A LoveLee Giveaway

LoveLee Soaps

How does a whole bunch of yumminess sound?

I’m talking cinnamon rolls, doughnuts, cupcakes, ice cream sandwiches, cookies, crullers and much more.

Sounds pretty sweet to me… only you can’t eat these little treats. No sirree.

You can shower, splash and scrub-a-dub-dub with them though.

That’s right. They’re not sugar, they’re soap. But, they’re still totally sweet. Like literally.

Wafer Cookies Soaps

These wafer cookies? Yep. Soap.

Doughuts and Cinnamon Roll Soaps

Doughnuts. All soap.

LoveLee Soaps

And the crullers. Well, they’re just cruel. I mean they’re soap, too. But they taunt me because they look too real … I just want to wash my mouth out with them.

But seriously, these soaps are super fun. And I can’t help but smile when I look at them. They’d make great gifts or party favors and they’ll certainly sweeten up your soap dish.

They’re all from Leeana of Lovelee Soaps. A while back Leeana surprised me with some adorable cupcake pop soaps and now I’m happy to be giving away gift certificates to three lucky winners to choose their own clean, sweet, fun.

Here’s some more samples of her work.
(P.S.… she has some savory soaps too if you’re into that sort of thing.)

Lovelee Soaps

Enter for a chance to win one of three $75 gift certificates to
LoveLee Soaps and 
choose your own treats.

  • To enter, just leave a comment on this post and let me know which sweet soap you’d pick first.
  • Deadline to enter is Wednesday, June 26th at 7:00 pm ET.
  • Three winners will be chosen at random and announced sometime Wednesday evening on this post.

Good Luck!

Sweet Soaps by LoveLee Soaps

Soaps for photos provided by LoveLee Soaps. Giveaway sponsored by me.



Okay, I have have some sweet soap winners to announce. Congratulations Clarissa, Jackie and Karen!!!

It’s time to get your hands dirty so you can have fun cleaning up.


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2,006 comments on “A LoveLee Giveaway”

  1. They are all so adorable!!! But I would pick the sprinkles donut.

  2. The gummy bears are so cute! That’s my favorite.

  3. gummy bears

  4. The wafers are too cute! They are my favorite childhood snack!

  5. Omg goodness this looks so yummy!

    I would love the sandwich ice cream :)

    This for the chance.


  6. They all look so good. I think the cupcakes & the cream puffs look the best. The body butters look good too. I could go crazy on this site.

  7. Pink popsicle! And rock candy sticks are my favorite by far!

  8. Donut!!

  9. Doughnuts!!!!

  10. Oh my gosh the rock candy…. It’s my favorite treat so why not wash myself with it ;D

  11. I would choose the doughnuts first because if I didn’t I would crave doughnuts for as long as those soaps were around

  12. I would pick the donuts first! The’re so cute and they look very real!

  13. I would pick the cupcakes first.

  14. The wafers. These are so cute. Gotta make sure everyone knows they’re soap since they look do real.

  15. I don’t know, i think it’s a toss up between the ice cream sandwich and the chocolate/cinnamon buns…but they’re all amazingly detailed and adorable!!

  16. mini cinnamon rolls! wait, the oreos. yeah. wait! the hostess cupcake! oh heck, why do i have to choose? i don’t even like hand soaps and i’m in love with this stuff!

  17. The cinnamon roll – I have a bit of an obsession with cinnamon!!

  18. I want the sprinkle cupcake soap! Too sweet!

  19. I have got to get some of those ice cream soaps! So adorable!

  20. Sooooooooooooooo nice. the litles donuts look so “tasty”

  21. They do look good enough to eat! I would choose the donuts.

  22. The Oreo soap would be so fun!

  23. Everything looks so real but the wafer cookies just blow my mind! It’d be them first.

  24. How fun are these? I would pick the wafer soaps. So cute and so fun! Thanks for posting!

  25. Love the wafer ones. They are so cute!!

  26. The donuts are my first choice, but I love them all!

  27. That website is such a dream to me!! The Waffle Sandwich Heart Soap would be the first soap in my cart. Definitely.

  28. Oh my gosh, those are so cute. I don’t know how to pick, but I live the tiny soaps, like the buttons and jelly beans. And the lavender bunnies too :)

  29. I really like all of them, but if I had to choose then I’d go with the Oreos ^_^

  30. The wafers!!!! So adorable!

  31. The cinnamon cruller. It looks so real!

  32. I would have to pick those yummy looking Oreos. They have always been my sweet tooth weakness. At least these Super Cute little soaps won’t add any extra calories:)

  33. donut with sprinkles

  34. I think it would be fun to wash up with a donut! So silly! And I love crullers, so that would have to be #1 for me!

  35. Love, love, love the wafer cookies! They are my weakness

  36. OMG — any of those would be okay.
    I was totally fooled!! When I saw the first few pics I thought … alright! we’re doing bakery/food giveaway… they all look so yummy.

