Pop Star: Lauren in Virginia


“I made these Monkey Pops made for a baby shower. I cannot get over how cute they turned out. I have made basic pops before, but never anything other than a basic dipped pop. But I got the book the minute it came out and it walked me through all of the steps and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. Thanks Bakerella!!!” – Lauren

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14 comments on “Pop Star: Lauren in Virginia”

  1. I found both the large and small sprinkles at Michael’s. They were each mixed in with containers of multi-colored sprinkles. I bet they are easier to find right now mixed in with some Halloween themed sprinkles.

  2. Great job! I have bought some of the stuff to make these, but can’t find the black sprinkles anywhere. Just wondering where you found yours? Thanks so much :o)

  3. These are absolutely adorable. Are you selling them? I need to buy 40-50 for an upcoming baby shower.

  4. I found the large sprinkles at Michael’s. They are mixed in with a container of multi-colored large sprinkles

  5. Where do you buy the large sprinkles? My mother in law has the book and I saw these in there. I haven’t really looked at the book, so I don’t know if she has a suggestion on where to get them. I’ve looked on the internet and have been unable to find them, only small ones. Thanks for your help!

  6. I’m making these for a birthday party on Saturday! Wish me luck!


  7. Jessica, I used the large sprinkles that she directs to use in the book for the ears and I inserted them right after I dipped them in the chocolate coating so that when it dried the ears stayed in.
    The eyes are peanut butter chips turned backwards and also inserted before the chocolate dried.
    Using melted chocolate, I attached the black small sprinkle for the rest of the eye.
    The face is a peanut butter candy melt, again, attached with some of the melted chocolate.
    The nose os a black rainbow chip attached with chocolate. I found that using the tip of a lollipop stick or a toothpick worked best to pick up some melted chocolate for attaching the small pieces. The moth was the tricky part. For some of them, I just drug along some melted chocolate in the shape of a smile and for some I tried using the edible pen, but it didn’t work very well, so the chocolate face worked best, but was more time consuming…

    Hope that helps!

    I really just followed the instructions right out of the book. :-)

  8. Hi Lauren – how did you get the monkey ears to stay on and what did you use to make the faces? They are awesome and I want to try to make them for my sons 2nd birthday! Thank you!

  9. I made them in the evenings after my 2 kids went to bed. It definitely took me two full evenings staying up pretty late to make them… Baked, crumbled, and rolled the balls, inserted sticks one night and dipped and decorated them the next night

  10. I was just wondering how long it took you to make these…I want to make them for my son’s first birthday and was just trying to see how much time to set aside…..they are truly awesome!!!

  11. Amber – the monkey pops are in the Cake Pops book. I just followed her directions and then got clear treat bags and ribbon and found a cute basket to put them in with styrofoam blocks.

    Have fun!

  12. I’m having a baby shower and i would love to make these, they go with my theme. Can i have the recipe and directions?

  13. Great job, Lauren!

  14. AWW, how cute!

    And i bet the new baby is as cute as a monkey, too!

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