Pop Star: Sue in Texas


“I emailed you, asking if you had ever transported your cake pops for any distance. Thought I would share my idea for carrying a lot of them! My daughter requested that I make some for her sorority. So, after making 132 pops, I came up with an idea I hope will work! I picked up some cardboard drink carriers and placed about a dozen in each compartment. Looks cute, now I will put those in large coolers and make the five hour drive! I have faith that they will be in good shape once I arrive! Thanks so much for a very fun project!!

And later……

The cake pops arrived safe and sound!! And the girls loved them!! They started rush week for the sororities, and the girls love their snacks while they are working. Apparently they got into the pops first thing in the morning! Makes for a rich breakfast!

Your cake pops are the best, thanks again!! I’ll be giving them, along with my peppermint bark candy, to friends for Christmas!” – Sue

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8 comments on “Pop Star: Sue in Texas”

  1. That is a REALLY cute idea! I am a member of an honors society at my colleg adn I was goign to make cake pops for a large convention we will eb hosting in October. This is the perfect way to display them!

    Thank you for sharing your idea.

  2. So did u put styrofoam I’n the bottom of these drink carriers?

  3. Thanks so much for the tip. Definitely going to try this :)

  4. Hoot! Hoot! Those are cute! I love the Chi O colors!

  5. Great idea! I really wish I had read this before thirty cake pops ended up on my non-too clean floor board of my car this Christmas when driving to a party. I was crushed!

  6. Wow!!!! Worth all the effort – they are gorgeous! x

  7. What a clever idea!

  8. What a lucky daughter!! Such a cute way to display lots of cake pops!

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