Pop Star: Kerry in Colorado


Muppet Show themed lollicakes for a birthday party.

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13 comments on “Pop Star: Kerry in Colorado”

  1. These cute Pop Star is SO AWESOME IN THE WORLD AND IT

  2. luv the pops!!!!!!! sooooo cool!:)

  3. Great pops.

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  5. I love the muppets! Talk about cake pops with personality!

  6. So happy! You just made my day. 0 u 0

  7. Love them! Love the MUPPETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. i like the animal one

  9. Great Job!!! I love all the detail!!!

  10. These are FAB – and tons of work….you really brought the Muppets to life, Kerry! (I love Ms Piggy’s pearls – so “her”!)

  11. These are spot on. Wonderful!

  12. so great!and i think its so cool to be the first one to comment! love you bakerella (your number one fav)fadra webb) $$$$!

  13. Her Gonzo and Animal look great!

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