  37. I’d pick the wafer cookies first! Everything is amazing! And I like the story behind LoveLeeSoups – it’s inspiring!

  38. The doughnuts are my favorites for sure! So cute. :)

  39. Definitely donuts for my husband, living in Italy with the military we just can’t get a hold of a good donut. Of course that would be a little too tempting to test it out vs use it as soap, ha! I also love the rock candy soap, thinking it would be a good loofah style scrub!

  40. I would choose a variety of candy!

  41. Doughnuts, for sure! Soap? I think I would have to taste it to believe it.

  42. I would choose the ice cream sandwich! It looks great!

  43. I love gumdrops! That will be my first pick.

  44. I would totally pick the popsicle first! So cute!

  45. Ooh! The ice cream sandwich is my pick! It’s just the cutest! But my kids may eat it ;)

  46. I love those little donut soaps! SO CUTE!!!

  47. Gotta love the donuts!

  48. Oh, it’d be tough just to pick one, but I think I’d go with the mini donuts. Just toooooo flippin’ cute!!

  49. They are all precious!! I would pick the ice cream cones! They won’t melt :)

  50. It’s got to be the cinnamon roll, but the cruller is a real close second!

  51. I need some of those candy fruit slices!

  52. I’ll go for the cinnamon rolls soap, they’re so lovely :)

  53. Donuts!!!

  54. Love them all but would choose the rock candy first

  55. gummy bears or the ice cream cones!

  56. Cinnamon roll!

  57. So cute! I would love to get the ice cream sandwich soap.

  58. I have a weakness for cinnamon rolls! (But how could you choose just one?!?)

  59. These are too adorable!!! I’m definitely loving to Oreo soaps! And the rock candies. And the gum drops…

  60. An Oreo bath seems appropriate.

  61. oooh, I’d pick the candy ones!! They’d be so cute in a basket or as a party favor….but only for adults as it would be sad if you gave it to a kid who thought it was real and got a mouthful of soap ;).

  62. the cruller, hands down

  63. Oooh! They’re adorable!! I’d love them al but if i had to pick, the cupcake one’s my favorite. :)

  64. I would pick the cupcakes, they are beautiful :-)

  65. Wow, how creative and artistic!! I can’t decide between the poptarts and ice cream cones :)

  66. I’d love to have the chocolate chip cookies soap!!

  67. That ice cream sandwich looks delish!!!

  68. they are all too totally adorable! but i would almost 100% pick cupcakes

  69. The cinnamon rolls look divine!

  70. oh those are all so cute! I can’t decide between the gummi bears and the rock candy for my first pick

  71. I’d definitely choose the wafers! So adorable!

  72. The sprinkle donuts :)

  73. OH MY. I’d pick a bunch of little once first so I could arrange them all together on a soap dish. And then maybe an ice cream sandwich for some of them to sit on top of.

  74. The wafer cookies are so cute, and they smell like strawberries.

  75. I think the pop tarts or animal crackers. These are amazing! A perfect gift for my birthday tomorrow! :)

  76. I think these are super amazing….but i would choose the ice cream sandwich!!

  77. i love the donut soaps!

  78. So cute!! I’d have to go with the cupcakes. But the Twizzlers and the doughnuts and the ice cream sandwich are pretty amazing too!

  79. I love the wafers and the gummy bears! All super cute though. Very hard to choose.

  80. Cupcakes for sure!

  81. The rainbow sprinkle doughnut! Too cute! :)

  82. love the wafers..I bet they smell heavenly!

