Pop Star: Johanna in Texas


“I made these beer mug cake pops for my fiances b-day. I “staged” them in a glass with a beer label to amp up the beer look. I hope you like them. I was making the popcorn bag pops and stumbled across the idea with peanut butter candy melts. The center would be AWESOME with an actual beer cake like chocolate guinness cake.” – Johanna

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13 comments on “Pop Star: Johanna in Texas”

  1. I love you,LLC stuff that you’ll be making its so cute I want to learn how to do that text me when you get this message.

  2. my father loves old fasion bar things

  3. The handle is actually fondant

  4. These are great! I would love to see the popcorn bag ones as well. Do you have a blog where I could look at them?


  6. where can I find these recipes?

  7. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! those beer mugs r PERFECT for all the fathers in my family! i am 11yrs. old and LOVE to bake! Bakerella takes baking to the next level! it makes me want to bake all day! I LOVE bakerella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. the pretzel idea is great for the handle!

  9. A broken piece of a pretzel ring would be good for the handle too…goes with the “bar” theme. But I think hers are cherrios.

  10. it looks like she used a cherrio for the handle! which is pretty smart if thats what it is

  11. Love ’em!!! Did your finance chug ’em?

  12. These are great! What did you use for the handles?

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