Today is a happy day. It’s my third birthday. Or at least that’s what I am calling it because it marks the third time I’ve been given the gift of life. Let me explain a little.

I was born in the month of April.

My second birthday … on July 31st is the date of my first kidney transplant. I happily and humbly celebrated this day for almost twenty years. Nearly two decades that I was given because someone else… someone that I never met… made the choice to become an organ donor. It’s a day that I will continue to honor in their memory.

And I’m grateful to celebrate my third birthday for the first time today… June 14th … and it could not be any more special to me. Last year I needed to have another transplant and this time my mom gave me the gift of life… again. A year ago today we were both in surgery. One of my mom’s kidneys was removed and transplanted in me. Her love and complete unselfishness has given me another chance. My mom is amazing and I’m so thankful for her. I hope we celebrate this date for many years to come.


With that, I just want to say or shout – Yay and Happy 3rd Birthday…to me. My mom and I will be celebrating and of course we’ll be eating a big slice of this cake today. That’s what birthdays are for, right.


I love you mom!

And thank you guys too for being here. You and this blog are responsible for some of the best years of my life. I hope this little spot on the internet brings you happiness from time to time. As much happiness as you all have brought me with your kind words and support through it all.

Me and my mom’s kidney

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371 comments on “Yay!!!!!!!!!”

  1. happy birthday!!!!! I know that I would do anything for my child, and that is what your mom did, how wonderful!

  2. Very happy 3rd birthday to you! I hope your story inspires others to sign up to be organ donors and potentially give the gift of life to someone in need. Loveee the aqua cake!!

  3. That is certainly a reason to celebrate!!! Happy BIRTHDAY!!

  4. It doesn’t seem like a year already since you were posting about your mom and you! Hope you have a great day! And enjoy the cake!

  5. Indeed a very good reason to celebrate and to to celebrate the years to come.

  6. Happy third birthday!

  7. Happy 3rd “birth’day. So glad that you have been fortunate enough in life to be granted those! Thank-you for all the fun ideas you bring to share & for the chance at making my own memories from those ideas!!

  8. Happy Birthday!! Such a good reason to celebrate. Enjoy your day. God Bless:)

  9. happy birthday!! it’s clear to everyone who visits your blog that you strive to live life beautifully, with as much joy as possible and try your best to spread that joy. your blog is always a bright and happy place. i wish you a bright and happy day!

  10. I love this story. Happy birthday!! :)

  11. Happy 3rd Birthday!!!! As a mother myself I understand the need to want to protect your child no matter the cost. I’ve heard before that the have a child of your own is to have your heart walk among strangers. Your mother is truly an amazing person! And from following your blog for some time now I believe you are amazing as well. You and your mother are truly blessed. May God continue to watch over you. Thanks for continuing to share your story and awareness of donating organs.

  12. We’re happy to help you and your mom celebrate!!!

  13. Happy 3rd birthday…thank you for sharing a lovely story.

  14. wow, it’s hard to believe it’s been a year since your surgery!! i’m so glad both of you are doing well. have super fun today! that cake looks amazing, btw – what flavor is it?

  15. So happy that you are doing well! Happy, healthy birthday!

  16. Happy birthday to you and your kidney! Have a wonderful time celebrating with your mother.

  17. Wow, you’re amazing!
    Such positive vibes! HAPPY BDAY to you and enjoy the fabolous cake!

  18. Yahoo!!! Happy day, happy day!!! THANK YOU for all your wonderful posts and creative goodness and give your mama a hug from all of us too!

  19. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Bakerella, Happy Birthday to you! Tthank you for sharing your personal journey with us, you are truly an inspiration! God bless you and your mom. Now, let’s have cake :)
    Signed, a two year birthday celebrater and cancer survivor!

  20. I think it’s safe to say that your mom would do ANYTHING for you…I know I would do the same for my kids. Happy birthday to you!!

