Pop Star: Tracy


“I had a friend request monkeys, so I gave it a try. I noticed from your site that I wasn’t the only one! I used fondant for the faces, brown M&Ms for the ears, and chocolate twizzlers for the tails. They were a lot of fun! Hope you enjoy these! Keep on inspiring, I love your ideas!” – Tracy

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7 comments on “Pop Star: Tracy”

  1. My little brother loves monkeys and what did you use for the leaves.

  2. This picture and all pictures on my website are taken by Melissa Vinsik. She is amazing!!

  3. Wow. These are amazing! I second the great photo also!

  4. Great photo! Who took it?

  5. Cute all the way around! Also like how you used the leaves at the bottom to hide the base!

  6. OMG!!! You’re so creative

  7. The tails! omg that is so creative and cute!! thanks for sharing!

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