Pop Star: Erin in Pennsylvania


“I went to your book signing in NYC and it was such an honor to finally meet you. Thank you for being such a tremendous inspiration for anyone making cake pops. I love seeing the finished product. It makes all the time worth it. Thank you, Bakerella!” – Erin

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5 comments on “Pop Star: Erin in Pennsylvania”

  1. These are super cute, Erin! Thanks for sharing

  2. These are super cute, Erin!

  3. I’m a Pop Star!!!!! So exciting!
    The ears are Toostsie rolls that I shaped into kind of a marquis shape. The horns and the inside of the ears are sprinkles. I forget what they’re called. They’re those stick kind.

  4. I LOVE these! How did you do the Gruffallo’s ears and horns Erin?

  5. I love the expressions and the way the one on the right is looking at the left one, lol!

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