Pop Star: Jennifer in Maryland


“Dear Bakerella, Your cake pops have been a real hit with my kids and we have had fun trying some of yours and coming up with some of our own. This valentine’s day, I made cake bites to look like those chalky conversation hearts that are so traditional. I even made a box for them to go in. The cake bites were about the size of a quarter and 5 fit perfectly in the box. It was a cute Valentine’s treat for my kids’ teachers. Thanks!” – Jennifer

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11 comments on “Pop Star: Jennifer in Maryland”

  1. Wow! That’s such a great idea!!

  2. OMG! These are adorable! I may just HAVE to do these for my kid’s valentines parties at school! I wonder, can I put the lollipop sticks in them to make them into cake pops? I guess that would work…Absolutely adorable. What did you use for the writing on these?

  3. I am making the cake balls into the shapes of hearts today.. I made the cake/frosting mix, then pressed it into a high edged cookie sheet pan.. It is chilling in the fridge overnight so it is easier to handle.. Tomorrow, I will use the cookie cutter to cut the shapes out, reusing the pieces left to just press and cut again.. You just have to make sure the height comes up to the top of the cookie cutter… I did this for Christmas doing bells, trees, and other things.. They turned out adorable!

  4. how did you make the cake pop into a heart?

  5. how did you get the heart shape?

  6. that was really cute and yes we would love to see the box you made as well. very creative

  7. What an awesome idea!!! Too clever!!

  8. Yeah, can we see the box too?! Great idea!

  9. isnt this site such a inspiration congrats and also kudos for doing it with the kds !

  10. we want to see the box too =)

  11. “Too cute” is exactly right…..I bet your kids got to be their teachers’ pets that day!!

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