  83. I like the doughnut soaps.

  84. I like the doughnut soaps.

  85. I love the ice cream sandwich…

  86. I’d go for the donuts soaps! They look so yummy!! :)

  87. Mini-doughnuts!! I assume they would fit well in my hand and they’re adorable :D

  88. I think the pop tarts or animal crackers. These are amazing! It would be a perfect gift for my birthday tomorrow! :)

  89. I would choose the doughnut soaps. So cute:)

  90. I would pick the cupcake with the swirly top icing on it! It looks pretty cute =)

  91. Oh how adorable…and yummy looking! I would pick the cupcakes and wafer cookies. Mmmm mmmmm my fav!

  92. Jelly bean soap :) would look super cute in a candy dispenser. The cosmetic bags are super cute!

  93. chocolate chip cookies all the way !

  94. I’d go with the chocolate chip cookies!!!!

  95. I LOVE the ice cream sandwich soap! it looks so real!!

  96. Wafer cookies…or if I were going outside of the sweets category, the bluebird nest. So cute!

  97. Either the cupcake or ice cream sammie!!

  98. Ice cream please!

  99. I would have to pick the rock candy soap first. Brings me back to my childhood when we made them in class. My kids would get a kick out of it.

  100. The macaron soap is delightful!

  101. The cinnamon roll! I hope they smell as delicious as they look!!!

  102. ice cream sandwich

  103. The donuts of course!

  104. I would pick the cinnamon scroll – imagine a lovely cinnamon smelling bath :) Perfect for cold days!

  105. Rainbow sprinkle donuts!

  106. Those are beyond adorable. I would totally get the hostess cupcake.

  107. They all look so cool!! But i think i would have to pick the rock candy ones first, always one of my favorite candies!

  108. oh no’s…those mini donuts are the ones I want stat!!!


  109. The wafer cookie soaps are my favorite!

  110. Wow – hard to pick a favorite, but I think a doughnut with sprinkles would be high on my list.

  111. Ding Dong! yummy!

  112. I love love LOVE the rock candy soap! I can’t believe how real they look! So cute!

  113. Those soaps are so cute! The savory soaps crack me up though. Bacon and eggs all the way! LOL!

  114. I want the ice cream scoops on a cone!!! That would be so crazy in a steamy hot bathroom hehehe!!!

  115. Ding Dongs!

  116. I LOVE these!!! I’d pick the wafer cookies soap first! My grandma always had wafer cookies for a snack at her house!

  117. Donuts are my first pick, but I love the bright colors in the gummy bears too! Love these & I love your blog! Mmmmm…sweets!!!! :)

  118. Ice cream sandwich. PERFECT for summer!

  119. The wafer cookie soap is the best

  120. That little 4-pack of donuts are so super cute!

  121. Those are adorable! I would choose the doughnuts! Too darn cute!

  122. I would choose the French crullers coz its my favourite donut. ^_^

  123. They are all so adorable! The licorice sticks would be fun in my kids’ bathroom! I’d definitely have to warn them to not eat it!

  124. The Oreo or wafer cookies!

  125. Well, I’m in love with macarons, but the cinnamon roll soap looks amazing, so yummi..

  126. That rock candy looks so cute!!

  127. These are soooo cute. Ice cream sandwich is my favorite.

  128. Adorable! Love the cake donuts!

  129. They are all so cute and realistic! I love me a doughnut with sprinkles so I think I would choose that!

  130. Hard choice but the macarons.

  131. The 4-pack doughnuts – hands down!

  132. OMG seriously?? I want all instead of 1! But if have to pick i would definitely choose cinnamon roll!The sugar glaze and the cinnamon,i almost can smell it!Such a warm and welcoming scent :))

  133. It would be tough to pick between the donut with sprinkles and the teddy grahams. But I am afraid they look so real my son may want to eat them!

  134. All of these are so beautifully made! My first choice would have to be the chocolate filled cupcake! :)Perfect for my mom’s birthday in July!

  135. The rock candy ones! They’re all ready soap-on-a-stick!!!!

  136. chocolate chip cookie soap! They all looks good enough to eat!

  137. Chocolate cream filled cupcakes!

  138. I love the sugar wafer cookies… The twisted side of me wants to give these as gifts to my fellow dialysis patients! We’re always daydreaming about food!

  139. Love them all! I’d have to choose the macarons.

  140. Cupcakes!

  141. Too adorable!! I’d pick the gummy bears hands down! >< Can't imagine my fav candy coming in the form of a soap! *excited*

  142. Wafer cookies! Fantastic work Leanna of Lovelee soaps!

  143. oh, I didn’t see the pop tarts..the kids would have to have those! choices choices!!

  144. doughnuts please!!!

