Pop Star: Janine in Oregon


“I made your classic cupcake pops for my youngest son’s first birthday with blue and white and then I made these for my son’s 6th birthday and thought you might enjoy seeing them. He had a Spiderman party and these topped it off. I tried the edible ink pen and for some reason it wouldn’t write on top of my pops. So I did the webs with frosting. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas. I’m a cupcake pop believer!” – Janine

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5 comments on “Pop Star: Janine in Oregon”

  1. Janine I kinda get how you decorated them, but could you give a detailed description. I have a boy turning 5 at the end of this month who wants a spiderman party and I am determined to make these!

  2. Yay! I made Bakerella’s blog. I feel kinda famous. They took quite a while, but the response was worth it. :)

  3. Awesome! good to see someone is rep’n oregon
    Love this idea for a young boys birthday.
    my bro would have loved them as a kid

  4. oh wow, these must have taken you AGES! Absolutely worth it, they’re lovely!!! xxx

  5. Those are fantastic! Very creative and I bet, took a lot of sleepless hours!

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