I thought I bit off more than I could chew! I received a request to create an “American Girl” cake pop. This, with the help from my mom, is what we came up with! It took several tries to get the hair just right, but in the end, homemade marshmallow fondant worked best. The client was very pleased and loved her cake pops!” –Cindie

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15 comments on “Pop Star: Cindie in Ohio”

  1. me facinasn todo

  2. Do you have more pictures to share like the brown headed American Girl.

  3. This is what i Talking about this is a real WORK OF ART!!!!!!!

  4. I love your work

  5. Maria – Basically you need to take a small ball of fondant and flatten it out and place it on the head carefully and mold it on with your fingers where the hairline would be, then use a toothpick to add the lines in the hair. It takes a couple times to get the hang of it. Definitely time consuming, but looks so nice when it’s finished.

    Heather – I’d love to see it with chocolate hair! How did you do that? With a piping bag? Yes, you are correct, not for the faint of heart! You have to really be committed once you start.

  6. I made these for my daughters party. I used Wiltons chocolate candy melts for the hair. It wasn’t as perfect as Cindies but they looked really cute. I used a toothpick to put on the hair. Also I found some Egnog candy melts and they made the most lovely Caucasian skin tone. I used a qtip with Karo syrup to get the shimmer on the cheeks. It took me about 2 hrs to make 12… Not for faint of heart.

  7. wow those are perfect!

  8. Hi Cindie,

    VERY CUTE!!!

    How did you do the hair with Marshmallow fondant?
    Will your share the steps how to make the hair?


  9. Omg. I absolutely LOVE those! (:

  10. Thanks everyone! Beth – I used Wilton’s pink luster dust and applied with a Q-tip on cheeks. Tonya – the hair is made from homemade marshmallow fondant (it tastes better and easier to sculpt with I think). Then you roll out into little sections and place on the head and use a toothpick to mark lines where the hair falls. Melissa – I’ll submit the ladybugs – thanks!

  11. Cindie made my cake pops for my daughters 1st bday party! There were lady bugs with the wings and all! There were so cute! If I could post a picture I would! Someone let me know if I can post a pic.

  12. Very pretty how did you make the hair?

  13. How PERFECT! How’d you get the ‘rosy cheeks’?

  14. Wow! The hair looks so good! And I love her little blushing cheeks! Cute!

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