Pop Star: Kristina in California


“I tried to make my sushi bites look more realistic this time around.” – Kristina

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10 comments on “Pop Star: Kristina in California”

  1. These are one of the best I’ve seen so far terrific work

  2. Love it! I love how you used wite sprinkles for the rice to make it more realistic….ill have to try that!

  3. Very realistic….and a ton of work! …..But well worth the effort, Kristina!

  4. really cute!

  5. What did you use for the shrimp and fish? Look great and would love a change from the ones I make out of rice krispees.

    thanks for the great idea

  6. awesome!

  7. that’s amazing! What did you use for the colour?

  8. I love it! My 4 and 2 year old will only eat chicken nuggets, hamburgers, pizza, and… sushi! go figure.

  9. These look great!

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