A Sweet Reminder

Political Cake Pops

Tuesday’s a big day. And, hopefully we won’t have to stand in line as long as it took me to make these cake pops. Hmmmm, maybe I should just bring some with me to snack on while I wait. Yum!

Cake Pop

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87 comments on “A Sweet Reminder”

  1. How much would 80 patriotic cake pops cost? I need for first Saturday in October.>My husband is running for Board of Directors and were having the gathering at our church. Your VOTE pops are the cutest.

  2. MAKE A BUNCH AND HAND ‘EM OUT They are awesome


  4. Those are very,very neat! i had never made cake pops before,
    but you are VERY talented at stuff like this! you sure make a lot
    of cake pops and stuff!!!!!!! :)

  5. Already did. cute reminder!

  6. I just want to thank you for your video teaching how to make cake pops! I made some for a baby shower earlier this year and your video made it so easy! I will definitely be making these election cake pops this year! Thanks for all your great ideas and for sharing them on this blog!!

  7. I think u should do the recipe for that amazing cake pop

  8. I’m making these!!!!

  9. can you send me the recipe?

  10. These are so cute! I have to know what you made the stars with and how you got them on… adorable! I made the red velvet balls today, YUMMY!

  11. Hi, i love your cake inspired. i just made some for our future president here in the Philippines…hope i can show those cake pops to you..thank you very’re a great help..

  12. haha i love these. cake pops never get old.

  13. What did you use for the stars? How did you stick them on? Do you know how I could get the stars to be silver? My daughter is starting her first dance competition season and I’d like to make pops for the team in the dance studio colors – black, lime green and silver. Do you know of a good lime green coloring. I was thinking of making green cake (white cake with food coloring), then dip in black to coat the pop. Then silver and green stars. Is there pen that writes in neon green or silver?

  14. Hi! I’m new to your site (although one of my bestfriends frequents often and I have been a fan for much longer through pics and links she has sent me…)

    First, I want to say thank you. I love your site, you are so very talented, and I really enjoy being able to read and see all of your many amazing creations!

    Secondly, I’m a total novice to this stuff. I’m going to attempt to make your valentines (heart box + “truffles”) for valentines day (wish me luck! haha)… but I came across these and I’d like to make them for my boyfriends birthday (he’s very into politics). Do you have any instructions on how you made these? Sorry if this is a silly question, it seems like maybe you just dipped them in colors… but I’m sure its probably harder than that! Thanks!! :)

  15. Thank you! I am off to order some now.

  16. These are too cute!

    Quick question – what brand candy melts did you use for these? The only blue and red I’ve come across seem to be a lighter shade, like the one you used for the cupcakes with the teddy grahams on top. I would really like to find a better blue for the fourth of July.

  17. sometimes :)

  18. Do you EVER sleep?

  19. wafa – no problem.

  20. Oh ok thanks, They looked so neat thats why i was wondering

  21. wafa – Sure. First I dipped it in white candy melts and let dry.
    Then while still on the stick I dipped the top in red candy melts and let dry.
    Then, carefully remove the lollipop stick.
    And holding it by the top (red) dip the other side in blue melts.
    Then, dip the tip of the stick back in some melted blue and reinsert to help glue it back together.

  22. Hi Bakerella, I am a little confused what did you dip the cake pop in to get the red and blue color?

  23. flourgirl – Yeah, practice has a lot to do with it. But read my comments on this post. I answer that question.

  24. These are great! I just made cake balls for the first time today and my daughter, husband and husband’s best friend have been busy devouring them. Big question for you — how do you get the chocolate coating so smooth? I used a cookie scoop so that may be part of it. Any hints? I’m sure a lot of it is practice! That’s what I usually end up telling friends when they ask about my cookies. =)

  25. Wow! Glad you all liked these so much. For those that asked, the pens I use are the Americolor brand. The others I have tried stink.

    And for the technique:

    First I dipped it in white and let dry.
    Then while still on the stick I dipped the top in red and let dry.
    Then, carefully remove the lollipop stick.
    And holding it by the top (red) dip the other side in blue.
    Then, dip the tip of the stick back in some melted blue and reinsert to help glue it back together.

    And classic cakes – yes, there is cake inside

  26. Those are great!

  27. i LOVE them! so cute!

  28. so clever and adorable! i bet if you offered one of these to anyone who came out to vote we would have had a record number of voters show up at the polls. :)

  29. Those are awesome! You have such a talent.

  30. I’m so excited that Obama won!! Horray!! As per usual, great jobs on the pops!

  31. it’s awesome that there has been this “problem” of long lines all over… people taking a greater interest in public issues is always a good thing

  32. These are SO great! I love them.

    {And I used one of those pics on my blog today.}

    Love your stuff!

  33. Too cute!

    Just wanted to tell you that I made these cake pops of yours, I’ve been drooling with the idea for so long and finally did it. I made mine with cherry chip cake mix, cherry frosting and white chocolate chips. Yum!

  34. OMG – these are absolutely divine!! I have been making cakes for a while and never seen anything like these – are they actually cake inside? i would love to give these a go!

