Pop Star: Maija in Alaska


OK…so, let me just say, that I’ve read your blog and marveled at the awesomeness that is called “cake pops” for some time. BUT, living above the Arctic Circle, we just don’t have things, like…lollipop sticks and white chocolate melts. We have potatoes, and lots of meat, and maybe some generic cinnamon in the baking section of our grocery store! Oh, we have lots and lots of flour. Yeah. So, I PATIENTLY waited for a trip to Anchorage (the CITY, about 600 miles away) and on my list… “Candy melts, Decorations, and Lollipop sticks!” Since I came home, the kids were driving everyone crazy, with it being so COLD out, so we decided to try the Oreo Pops recipe…since Oreo’s ARE something we have at our grocery store. And they were a HIT. The kids LOVED decorating the pops. Thank you for making our winter’s a little less long and a little more sweet!” – Maija

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4 comments on “Pop Star: Maija in Alaska”

  1. How cute! I live in Wasilla, and we definitely tip our winter-hats to our northern neighbors. You folks get charged an arm & a leg for that generic cinnamon you speak of. Great work!

  2. Maija! Fancy seeing you here! NIce job!

  3. wow a 600 mile trip for pop sticks and candy melts lol I will look differently at my grocery store with everything in it only minuts away and less then two miles !

  4. I lived near Fairbanks for 3 years and remember well the days of reconstituted milk and limited choice. So, two mitten-clad thumbs up to you and your lovely models for planning, perseverance and pretty pops! Hang in there…..lovely, looooong days are just a month away.

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