Pop Star: Jennifer in Maryland


“The basketballs were a request from a friend who was having a March Madness party. She wanted something “fun” for dessert and I happen to believe that if it’s already a sphere, it should be made into a cake pop! I used icing to add the texture and the black lines.” – Jennifer

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14 comments on “Pop Star: Jennifer in Maryland”

  1. These look awesome! How did you get that texture?

  2. what number icing tip did u use for the lines an dotted texture ?

  3. Absolutely fabulous. My son loves and plays drop-dead basketball all the time. Please let us in on the secret to these great looking basketballs.

  4. ohh wait she said she made it of dots of icing

  5. yes please do! tell about the texture :)

  6. yes please do! tell about the texture :)

  7. These are so cool! Can you share more about the texture? I would love to make these for my son’s birthday party!

  8. Having a birthday party for my one year old. He loves basketball. Please tell me how you did this!!! Thanks!!!!

  9. How did you make the texture they look great?

  10. Yes can you please let me know how you did the texture. Is it royal icing or melted chocolate ?

  11. Is the texture just dots of the candy melts?

  12. They look great ! Yes, tell us more about the texture….
    always nice to visit your site.

  13. WOW!!! I thought the texture was orange sprinkles! How did you do the texture? =)

  14. Wow! How did you get the texture on these again? They are great! My daughter plays basketball in college, I’d love to make these for one of their events! Thanks for the inspiration!

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