  35. Gotta say..WOW…you have some kinda talent, imagination, and of course some patience to do those lollipops! I’ve tried twice and yet to be successful in your recipe! But I’ll keep trying.

  36. Adorable!! How did you make the three colors? I was going to make some candy-corn cake pops this year, but couldn’t figure out how to do three different colors. Any ideas?

  37. AWESOME! wish I’d thought of that…

  38. (Excuse me…let me lift my chin off the keyboard…)

    Those are amazing! You’ve done it again.

  39. I’m from Holland so i don’t need to vote. But here on national television there are a lot of shows about who’s becoming the new president. I hope my favourite wins, but we’ll know tomorrow.

  40. somehow i just knew these would pop up today!:)

  41. You are too cute!!! Love these!

  42. You are so talented. I am so lucky I found you.

  43. Wow! I found your site through and LOVE what you do with cake! These vote pops are the best, though… Happy Election Day!

    -Briana from Advanced Style

  44. Oh these are so awesome.

  45. Those are so cute! And yes, I voted! I live in a smallish town, so there wasn’t even a line – I just went right in. How cool is that!

  46. These are awesome! Can I ask what brand of food writing markers you use? The brand I have is lousy. The black always comes out blu-ish green and they don’t write well.

  47. LOVE THEM! Just when I think you can’t do another thing to a cake pop, you do it again! Wish you were in my voting line today! Janet

  48. did…

    and i love the pops!!!

  49. Where do you find the time to come up with these ideas???
    Great job!!!

  50. I love these what a great way to promote voting you ROCK!!!!!

    Debbie/Phx AZ

  51. You are so cute and creative!!!! How do you find the time?!?

  52. I think these are my favorite by far! Yay voting!

  53. Cute pops, great message!

  54. Love it!! It’s a big, wonderful, exciting day! It’s so great how large the turnout is going to be!

  55. These are awesome!

  56. these are adorable!!!

  57. I had to scroll back to see what brand of edible ink pens you use – don’t try the Wilton ones, they don’t work at all.

    I was so dissapointed.

  58. DAMN cute!!!

  59. i just found your blog and LOVE IT!!!!!! You are so talented!!!!!! Cupcakes are my favorite thing in the whole world, so i cant wait to try to make these pops!!!

  60. Never cease to amaze.

    I voted this morning! Line wasn’t bad, but I live in hickville.

  61. Too cute! How creative!

    I just think this is hilariuos so I will share it with you – I am so glad your contest is over – I accidentally had every comment sent to my e-mail in-box – I accidentally clicked “E-mail follow-up comments to my e-mail address” Ah! I know there were 400 or so e-mails I received. Oh, well! Glad you got so many people who participated.

  62. I knew when I woke up this morning you would have something election related. You inspired me to make my own patriotic cupcakes encouraging everyone at work to vote. Made red velvet cupcakes with blue cream cheese frosting & wrote vote just like one of your previous examples. I know everyone will just love them, thanks to you! You will definitely have more suscribers…

  63. Those look so yummy. I want to just reach out and grab one while I go to vote!

  64. I’m waiting for your next creative – turkey and pilgrim cake pops!

  65. I absolutely adore your site! :)

    – grace (singapore)

  66. I was able to vote early which turns out to be a great thing since it is raining cats and dogs here today!
    I can’t wait to try your cake pops.

  67. I used one of these images on my blog this morning… so great! You have such talent! :-)

  68. Do you just always have frozen cake balls in your freezer?
    So cute. Love all your creations!

  69. Super !!!
    Vos élections sont très complexes, mais vu sous cet angle, cela me va !!!hihihihi !

  70. very cute! do you actually eat any of these..or are you cake popped-out! haha. im sure theres some people who wouldn’t mind eating them for you!

  71. I’m giving cake pops a whirl next week. I can’t wait. I’m going to try white chocolate mud cake ones.

    I can’t believe that voting isn’t compulsary in the States (like here in Australia) and that you have to line up for so long.

    May the best man be President. x

  72. so cute! makes me want to vote just to have a lollipop…

  73. you are so amazing…I think you are so talented!

  74. these are awesome – i would love to be in your line tomorrow just to get a treat like this. i just have to ask – how you get them so smooth and perfectly round – i was only happy with the way our one eyed purple people eaters came out – because they didnt need to be so smooth – these just look GREAT!!!-sarah

  75. Wow! Those are *super* cute!

    I already voted about a week and a half ago — I stood in line for 30 minutes.

  76. I can just imagen how much time it took you to do thees! They look perfect! I want to wait in line behinde you :-)

  77. I think you have way too much time on your hands, and I’d like to have some of that extra time, LOL!!! Seriously, they are sublime. You should totally do a book of all the cake pops.

  78. You should hand those out to some bored voters. I bet you’d put a smile on more than just a few faces!

  79. Very Cute and Patriotic! (:

  80. Those are adorable. I wish I was half as creative as you are.

  81. gorgeous as usual!

  82. i’d bet you could get to the front of the line by handing out some of these :(

  83. How great are those?!!
    I doubt I’d have the patience to whip those up.

  84. Darling!!!

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