Pop Star: Heather in Oregon


“One day I happened upon your Bakerella blog and you had just posted the Sesame Street character cake pops. I immediately fell in love. All of the sudden I wanted to bake. You showed me a way to learn to love baking because all of the sudden it became art. This was perfect. I can now bake and let others enjoy the creations but most importantly it was a creative outlet for me. Thank you, thank you for showing me a way to be creative in the kitchen. I just love it.” – Heather

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3 comments on “Pop Star: Heather in Oregon”

  1. Hi, I was browsing the site and came across your Sesame Street character cake pops. I fell in love with them. My son is turning 1 yrs old in May and I would love to make them. Can you please send me the instructions at dpierre1980@ Thank you

  2. Awww so adorable how they sit on the cake!! Great job!

  3. cute idea to decorate cake!

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