  21. Happy birthday! :)
    Your blog brings me a lot of joy.

  22. Moms are great!! So glad you and your mom are better!

  23. Such a nice story!! Happy third life birthday!

  24. Happy Birthday! So happy you get to celebrate this special day! <3

  25. Happy Kidney Transplant Anniversarry. No, wait, that sounds wrong. Much better the way you said it. Congrats to you and your mom. :)

  26. Happy Birthday!
    Your mom looks exactly the same.
    (I met her at one of your book signings)

  27. Happy Day my dear bakerella! congrats to you and your beatiful mom, thank you so much for sharing all your desserts, God bless you…regards from Mexico… Feliz día!

  28. Yay indeed!!!! Happy Birthday Bakerella!!! <3 We love you! And your Mom! Moms are the best!

  29. a very happy 3rd birthday…we love you much!!! and we love our moms too……….

  30. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a wonderful day and remember diets don’t count on birthdays and holidays!

  31. happy third birthday! thank you for sharing all these desserts! you are such an inspiration! have a great time celebrating with your mother!

  32. hooray! Happy birthday to you! The world is a little brighter with you and your blog (and your mom!) in it.

  33. Happy birthday!! So glad you’re feeling well, and hope today is the best day ever!

    And thank you for all the wonderful, and inspiring ideas. This spot on the internet is certainly one of my favorites.

  34. Happy third birthday!!!
    Moms are the best allways ;)

  35. You have such a wonderful story Bakerella. Happy third 1st birthday and here’s to many more to come!

  36. Happy 3rd Birthday to you! :)

  37. Congratulations! It certainly is a day worth celebrating!

  38. This is so sweet!

  39. GREAT reason to celebrate! Happy 3rd Birthday!!

  40. I love your story! happy b-day!

  41. What a great post. Happy birthday!

  42. Wow, I can’t believe a year has gone by so quickly. Congrats on that successful transplant and that you’re still going strong, you and your mom are absolute inspirations!

  43. What a cool story! Happy Birthday! :)

  44. A young man in our congregation just gave his kidney to his sister last week. They’re both home and doing well, and I’m sure they’re looking forward to next year when they can celebrate their birthday, too!

    Happy day!

  45. A Very big day to celebrate!! Happy Birthday!!

  46. Happy 3rd Birthday!! I’m happy that you and your mom are doing well. I received the gift of life from my sister 5 years ago on 2/27. God Bless!

  47. HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!!!

  48. Happy birthday!!! You´re an example of courage and love!

  49. Happy birthday! I LOVE reading about you and your many adventures. Thank you for sharing your talent, your joy and your hardships with us. We are all praying and rooting for you and your wonderful mom every step of the way. Keep entertaining and inspiring us for a long, long time!!

  50. Happy 3rd Birthday and what a special one it is! Eat a BIG piece of cake and enjoy it!

  51. Happy 3rd birthday, Bakerella! Many, many happy returns. Your blog is soooo much more than a lovely site about delicious treats. I love reading it! I’m thrilled that you and your mom are doing well. You both are beautiful people!

    ;D ;D ;D

  53. Hoera!! ( that’s dutch for hurray) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! What a special day :)
    Enjoy that big! piece of cake and you do have to tell how you made that cake because it looks GORGEOUS!!! xxxxx

  54. Happy Birthday!! Beautiful cake. You continue to be an inspiration to all of us.
    Thank you!!!

  55. Awww that is the sweetest thing ever! And look at that adorable picture! You both look so happy, and you bring so much happiness into other people’s lives! I can’t even believe a few years ago we lived in a cake-pop-less world and today Cake Pops are everywhere! Plus, great job on the ruffle cake!

  56. Thank you for the year’s of positive happy thoughts. You’ll never know how much joy you’ve brought to your many fans. We revel in your success, and anxiously await news of your new adventures!

  57. I am very happy for you and very thankful for your blog!! you rock!

  58. This chokes me up, Angie. Hugs to you and your dear sweet mom! Tell her I say hi and all the best to you. Congrats!!!

  59. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Sending lots of hugs and well wishes your way!

