Pop Star: Heather in Illinois


“I received you book for Christmas and I am so excited! I made cake pops for the first time for Christmas this year and they were a big hit. They looked beautiful and were delicious. I used a chocolate cake, then mixed half with vanilla frosting, and half with a peppermint frosting. I dipped them all in a dark chocolate and sprinkled with Christmas sprinkles. They turned out so cute. It turned out I did not have styrofoam in the basement like I thought, so I set the cake pops on the bottom and let the sticks stick out. So easy and fun. Thanks for the inspiration.” – Heather

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3 comments on “Pop Star: Heather in Illinois”

  1. 3 weeks ago I started making pop cakes for my hubby’s 70th birthday party my daughter and I were throwing for him. Made the deal with her that she furnished the patio and I’d do the desserts. I made 3 kinds of flavors and was going to stop at 2, and glad I didn’t as 110+ friends and ….. showed up. I’d originally thought 70 or so would be enough, but glad I did that extra batch.
    He is a diabetic as are lots of our friends and wanted to keep them as sugar free as possible. I use a major brand of devils food cake mix that is sugar free(not carb free, but sugar free) and mixed it with a small box of sugar free instant choc. pudding for the first 2 batches and since the 3rd. batch was made with this manufacturers yellow cake mix I went for the SFree lemon instant pudding and added 1 Tablespoon of lemon extract to the batter as I again did to thecan of frosting. Batch oneI added the canned chocolate frosting that is also sugar free before rolling into balls. Batch #2, used the same pudding and went with the can of(not sugar free) “German Choc.” frosting of pecans and coconut. Batch 3 I used the vanilla canned SFree frosting and the 2nd extra tablespoon(yes TBsp. not tsp.!) of Lemon extract. The “regular batch” I dipped in the choc. melts, next batch of Ger. Choc. ones into a green melt (not the mint flavor) and #3 into a pink. I also dipped about 1/4 of the ball into the melt and then inserted the dipped stick through the center of this choc. and that seemed to hold the stick in the ball a little better. Ran out of sticks on some of the “flavors” so again dipped 1/4 ball into the melt and let that set, then when it was chilled I held on to the set choc. & was able to dip the ball all the way past the original dip to give it a good “seal”. I probably could have taken a little more time and had them all the same size, but I was on a time crunch with my baking of 2 cakes, and 20 doz. cookies from all new recipes(the reason I made these soooo early! and froze the balls in plastic containers and those were put in freezer zip type bags and the few we had left over I have refrozen them.). There were soooo many raves on their taste and how neat they looked, most of the people had never heard of or seen this dessert before.
    Oh, hate to drag out my mixer so mixed everything by hand and started by combining the eggs, water and oil with a whisk and then changing over to the spoon, added the cake mix and incorporated it really good. Finally the instant puddding as knew it would set up fairly fast and wanted the cake powder to be well mixed in before that happened.

  2. Love these! Very cute.

  3. These are super festive…..I love how you just put sprinkles just on the tops….exactly the right “look” to go with the tags!

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