Pop Star: Sue in Michigan


“To celebrate a graduation from Michigan State University on Saturday, May 8, 2010, I made these Graduation Cake Pops to surprise the graduate. The tassel is in the appropriate color for the degree being granted. They were fun to make and I can’t wait to do them again! GO GREEN!” – Sue

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39 comments on “Pop Star: Sue in Michigan”

  1. I’ve seen these and thought about doing them for my son’s graduation. They are super cute! Could you please also tell me how you got the colors for them? His school is green and gold and I would love to do the green for him. Thanks so much!

  2. Also interested in how you got the colors. Could you please send me the recipe/instructions. Thanks much.

  3. Please send recipie

  4. Hello! I loveee these and I really want to make them. Can you by chance send me the instructions, please!


  5. Can you email me the instructions this is such a great idea for my class party thursday.

  6. Its graduation time again – and since many of you asked, Bakerella has the instructions posted here – scroll down for the colored grad hats.

  7. I think I can make these especially the candy ones but How do I get the blue color ones?

  8. Inthink I can make these especially the candy ones but How do I get the blue color ones?

  9. I saw your Graduation hat and tassel cake pops I think that’s what they are and wanted to know how that you did them? I seen some made from PB , but how did you get the colors and these are not cake right they are PB cups and squares or choc? Thanks for any information these are 2 cute!!!!

  10. These are cute! Could I get the instructions on how to make these?? Love them! Thanks!

  11. Awesome- I was here searching for ideas for graduation, and these are perfect. I would really love to have the instructions too. Thanks!

  12. INCREDIBLE EATABLE! I would love to know how to make these. I have two kids graduating next year. These are awesome. can you email instructions please or where are they posted?

  13. would love to have the directions for these. Live overseas and would be a great treat for my grads.

  14. These are really cool, my brother in law and my sister in law just graduated and i want to make these, would you email me the directions too. Thanks =)

  15. This is really good! I loved them. Please email me the directions

  16. luv these! can you please email me the instructions and how you made these and also how you got the green color its also our school color! thanks Lisa : )

  17. My Son will be attending MSU as a freshman in the fall. He can’t wait. Go Spartans

  18. These look wonderful! If you are willing to email directions, I would like them too! I would have to do them in blue for my daughter’s graduation! Thanks.

  19. could you please email me the instructions to these?? I have a daughter graduating this year that would love these!!

    Thank you so much

  20. May I have the instruction on to make the graduation hats. Please email it

  21. This would be great for my brother’s graduation party his colors are green could you email me the instructions?

  22. Those are so cute!!! How did you make those? Can you email me? thanks!!! Nancy

  23. Wow!! Impressive, how did you make those if you dont mind….my daughter is Graduating and I am holding a BBQ the end of June, she wants cake pops as a goodie bag treat and these would be perfect!

  24. Hi Sue,
    How did you make the gradualtion pops? it looks like a resses peanut butter cup- if I am correct what is the square on top? if not can you please let me know what to do?
    My neice ig graduating next month with her Masters and I am in charge of deserts… this would be FUN fun fun!!

  25. I would like to know how to make these graduation pops. I would like to do the green color too, what did you use to make them green.

  26. These are adorable! could you email me the instructions, I would love to make these for my daughter’s graduation!

  27. Hello!

    Looks really good…. great idea! Can you please email me the instruction on how to make them. I want to make them for some friends who are graduating this year. Thanks! : )

  28. Hi there!

    I know this is WAAAYYY late. But…GO GREEN!!
    And congrats on your graduation.

    Aahhh… I miss MSU… wish I could go back for a visit.

  29. ^ Ditto! I too would like to learn the instructions to make these pops for my boyfriends graduation! :)

  30. Hi there, I new to these cake pop things. can you send me instructions on how to build these ! My son is graduating this year and I would love to make these !

  31. I’m another Spartan who agrees these are amazing! My younger brother just started at MSU this fall, so I’ll keep this on file for his graduation in 4 years.

  32. Wow! Those are fantastic!! I love the idea of making the tassel the degree color! Great, great job! Go Spartans! =)

  33. Go MSU :) My hubby went there…I went local to Oakland U…:) love them…

  34. you are never to old for cake pops …hope the grads gave you a A+

  35. I made the same thing but the tassel on mine was yellow. I have to post it in my website soon. I’ve been slacking off lately, LOL!
    Love it!

  36. I love these!! Nicely done. I’ll definitely try these come next graduation. Thanks for sharing!

  37. Wow! What a great idea! I’ll have to show this to my Mom so she can make them for my upcoming graduation from MSU!!!

  38. From a Fellow Spartan, congrats on a great design!

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