Pop Star: LoraJoy in California


“I love all your creations! Your blog is such an inspiration as well as your Pop Star Page and your Facebook page! You and everyone inspire everything I make! I have also met some sweet gals through your page and we all exchange great tips! =) I just wanted to share with you some Barney pops I made. (Only 2 out of the 20 came out successful, the others look like purple frogs! hehe) I formed Barneys head shape, then made a little groove for the mouth. After dipping, I attached eyes made of royal icing. Drew the mouth with americolor pen, then outlined the mouth with white candy melts. Thank You for all your inspirations and giving me the drive to CREATE! =)” – LoraJoy

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19 comments on “Pop Star: LoraJoy in California”

  1. Can I please have the instructions for this please! My daughter LOVES Barney and her 2nd birthday is coming up I would love to surprise her with these! If you can send this to me I’d really appreciate it!

  2. This is way to adorable! My daughter loves barney, how do you make them?

  3. Could you pls send me instructions for tgese? Tx

  4. can you send me directions how to make these

  5. could you send me the instructions on how to make them please. I want to make them for my kid bday party

  6. could you send me the instructions on how to make them please.

  7. hello. i was wondering if you could send me detailed instructions on how to make these? my daughters 2nd birthday is coming up and she LOVES barney. Thank you

  8. My daughter is asking for another Barney birthday party and I would love to be able to make these for her…if only I had the time to experiment!!

  9. Hello, is it possible for you to send me the instructions on how to make these. They are adorable.! Thank you.

  10. hi i love these they look so good. i was wondering can u send me the directions on how to make this. thank you so much

  11. Can you provide more instructions on how you created these Barney cake pops?

  12. Oh, Barney is SO cute! I am just beginning to delve into cake pops and love all the inspiration here. My 3 yr old daughter just recently became a Barney fan, so these may be something I try. Thanks for sharing!

  13. This one is my fav.

  14. @DEVIN….. its creepy how amazing it is!!!!!

  15. Hahha so cool!! I was a Barney fan when I was a kid :D

  16. its creepy

  17. This Barney turned out great! It’s all about experimenting. It took me a couple batches to figure out how to keep cakeballs from from craking. My first pumpkins started oozing out butter because they cracked and looked like rotten pumpkins! Good luck! Like the idea of using royal icing to decorate. “Once” I tried buttercream but it didn’t hold up very well. Using candy melts to decorate is good, but don’t always have the right color and it takes special dye to change the color of the chocolate. Royal icing is super easy to color!!

  18. I am a huge BARNEY fan and i LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!

  19. OMG Love Barney, thanks for sharing how you made these! Awesome! =)

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