Pop Star: Veronika in Australia


“I made these cake pops for my baby daughter’s christening on 10 October 2010. I had so much fun making them and thought I share these with you. You are such an inspiration!” – Veronika

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94 comments on “Pop Star: Veronika in Australia”

  1. Veronika these are soo cute. Love your idea, I can’t wait to try these. Please post up detailed instructions. LJ

  2. May I have the receipe for the baby girl faces cake pops. How do you make the icing as well.

  3. Hi…how did u get the pink cheeks?

  4. I am planning to make cake pops for my grandson’s christening, could u send me a pic of boy christening cake pops or any helpful hints that could help me. Thank You so much for taking the time to read this . I am a beginner so I need all the help I can get! lol

  5. These are absolutely adorable! I have started making cake pops as a hobby & giving them away as a present.. I’m still learning how to make it perfect but this one looks so perfectly moulded & coated. Just wondrin’ how did you make those pink cheeks & also what sort of edible pen did you use to draw the face & hair?…also for those looking for cake pops products in Victoria, you can buy it in matchbox stores or sweet box lolly shops in Westfield or online @

  6. Hi Veronika!! I think these are absolutely adorable and as a cake popper I am saddened to see someone using your image as their own on their baking Facebook page. Here is the link if you would like to rectify the problem.

  7. These are ADORABLE!! I’m only 11, but can i get a job working for u?? Being paid in only ur finest cake pops?? i’m in the UK, so maybe i cud fit in a suitcase if u came to th UK 4 a holiday? Maybe???

  8. @BonniesCouncil, you probably aren’t reading this any more, but if you are, I’ve got good news for you! I also live in Victoria, Australia and I couldn’t find lollipop sticks for candy melts or anything! Then one day, I went to a store called Variety SuperStore, in Strathdale, and they had everything you can possibly need to make cakepops and more! So if you are ever around Bendigo, go to the Strathdale Shopping Mall, and you can get some!

  9. Veronika… what is your secret to getting the edible markers to draw on the pop. Mine never work!! Any suggestions?

  10. Veronika! These look absolutely delectable, God bless you and the little one!! To everybody who does not have the paramount crystals available…I use olive oil in my chocolate, and it thins fine. The only thing is, you might want to temper your chocolate first because the oil makes it rather soft. Just drizzle in enough oil for the choc/coating to be thin enough for your preference, but don’t overdo it…if too much oil gets in, salvage the mixture by simply adding more melted chocolate. Voila! ^_^

  11. would love to know how to make these. They are absolutely beautiful. I have a baby shower coming up and would love to add these to my candy buffet.

    Thank you

  12. these are so cute tell me how to do them,thay would be great for my daughter in law shower

  13. I made them and they were a big hit. I wiuld send picture if i could

  14. Absolutely love these. My grand-niece is being christened in a couple of weeks and I want to try making these. I’ve done cake pops before and they’ve come out pretty good. My once oncern is how to make the pink cheeks, are they drawn on or iis it pink choocolate?. How are the cheeks done? If they’re drawn on, what shape did you drawn?

  15. OMG these are devine and dare i say genius. The baby bonnets are so creative!

  16. Does anyone know where I could find pink candies bow and pink dummies/pacifiers?

  17. I love these cake pops. Have a question. Do you know if these would hold up being shipped as a gift to someone? i am having a virtual baby shower for my step-daughter who works for the US embassy and is stationed far from her family. I would like to send a gift to each participant within the US but wondered if it would withstand being shipped. Any ideas?

  18. For those in the U.S., I purchase Plymouth Pantry Almond Bark readily available at Walmart at least in the Midatlantic region! It comes out perfectly white and is slightly thinner than the melts. If it gets too thick, especially when you add color, I use a few drops of vegetable oil or even Crisco to thin. I had also purchased the Wilton color writers, but they are useless. I can’t find the Americolor in my area, but I’ve seen them online so I will order. I am attempting these cute baby girls this weekend! Can’t wait to see how they come out!

  19. It’s me again. Also interested in how you displayed the cake pops in the picture…did you put styrofam in a decorated shoe box and slide the stick all the way through the styrofoam?


  20. Veronica: I am practicing making these adorable pops to bring in to work when my first granddaughter is born. I have purchased the Gourmet Writer decorating pens which makes a huge difference (previously tried using the Wilton pens with no luck). Your picture makes the color you used on the face to be grey rather than very black. How did you accomplish that? I have checked on line and don’t see any “grey” pens by Gourmet Writer.

    Thanks for any help you can give!


  21. Absolutely adorable!!!

  22. This are adorable…I am making them for a shower in April. Where did you get the little pink candies for the bow? And for the dummies/pacifiers? What kind of candy are they both? I’m assuming you just attached them as soon as you coat the cakepop so it will stick?

    What size are the cupcake liners…they look like a mini size…

    Thanks for your help.


