Pop Star: Maria in New York


“I just wanted to send you a quick thank you on how you have inspired me soooo much! I love your blog page and Facebook page. I have met so many wonderful cake poppers thru the site and it has been a joy to share tips and ideas with everyone. Everyone is super friendly and willing to help one another out! Looking forward to the next chapter in your life!” – Maria

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9 comments on “Pop Star: Maria in New York”

  1. awww adorable

  2. Wow! These are incredible! Great work!

  3. Fantastic! Your stuff is always so cute and creative! I get LOTS of inspiration from you!

  4. I just heard about these cake pops. They look wonderful. I would like to receive your updates and new recipes. Thanks.

    P.S. can you please give detailed instructions of how to make them. Ex. cake balls. How do you make them round instead of cupcake or cake shaped?.

  5. Love the cornucopia, Maria! The candy corn is really cute and you did a great job on the turkeys, too!

  6. At first I wondered, ‘What’s that first one?’ Then I realized it’s a cornucopia! (Horn-of-Plenty for the rest of us) How clever and cute is that?

  7. Hey Maria, knew you were a “star” love your stuff, maybe you will meet Bakerella one day….she is just as sweet as you!

  8. Congrats Maria! Your work is amazing….I love seeing all the new ideas you come up with ;)

  9. Maria, these are so adorable!!

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