A Bunch of Cookies and One Winner!

This giveaway was so much fun. I loved reading all your favorite cookies. It looks like good old chocolate chip is the homemade cookie of choice, along with Oreos for the store bought.

But, there were tons and tons of others that you guys like. I couldn’t list them all, but here’s a few that stood out:

  • Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies – I’ve never even heard of these, but now I’m on the hunt for a good recipe.
  • Snickerdoodles – Here’s another of your faves that I’m adding to my “to bake” list.
  • Molasses Cookies – Thanks for reminding me that I have a recipe for these. I think I’ll try them soon.
  • Cowboy Cookies – I just like the name, so I listed it for you.

Here’s some international cookies I thought were interesting. (Plus, they’re just fun to try and pronounce.)

  • Pfeffernüsse (Pfeffernuesse in English) – The name translates to pepper nuts in German, danish and dutch.
  • Hojarascas – A cookie from Mexico.
  • Palmeritas – Couldn’t really find a recipe, so here’s a picture of the store bought version.
  • Krumkake – A Norwegian cookie made at Christmas time.
  • Kolachki
  • Butterbrot – Here’s a recipe in German.
  • Pepparkaker – Ginger cookies from Sweden.
  • Tim Tams – I’ve got to get my hands on some of these Australian goodies.

For the store bought, you guys definitely have your opinions.

  • Grocery Store Cakey Sugar Cookies with gobs of icing and sprinkles. I wouldn’t want to get in between you guys and a box of these things.
  • Keebler El Fudge – Never had these, but I plan on trying them the next time I buy cookies.
  • Lofthouse Sugar Cookies
  • Milanos – Oh, how you guys love these…in mint, regular or double chocolate.
  • Trader Joes – their whole line seems pretty popular.
  • Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies – Reminds me of an animal cracker sugar explosion.

Thanks for sharing all your favorites.

Now, for the winner!

It’s you amylouwho. Random.org’s integer generator picked your number!

Congratulations on winning the book Cookie Craft! Now, get out your rolling pin and get ready!