Pop Star: Lynsey in the United Kingdom


Disney cars for a Birthday party.

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16 comments on “Pop Star: Lynsey in the United Kingdom”

  1. Hi Nati, I would love to see a photo of your pops, please feel free to post on my Facebook page

  2. Im definetely gonna try these ones for my son! His 3rd birthday is coming up, and here (in The Netherlands) is tradition to bring some sweets to school (traktatie). Fantastic idea! Tanks for posting the tutorial

  3. Hi Myriam, I love that film too :) Have you taken a look at my tutorial there are lots of tips here that may help you. Good luck! x

  4. I love the cars 2 movie cake pops, my sons 2 birthday is coming up in 3 weeks and i am decided to make him these ones.. any tips ?? It’s is my first time trying .

  5. I have made a tutorial for these on my Facebook page:

    I hope it helps you. x

  6. This is incredible !! My nephew’s birthday is coming up and I want to try to make this. His theme is cars 2 and im in charger of favors and cupcakes. I’ve never made cake pops before any tips for a beginner? (I will be buying the book.) Any tips would be greatly appreciated !!

  7. I am definetly going to make (or attempt) these for my nefew’s birthday coming up, he loves cars! Great idea!

  8. Hi, sorry for the late reply, I didn’t know about the comments on here!! Okay, these pops are all moulded free hand, the eyes/wheels/windows/smiles are all painted using Sugarflair blossom tint and rejuvinator spirit. The other features are made with fondant and stuck on with edible glue once the chocolate dried. Happy popping everyone :) x

  9. Can someone please send me instructions for how to make the car shape, has a car mold been used? Also the eyes,wheels are fondant or candy melts?

  10. my son is obsessed with cars and his 2nd birthday is coming up. i could use some tips of how to make these! please

  11. I’m going to try to make these for my boy’s 2nd birthday. Does anyone have any tips for 1st time makers. What kind of paint was used for the finished touches? Thank you for sharing these wonderful car pops!!!

  12. amazing i would like to get some course how to make it

  13. maybe i should make these for nephews…haha…

  14. They are fab! I love Mater’s goofy teeth!! You must have a very steady hand!

  15. I love this ones, my son will love me to make this for him. I will try making them

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