  60. So many hugs and well wishes sent your way, happy birthday indeed!

  61. Omg this made me tear up to know there’s so many good hearted people out there. Happy birthday and thank you for all you do! You’re definitely an angel :)

  62. Such a happy moment! congrats!

  63. WOW! HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY! I’m soo glad you got a second chance at life, you’ve honestly been such an inspiration to me. (:

  64. Love the picture of you and your mom. Love the gorgeous cake. Love that the world is a sweeter place because of YOU!

  65. yaaaaay!! Have a beautiful day :)

  66. As a Mom who was privileged to give her daughter a kidney six years ago, let me tell you that it was your Mom’s great pleasure to do that for you. There’s nothing more rewarding than to be able to be a part of your child’s healing.
    Blessings and long health to both of you.

  67. Happy Transplant-versary!!! Eat the WHOLE CAKE!! xoxo!!

  68. What a wonderful reason to celebrate! And as a donor myself, it’s good to know that there are some folks out there that really appreciate their second (or even third!) blessing :))) Here’s to many, many more sweet years for you!!!

  69. What a beautiful story! I am proud to share this (my biological birthday) with you! All the best to you and your amazing Mother! XOXO

  70. happy 3rd birthday to you and your mom’s kidney! enjoy your cake and you time with your mommy!

  71. bendiciones, wow! usted es increible!

  72. Happy 3rd Kidney birthday to you!!! God bless your mother for her gift. My brother too has a transplanted kidney.

  73. Wow, this story brought tears to my eyes. Happy 3rd Birthday!!!

  74. Happy Birthday! Hope you have an amazing day w/ your mom!!

  75. Yay! Congratulations!!! Hope you have an amazing birthday! also we share one, I was born on July 31st… :D

  76. You are an inspiration! My little one has PKD and he will likely need a transplant one day, so seeing that you do so well with yours give me hope!

  77. Happy Birthday from Poland! :)

  78. A very happy third birthday to you!!!! Have a joyous celebration with your mom.

  79. Happy birthday and what a joyous thing to celebrate!!

  80. Happy happy birthday! I am so glad you are alive. You make the world a better place.

  81. Happy 3rd! and many many many more!!!!

  82. Happy 3rd Birthday! So glad we could all celebrate with you! And I love the color of the cake! I made a pink princess ruffle cake for my daughter’s 7th birthday…they are just so elegant!

  83. Happy happy birthday! I get so excited when I get to read about your sweet adventures in the kitchen every week!

    That ribbon cake is gorgeous!! I wish I had those piping skills…

  84. Happy kidneyversary! Wishing you and your kidney many many many lovely years together.
    Stephanie – double lung transplant recipient in 2001 & 2003.

  85. So glad you are here to celebrate and share all your wonderful talents with those of us who aren’t so talented in that area! Have a BIG piece of that cake!

  86. Proof Positive that there is NOTHING like a Mother’s Love!

  87. Happy 3rd Birthday! May you have many years to celebrate with your Mom. :)

  88. such a sweet story! and i loooove the cake!

  89. Happy Happy Birthday to you! and your beautiful new kidney ;-)
    I personally am very grateful for your health! Many many more!! xoxo

  90. Awesome that is great! My mom is also a recipient of a kidney donor! She will be celebrating 28 years this coming November 1! :)

  91. so glad that kidney is still giving! go, mom!

  92. Happy Birthday! And LOVE the cake :)

  93. Truely unbelievable! Happy birthday to you!!

  94. Happy birthday number three! A friend of mine is going to be having a kidney transplant this coming fall, his mom is the donor. I’ll hopefully be making some of your kidney cake pops to help out the cause!

  95. Happy Birthday indeed!!! LOVING your cake too!

  96. Congrads! So glad you are doing well!

  97. Happiest of birthdays to you. You and your mom are truly inspirations to all of us readers.

  98. Happy Birthday Bakerella!! I agree with Silvia, you are indeed an angel!! Isn’t the internet amazing, bringing people together, sharing our stories-inspiring and giving strength to each other even when we are in different parts of the world.
    Greetings and much love from Cyprus in the meditterranean sea. I’ve been following your blog daily for two months now and wish you all the best for you and your mom.

  99. My best friend Jen just celebrated the 4 year Transplantiversary of her THIRD kidney transplant on Tuesday this week!

    A big celebration of life for the both of you!! May your blessings continue.

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