  145. Typically I would go straight for the chocolate but the gum drops are too cute to pass up! This would make bathtime with my son very sweet!!

  146. I love the pink popsicle & the rock candy soaps :)

  147. Loving the wafer cookies soap.

  148. Love the wafers!!!!!!!

  149. I think they are all adorable but the doughnuts are my favorite :)

  150. I loveeee the cinnamon roll soaps..they would look great in my guest bathroom :) I am sure my guests would love them

  151. Donut soaps? So tasty!

  152. Hostess Cupcake!!

  153. I would definitely pick the cruller or hostess cupcake. Everything is so cute!

  154. Oh, definitely the cinnamon scroll, I can almost smell it now…

  155. Wow! Those really do look good enough to eat! I think I would pick the gummy bears first – those are faves with my kiddos! Might actually get my son to use soap when he washes his hands! ;) Thanks for the chance to win!

  156. My first pick would be the wafer cookies.

  157. the 4 pack of donuts are adorable! Who can resist icing and sprinkles?

  158. These are amazing! I love the little donuts with sprinkles.

  159. Cupcakes! So cute!

  160. Gumdrops!! How cute would those be in a pretty little dish for Christmas!

  161. I’ll take the Hostess Cupcake.
    Have it as decoration, and make my Friends and Family believe that I Actually saved one before they went out of Business!!!

  162. If those gummy bears are soap, they would be first on my list. My grandson would go nuts over them.

  163. I’d have to say the Pop Tarts, they are the cutest thing ever!!

  164. I love them all! But the doughnuts take the cake…err, cake doughnuts. LOL

  165. definitely the ice cream sandwich! we love those in our house!!

  166. That is tough! Anything with sprinkles! The Pop Tarts look pretty tempting… ;)

  167. I would love the 4 pack of donuts! That way i can share!!

  168. It would Definatley have to be the wafers.It will be amazing to my toddler that mommy smells like her favorite

  169. I’d definitely go for the chocolate cupcake first!

  170. The donuts! Those are so so cute!

  171. These are soooo cute! I’d pick the cinnamon roll or the macarons! <3

  172. I would choose the Sugar Wafers…I absolutely love them. These are adorable…so many talented people.

  173. I am a HUGE fan of Donuts. I just can’t get enough!! The wafer soap bars look absolutely adorable as well!! I think I’ll go out an buy some real wafer sticks to eat! Yum!

  174. They all look divine and I would be happy with any but I have to pick and I can never pass Waffer Cookies love them.

  175. I think I’d go for the gumi bears…otherwise I’d be too tempted to eat them! And that would not end well….

  176. They all look so yummy! I’d probably go with the wafer cookies!

  177. Ooooh, it’s a tough choice, but I think I would have to go with the donuts because I have often been tempted by the smell of a box of fresh donuts at the office and wished I could smell that enticing myself… But for the pure cute factor, it would be a toss up between wafer cookies and ice cream sandwiches for me.

  178. I love the doughnut soaps– especially the ones with the rainbow sprinkles! :)

  179. So so cute!!! I love the wafer cookies….well I love them all!

  180. Those little donuts are just perfectly perfect! (And I’d give the gift card to my sister, because I know she’d love these even more than me!)

  181. I’m with you on the crullers. Or the macaron. So cute!

  182. I love the doughnuts.

  183. These are so much fun!! The Oreos are super cute.

  184. I am currently going through a cake pop phase so I’d love to see those!! :)

  185. Cupcakes!

  186. Cinnamon Rolls:)

  187. The doughnut soap stuff looks deliciousss

  188. The donuts for sure those look amazing! I can’t believe they are not food!

  189. I am dying at how cute those rock candy soaps are! They would be my first choice!!!

  190. I absolutely love love love the ice cream sandwich!

  191. The Sprinkles Donut looks yummy enough to eat!

  192. I would probably go with the animal soaps because my little boys would love them. The frogs or the penguins or the crocodile or the puppies. So many cute ones to choose from!

  193. I’m definitely having trouble choosing between the macarons and the ice cream sandwich :)

  194. I would love the sprinkles donut or cruller soap! They look so real!

  195. I would get some wafer cookies and send them to my mom…with a warning not to eat them! :o) She would LOVE these! (Then I’d pick some out for myself!!)

  196. Blue Bird Nest

  197. These are SO CUTE! I totally need that ice cream sandwich soap! :)

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