Awards Night Statue Cookies

Movie Award Cookies

Happy Saturday and day before the Oscars. Whose gonna be watching Sunday night?

I wanted to re-share these fun sugar cookie statues I made a few years ago because I still get questions about them when the Academy Awards roll around. So I thought I’d do a quick update post to help if you think you’d like to make these one year for the film festivities.

The main question I get is “Where can I get the cutter to make those cookies for my Oscars party? Help!”

Award Cutter

Well, I bought this one from Copper Gifts a while ago … and since then, the cutter is no longer available. Boo.

Good news though, they have another cutter that I think will work just fine.

This is the Mummy Cutter from their Halloween section.

Not as statuesque, but I think he’ll definitely do.

Just be careful when connecting the base since it’s not as wide as the one I originally used.


Here is the complete statue cookie how-to if you get a cutter and want to bookmark it for next year or another trophy party.

And if you want to make them totally last minute for tomorrow, get adventurous and use this template I drew for you from the one I have. Cut it out on a heavier paper card stock, lay it on your rolled cookie dough and carefully cut around it. Tedious but the final cookies will be the star of your party.

Or just make these easy chocolate comfort cookies and call it a day.

Either way, hope you have a great weekend. Enjoy!

A Handy Update: Check out the link in comment #7 and you can see how great Nicole’s cookies came out using the mummy cutter.

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30 comments on “Awards Night Statue Cookies”

  1. I love these, but I am putting my own spin on them.
    For my daughters Baby Shower, the theme is
    “Under the Sea” so I am using sea animals cookie
    Cutters and making them the same as the stand up
    Oscar cookies. Thanks for the great idea. Will
    send you a picture.

  2. Aaaah I wish I had seen this in time or I would’ve totally made these!

  3. Ah-mazin’ my friend!! Would you be at FBFOrl again, this year? :)

  4. Aww how cute, but i’d rather have chocolate :P

  5. I loved these from the first time I saw them, and finally decided to give them a try this year! Here’s my frosting-free attempt:

    Not bad, though in no way comparable to your pieces of art. Do they award an Oscar for Best Cookie? You’d totally get the prize.

  6. Very cute :)

  7. Funny! I read “mummy cutter” and wondered how this cutter looked like a woman (mummy in NZ = mommy in US) :)

  8. Bakerella — Are you in San Francisco today? I rarely check my Twitter account, but just did and saw some pictures from the Ferry Building? Is this a vacation trip for you or will you be at a bookstore near me? (Yes, I live in SF.)

  9. These were cute…LAST YEAR.

  10. These are awesome! Now I want to throw an oscars party.

  11. I just love you Bakerella!

  12. these are genius! Very creative and cute! Could you please make more things like the cupcake brownie burger and the sugar cookie fries? I loved the uniqueness (and delicious!) in them.

  13. These cookies are super cute! What a great idea!

  14. I love these! So cute and festive!

  15. I like the cookies!!! Great Idea!
    I love to see new Posts on your Blog!

  16. Your cookies and cake pops are AMAZING and a great inspiration! Thank you for showing us on how to make award cookies :)

  17. Thanks! Again, I still owe all of the idea to YOU! :-D

  18. Hey guys – check out Nicole’s link above and you can see how great the cookies look using the mummy statue.

    Nicole – those are perfect. And I love the cookie categorry plaques. I need to get that cutter.

  19. What a fun way to celebrate the Oscars! Everyone is a winner with these cookies!

  20. What great cookies and amazing, inspirational pictures.
    love all your recipes, especially this one.

  21. I still love-love-love these cookies! I actually made a version of them last year using CG’s mummy cutter – you can see them here: I made a few award categories as well with one of their plaque cutters. I’m not sure ANY of my Oscar win predictions came true, though! ;-)

  22. Brilliant! Ironic that mummy cookie cutters from the season of costumes serves as well for the Oscar where people are rewarded for pretending to be someone else =)

  23. I remember these cookies. Still love them.

  24. This is my first time commenting, but I have read this blog for years and love it! And I will make these soon!

  25. I love these cookies and definitely want to make them.:-) :-) :-) Too bad I’m the only one in my family who watches the Oscars-boo. Love the cutters.;)

  26. Those are super cute. I will have to try making them.

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