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“Hi there! Here are some Mario Mushroom cake pops that I made for my a little boy’s birthday party! He absolutely loved them! Thank you for inspiring me in so many new ways to express myself through baking!!” – Kerstin

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26 comments on “Pop Star: Kerstin”

  1. Hello .. I love the mushroom cake pops. Please provide the instructions

  2. Hi Kerstin,

    How did you mold the bottom of the mushroom so smooth?
    The cake pop from Bakarella, the bottom is not round smooth shape, as well as the top part.
    Did you use mushroom shape mold?

    Thank you

  3. omg! love love love love them!


  5. where did you find the Merckens Red Coatings?

  6. Great Job Kerstin! Thank you and Bakerella! I’m sure these could easily be altered to be cupcakes! Btw I’m 12,almost 13, Do you think I could pull these off? I bake better than my mom! But don’t tell her ;)

  7. I been looking for ideas, but you ideas are amazing and so professional. I don’t think I would be able to do such a good job.

  8. I tried and mine did not even come out close to these . . . mind you they were my first ever attempt at cake pops, but still . . . how did you get them so perfect? I tried using white chocolate chips for the dots and pushing them in when the melts were still wet, it sort of worked . . .

  9. My kids would go nuts for these, you did an amazing job and I am so glad Bakerella featured them!

  10. I see most comments are in reference to little boys that love these but I have a 25 year friend who’s a big gamer and she’ll love these!!! Thanks for the inspiration. I was wondering how to make Super Mario – she had already asked me for her next birthday. :)

  11. So cute!!! I wish I saw these earlier. I did a Super Mario Brothers theme party for my son in March. I just did the regular cake balls. I will definitely have to try these!!

  12. Hi! These are absolutely drop-dead gorgeous! These are so perfect! Thank you for sharing these! I really would like to make these but, I’m a first-time cakepop-maker… I LOVE to bake but, im not so good lol… is it ok if i get the recipe for these? email:

  13. Really excellent! Thank you for explaining it, too. Really cool of you to do that. I am going to make these for my son’s bday party in a few weeks.

  14. I need to make these! My kids will love love love me forever!

  15. These are amazing!

  16. these are super cute!!!!! thanks for sharing and inspiring me to start experimenting! :)

  17. These are super adorable! I will be making these for my son’s birthday. Thanks for sharin

  18. WOW! those Super Mario mushroom cake pops are so cute! i love baking and i have made several cake pops before. 2 questions, what kind of candy melts did you use for the bottom, and how do you thin out the candy melts without ruining the taste? (someone told me to use butter or shortening) also, can i just use white fondant for the spots? OOH! you should color the top green for the 1 ups , haha!

  19. These are so cute!! What kind of cookie cutter did you use for the bottom?

  20. These are amazing! But now my husband keeps bugging me to make them!


  22. thanks for sharing, they look great!

  23. Hi! I just saw that she featured these! The mushroom is all one piece. They were made in the same theory that Bakerella makes her cupcake cake pops. Mold the cake into the cake you want. Then I dipped the stems in Merckens butterscotch candy melts and inserted the sticks, let those dry and then dripped the hats in red candy coating. The white spots I did 2 days, I melted white candy coating into a squeeze bottle and pooled it onto the top but that can be tricky and it can run! Eventually I just ended up using white fondant and cutting them with the little circle cutter that Wilton’s make! The eyes were drawn with the Americolor pens! I’m so happy you guys like these!!

  24. AH! i saw these on deviantART! They’re so cute!

  25. these look great! were the tops and stems done seperately? The white spots look perfect, can you explain?

  26. These are SUPER MARIO cute! Really nice job, Kerstin and I bet the kids had so much fun playing with them before they devoured them!

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