Pop Star: Katie in Virginia


“A friend and I made these for a high school graduation party – we did a little variation on the cake pops from your site, and added larger cakeballs to the hats, which became the grads’ heads. Each one got different hair color/styles, and expressions, and we used edible marker for the faces. They were a big hit at the party – thanks SO MUCH for the inspiration!! I love your site!!” – Kati

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10 comments on “Pop Star: Katie in Virginia”

  1. Its graduation time again – and since many of you asked, Bakerella has the instructions posted here – scroll down for the colored grad hats.

  2. So cute! How did you get the cap on top of cake pop?

  3. thanks for all the feedback guys!! I just piped candy melts for the hair — I just spraypainted styrofoam from the craft store, and it worked great! the tags I just made in photoshop and printed/cut out, and used a holepunch to be able to put them on the sticks

  4. These are awsome..

  5. Where did you get the cute tags for these graduation pops. I am making some like yours for my neices graduation party and would love to have a file to make he tags. These are awesome.

  6. What did you use for the hair and how did you make the hats differant colors?

  7. What did you use for the hair? These are super cute and I would like to make these for my sons graduation party!

  8. Those are a great idea for graduation! How did you like using the circular styrofoam as a display? How did you make it red? (spray paint, paint…)

  9. These are awesome! I have a step daughter that is graduating from highschool this school year, and I am definitely going to be striving to make these. Thanks for your inspiration. You are very talented!! :-)

  10. Kati–These are awesome!! Love the idea!

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