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“I figure you probably get a zillion of these but I’m sending this anyway. :-) We made cake pops following your instructions two years ago for my daughter’s birthday. She asked for them again this year and as we were having a Dr Seuss theme I thought it sounded like a great idea. The trees were a kid-friendly project and I am particularly proud of the Cat In The Hat hats! Anyway, thanks for the inspiration.” – Tracy

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37 comments on “Pop Star: Tracy”

  1. Has anyone ever gotten the instructions on how to make these cake pops?

  2. I can’t find it in the archives

  3. Hi did anyone ever get the instructions for cat in the hat cakepops? thanks

  4. Please tell me how to make these!!! They are amazing!!!

  5. Would LOVE to have directions on how to make these! My daughter’s turning two and these look like fun! Would you please send them to me?? Thanks a bunch!

  6. Please send instructions to do the “Cat in the Hat” cake pops.

    Thank you!

  7. Please send directions. Have a 1st birthday party with a Cat in the hat theme.

  8. Would you please send me the directions for The Cat In The Hat pops?

  9. Where can I get the directions for the cat in the hat pops?

  10. How to make cat in the hat cake pops?
    My daughters birthday is in 3days

  11. Love the dr suess cake pops. Can I have the recipe please? We are having a Dr. Seuss day at preschool. Thank you.

  12. Love the dr suess cake pops. Can I have the recipe? I’m having a dr suess party for my son.

  13. Hi, I would love to know how to make these. We have Dr. Seuss Day coming up on March 2nd and would like to make these for my students.

  14. Please send me the instructions for the Dr. Suess hat cake pops! I love them!!

  15. Hi. I am having a Dr. seuss theme party. Could you please send me the directions for these cake pops.


  16. I looked on the FB page, but I don’t think that is how Tracy made them, her’s doesn’t appear to have fruit roll ups on them. Tracy, share your secrets if you can send it over that would be great! We are having a Dr Seuss baby shower that I thought I would try them for.

  17. Can you please send along instructions for making these? They are great and fit my 4 yr old daughters birthday party theme!

  18. where can i find the directions for these?????

  19. I love your Dr. Seuss “cat in the hat” cake pops and I’ve tried making them without much success and MUCH frustration. Can you please send me the instructions on how you did this. I will forever be grateful!

  20. the facebook link has step by step instructions of how to make cake pops.

  21. OOPS… you are only using the letal skewer to poke the hole in the disk. one there is a hole, put your sucker stick in and then put your cake on. :)

  22. MY GUESS (i did something similar):
    The base is a white cany melt. Take a metal skewer and heat the tip. Poke a hole in the center of the disk. then add your cake (shaped like a marshmallow) Dip it up to the disk in white. Let dry. Next dip the pop ONLY PART WAY in red (leaving some white showing) let dry. Dip again PART WAY in white (leaving some red showing) let dry and finally dip the tip in red again. Have fun with it!

  23. name spelled yesenia. sorry. also i need direction for a november twin 1st bday party. thanks

  24. how do you make the cat in the hat theme cake pops. adorable! and the colorful trees as well please.

  25. I love these. We are getting ready to have a cat in the hat theme birthday party for my nephew and want to make these. I was just cuious how you made the base of the hat?

  26. Can someone pls help me. I want to make these Dr. Seuss pops for my sons party. How do I do it?

  27. My kids are having a Cat in the Hat themed birthday party next week! Is there any way I could get directions on how to make these adorable hats?

  28. can you please tell me how to make the hat in hats!!! these are adorable!!!

  29. These are awesome!! I would love to know how to make these. Please send me the directions.

  30. Love your idea. Can you pass along the directions? I would love to make them for my sons class. Thanks and have a great day.

  31. I would absolutely LOVE to make these! Would you please share how you made them?


  32. I would love to make the cat in the hat ones for my daughters birthday. How do i make them??? pretty please.

  33. These are absolutely adorable! Is there any way you can send me the directions on how you made them? I would really appreciate it! Thanks :)

  34. Tracy, Somehow my website name was typed in wrong to the link from this comment is the correct one. Can’t wait to hear from you on how to make these. They are so adorable.

  35. Oh these are GREAT!!! I love these! You have to give me instructions on how to make. I would love to make these for my class and department.


  36. So creative!! These look fab!

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