  23. Michelle: you can use 2 heart shaped sprinkles to make a bow.

    Wendy: it could be to do with the temperature of the melted chocolate. I don’t use choc thermometer but I just don’t let them get too hot. Good luck! :-)

  24. how do i get my cake ball or cake pop shinny

  25. I have looked everywhere and can’t find the pink bow for the little girl pop. Can you help?

  26. these are so cute. i will make blue ones for my sons christening. thank you for sharing this. gbu!

  27. Hi all
    I use americolor pen and regular size cupcake baking cup. To attach the bonnet, put the back of the baby’s head on the baking cup and fold the baking cup so it covers the neck part and then secure with a ribbon. It takes a couple of practice to get it neat and tidy. :-)

  28. Kathy – look for Mercken’s super white. You can find it online.

  29. Live in the USA and I am trying to find white candy or bark that Is true white. Any suggestions? How do you make the coating so shiny and smooth?

  30. So once the cake pop is complete and dipped you just put the muffin cups behind the pop and attach underneath with a ribbon? How does it not fall off? Where do you find the pen to decorate the face?

  31. I tried making these cute babies, but didn’t have great luck. I am ordering the americolor pen, but I too would like to know what size and how did you attach the bonnets?

  32. LOVE these what size baking cups did you use for bonnents? I have both mini and regular muffin cups.

  33. I have a baby shower coming up on Sun. and would love to know how you got those little baby faces to shine and what did you use to draw on the faces.

  34. Americolor pens DO write well on the candy coating. I use them. I recently spotted bright white candy melts at the craft store. My problem is getting the coating smooth, and shiny. White chocolate, and candy melts always seem to get gummy and lumpy on me quickly, even though it hasn’t been over-heated. I don’t have much luck with white at all.

  35. These are adorable but it has been an absolute nightmare to make for me. The Wilton’s writable marker does not work on the face. It took me forever to icing two hearts together. It is a lot of work and they don’t come out perfectly round either. It has taken me hours.

  36. Hey Veronika.. What size cupcake form did you use for the bonnets? 5cm? :)

  37. Love your idea, how did you make these. Would love your help. Please tell me how you did them. Thanks

  38. Veronika – these are soo awesome and cutee! I just wanted to ask was how did you add the bonnets? I’m gonna try them out soonie! Thanks Dee x

  39. what kind of makers did you use?? I’ve tried Wilton’s but it doesn’t work well

  40. OH wow!!! These are too cute!! I love them!!

  41. My sister is having TWINS! Not sure what they are yet but i am so going to do this for the shower instead of the tradional cake! Christina how are you going to do pacifers on them?

  42. i like it
    how do you make this

  43. Your cake pops are so adorable! I will most definitely try making them for an upcoming baby shower. Thanks for the awesome idea!

  44. That’s great Christina. Have fun making them!

  45. I am making pops for a girl baby shower too, and i love the bonnets! Thanx for the inspiration! I am making the ones with the “pacifier” and the bonnets will really make them special!

  46. I use Americolor brand….As used by Bakerella…

  47. Absolutely adorable! I tried using the Wilton cake writer edible pens with no luck. It is as if the color won’t adhere to the cake ball. I’d love a suggestion of how you did yours.

  48. I love the bonnets and artwork! Great idea!

  49. Hi Clarissa! Your cake pops are incredible!!! How do you get them to look so shiny?

  50. Hi Clarissa, thank you! I use choc chips for the ears. Of course you can order if you’re in Sydney? Just send me an email if you’re interested to place an order. The address is on my fb page. Thanks Clarissa. :o)

  51. I went onto your facebook, I love all the pops you made. I’m most interested in the Hello Kitty. How did you do it? How did you make the ears? Can I order?

  52. Adorable

    super cute

  53. Try this link:

    Should come up if you search the fb pages.

  54. I tried looking for your page on fb and it did not come up.

  55. You’re welcome to visit my facebook page: Luscious Pops by V. I have plenty of photos there. :0)

  56. Veronika these are so cute. I read in one of your earlier posts that you made a “boy version.” Did you take pictures? Are you able to post them? I would love to make them for a baby shower but am more of a visual person. Thanks!

  57. Hi Tiffany- I learned making cake pops from Bakerella’s website. I don’t think I can explain it better than her. She also has a video on how to make them on you tube. It’s very clear. just follow her instruction… very easy. Have fun and congrats!

  58. I would love to make them for my baby shower at the end of the month. Can you please gimme the details on how you did it!! I have been wanting to try to make pops but haven’t gotten to yet. Any hints or tips you can give me would be greatly appreciated! I am gonna attempt to make a few next weekend. Thanks!! They look AMAZING!! I LOVE THEM!

