Pop Star: Nora in Saudi Arabia


“Hi bakerella …. i’m a 26 year old mom who loves to bake (thanks to you) and i’m from saudi arabia …. and i just wanted to thank you for inspiring me with your amazing bakes and photos and i just wanted to show you some of my work (cake balls & cheesecake balls)” – Nora

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22 comments on “Pop Star: Nora in Saudi Arabia”

  1. hermosas

  2. hey nora
    Im from oman and ive never found any shop that sells chocolate bark.
    lucky you!
    may be i should come to saudi arabia just for this purpose! lol

  3. Assalamualaikum,How do you get the coating smooth? And what brand of chocolate do you use? I live in Jeddah and use fraly.

  4. Hi i love your work i am working no my blog right now. And how do you get them so round?

  5. where is the recipe? i want to try this black n white pop star
    please send it to me to my mail

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  7. wow great but not delisios

  8. thanks everyone for the nice comments <3

  9. Rana
    i get my chocolate from big supper markets like farm or panda

  10. Wendy
    i use squeeze bottles and and move fast while sqweezing from left to right

  11. hello Rana!
    I live in Dhahran. U can fine chocolate bark in any big supermarket like Panda…they are kept in the baking section with sugar sprinkles and all :)

  12. Hi Nora

    Where do you buy chocolate bark in Saudi? I live in Riyadh and I can’t find chocolate bark anywhere!

  13. Beautiful! They look like they came from a high end goody shop!

  14. Mashallah <3

    your wok is Lovely Nora … Keep it Up and let us see more :)

  15. ?? ??? ????

    your wok is Lovely Nora … Keep it Up and let us see more :)

  16. Nora, how did you get the striping? I’ve tried drizzling coating over the coating, but could never get it to look as nice as yours. Thanks.

  17. mezabine thanks ….. i’ll try your method

  18. what you can do is melt you chocolate and then dip the ball in. take two forks and remove it from the chocolate and make sure to let all excess chocolate fall back into the bowl, have grease proof paper ready on a tray and try cooling it in the open and not the fridge as that can cause the cracks. Normally tempered chocolate shouldnt crack . very simple once you get the hang of it.’
    hope it helps!

  19. Hi
    thanks everyone for the comments

    i used to freez the balls for 30 minutes before dipping them but the problem is when they dry and the ball gets to room tempreture some of the balls will get craks on them

  20. I think she started with dipping with a stick, and later removed it?

  21. Gorgeous!!! How did you dip them and look to smooth without the stick? I have tried to make just the cake balls by pouring the chocolate over the top but it came out messy? Any tips?

  22. These are gorgeous! Beautiful work, fellow Pop Star!

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