  59. So sorry… We use the term dummy in Australia for a pacifier. That’s what I meant …to put a small round candy on the mouth to look like the baby is sucking on a pacifier. Hope this helps :0)

  60. Veronika,Pardon my ignorance, I had a question in regard to replacing the bow with a dummy. What exactly is that? Sorry, I love your pops but will be making them for a boy and was curious what you meant in this reference. Thank you so much for your help!!

  61. Bakerella uses paramount crystal to thin out the melts but I don’t use that. Don’t even know where to source that in Australia. I use the edible ink pen that Bakerella uses as well (americolor). I tried other brands and they don’t seem to work.

  62. These are too cute! Great job! I just had a question about drawing on the pops with the edible pens…I attempted to draw on some that I made and the pen would not draw! Where my candy melts too oily? What do you use to thin out your candy melts? Please help!

  63. Wow…V…your cute pops are being recognized….that’s great!

  64. I use edible ink pen to draw the faces. Sandra- definitely will work for baby boy. I have made them for a friend’s son baptism as well. Blue bonnet, blue ribbon, pink cheeks, and a dummy instead of a bow. Just use a small round candy for the dummy. Have fun making them and congrats!

  65. Love these so much I want to make them for my son’s baptism. Just want to know your thoughts on how to make them more boyish? Blue bonnets and ribbon but with no bow what do you suggest to make them look like baby boys? I love the pink cheeks and don’t know if they will work for boys.

  66. what did you use to detail the faces?

  67. these are freaking adorable!!!!

  68. They are so beautiful and nice clean work. Congrats!

  69. Deborah- hope this is not too late…I didn’t make any hole in it… just twist it around the stick and secure with the ribbon.

  70. Veronica, these are adorable! I’m going to attempt them for a baby shower I’m giving on Saturday. How did you attach the bonnet to the stick? did you fold it over & hole punch it or just leave it normal & make a hole in it?

  71. I LOVE these!!! So creative! Yikes. Another reason to splurge on cupcake liners. Ha ha ha!

  72. These are adorable! Congratulations on your new little girl!

  73. BonniesCouncil (and anyone else in Vic, Aus.) – there is a shop in Melbourne called Cake Deco – it’s in one of the arcades opposite Flinders Street Station. It’s small and crowded (I was climbing over boxes in the shop) but worth a look. They stock candy melts and are cheaper than Spotlight. They’ve got a website do and do mail order if you can’t make it to the store.

  74. To the ladies in Australia – I have seen candy melts in Spotlight!!!

    Veronika, the baby cake pops look amazing!

  75. These are super cute! You’ve inspired me, I’ll definately be making some this weekend. Thanx and awsome job.

  76. These are sooooo beautiful and creative. Good job!! :~)

  77. Thanks girlz!!!
    BonniesCouncil and Mel G – that is candy melts… no Masterchef trick ;o)

  78. Genius! I absolutely love the bonnet inspiration. Super cute. The faces are great too. Well done!!

  79. I second BonniesCouncil…..what did you use to coat them in? I’m dying to try them for myself but so far I’ve been stumped as to what to use instead of “candy melts”. Or have you found somewhere to buy candy melts???

  80. Argh! Veronika – where did you source such white coating in Oz? I’m in Victoria and can’t find anything but compound chocolate to use which unfortunately is such an awful cream colour… Surely not titanium dioxcide a la Adriano Zumbo from Masterchef?!?

  81. How creative! I love them!

  82. Beautiful. How did you get them so smooth and shiny? I just had my first attempt at cupcake balls, what a disaster!

  83. OMGOMGOMG. These are sooo cute! Quick – someone have a baby so I can try and make these!

  84. Veronika – your baby pops are SO cute and creative!….LOVE the bonnets!! I recently made some baby rattle style pops for a baby shower, but I wish I had seen yours first (imitation is the sheerest form of flattery). Wendy in California

  85. Thanks all and a big congratulations to Donna and Alejandra! I learned to make cake pops from Bakerella’s website and I also recently bought her book. It’s great!! I hope your baby shower will be a memorable one. Fingers crossed for Donna, but if it turns out to be a boy, you can also change the bonnet color to blue…I did some recently for a friend’s son’s christening. :0)

  86. What a beautiful idea, the babies came out great, great detailing on the faces, thanks for sharing!

  87. Cupcake cups for ‘bonnets! Clever, cute and actually practical. It will both catch any bits of cake that fall and looks adorable!

  88. I’m just getting started with making cake balls and more. You make it look as easy as Angie! =)

  89. hi I amfrom mexico and I have a babyshower and I will love to do pop cakes, could you tell me how you do it…

  90. LOVE the bonnets!!! such an adorable idea!!

  91. Absolutely the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!!! Just found out my daughter is pregnant. SHe has two boys already so of course “Nana” is thinking pink!!! That would be so cute for a baby shower!!!

  92. These are absolutely gorgeous!!! The design, the ribbons, the bonnets…soooo CUTE!!!!!

  93. How clever! Love the “bonnets”!

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