Bunny Cake Pops

I’m a little behind on posting this week. I started making the sweetest cake pops on Sunday and had to detour from photographing them so I could work on my taxes. Boring! But I had to get ready for an appointment the next day which meant diving into a big stack of paperwork that I’ve been building on… all year. And avoiding. Yuck-o-rama! And definitely not as much fun as cake pops.

But I finally finished taking pictures last night and yay, here they are.

Jordan Almonds

The cake pops I made were inspired by these pretty jordan almonds.

Well, mainly just the white ones.

Easter Bunny Cake Pops

They make the best bunny ears. Like perfect.

I’ve made bunny cake pops before with pastel candy corn and also with pipe cleaners (really, really cute), but oh my – these jordan almonds bunnies are too much. I think these might be my favorite ears, but let me know yours if you look at the other bunny links.

So, I used only the white almonds for these, but you can certainly make them with the other colors as well.

Bunnies are like snowmen to me. I want to make them again and again and again. There’s so many ways to make them look different and still super cute.

Bunny Cake Pops

I totally glammed them up too – with blue eyes, big eyelashes, blush, barrettes and bows!

They’re dressed up for Easter you know.

But you can always dress them down, too. The ears alone create a fun canvas to decorate on.

Bunny making

I made the bunny heads with more of an oval shape. And before I chilled the balls, I used an almond to make impressions on the top. That way when you dip, the ears will look like part of the head instead of sitting on top of it.

Here are some basic instructions for generic cake pops.

  • Follow the directions on the link and then shape the balls into ovals.
  • Make impressions in the cake balls for the ears using the pointed end of a jordan almond.
  • Dip the pops and before the coating dries, place the almonds in position for ears.
  • Hold in position for a couple of seconds so they don’t fall over.
  • Let dry and then you can add all of the decorations on.
  • Or just a few … dress your bunnies in any number of ways.
  • To decorate, dot on a small amount of candy coating and attach sprinkles in position.

Speaking of candy coating. I love the Merckens Super White. Try it some time.

Bunny Pops

Glam bunnies.

I used a few sprinkles for the faces, but keep in mind you can also just pipe them on with candy coating for a simpler approach.

I just couldn’t stop.

Here’s what I used…


  • Jordan almonds and a pink Americolor Gourmet Writing Pen for the ears.
  • Jumbo flower sprinkles for barrettes – dotted with melted candy coating and sprinkled with sanding sugar for the centers.
  • Blue icing eyes for … well, the eyes.
  • Pink rainbow chip sprinkles for noses.
  • Pink luster dust applied with a dry brush for blush.
  • A black edible ink pen for eyelashes and eyebrows
  • And more white candy coating, dotted on for freckles and drawn on for hair.
  • Oh, and toothpicks. I can never have too many.

Easter Bunny Cake Pop

Hey there hunnybunny!

Oh yeah, I made cake pop tags for you too if you’d like to download them for your pops or even for cupcake toppers.

Somebunny Loves You Cake Pop Tags

But that’s not all.

I have another bunny to show you. A little bit simpler. Not as fancy but just as fun.

Ice cream cone sprinkles

This bunny was inspired by these ice cream cone sweet tarts. These are the kind of unique candy/sprinkles I like to snatch up as soon as I see them. I usually have no idea at the time what I’ll use them for but I know at some point they’ll come in handy for something.

And the orange ones above totally did … literally. Know where I’m going?


I used the almonds again for ears, the pink rainbow chip sprinkles for noses, mini marshmallows for feet and arms, green daisy sprinkles and orange ice cream candy… you guessed it … for carrots.

Easter Bunny Cake Pops

Same ears, but a totally different lovable, huggable little bunny?

Hugs and hope you like these little guys.


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113 comments on “Bunny Cake Pops”

  1. O M G! These are so adorable. Thanks for sharing, Bakerella!

  2. You are insane! I could never in a million years do what you do but I love your creative mind!
    I’ll stick with my plain boring cake pops, although maybe I’ll fancy them up for Easter this year!

  3. Love these! Your cake pops get cuter and cuter with each batch, if that’s possible.

  4. These are just adorable! I especially love the bunny holding the carrot- I think I will try this one first. Thanks so much!

  5. You are so amazingly creative it’s ridiculous! Those little carrots are sooooo cute! Where did you find those ice cream cone candies???

  6. Rebecca – plain is perfect. I love a sea of colored cake pops.

    Heidi – I can’t remember but I linked to a site I found online that you can order them from – look at the bottom of the post.

  7. I just can’t get over the fuzzy feets on Second Somebunny but I love the cute detail on First Somebunny, too. They make a charming couple!

  8. Oh.My.Goodness. I love the first bunnies, but the second, simpler bunny just stole my heart. I don’t know if I’ll find those ice cream candies in time for Easter, but hopefully I can find something close enough!

  9. Mellie – He is kind of lovable. He was a last minute decorating idea and I only made a couple with my last two cake balls. Wish I had made more for a better picture.

  10. You are an artist!! I am always inspired by your work! :)

  11. How did you make the dimple on the second bunnies feet?

  12. These are adorable perfection. Oh my goodness. Thanks for brightening my day :)

  13. So adorable! I wanna hug the 2nd bunny. I won’t be able to consume these pretty things!
    Bakerella – what do you with these when u are done? Eat them? Give them away?

  14. I’m a stay at home mom and always looking for a fun activity to try with my hildren. This is a definite go! they are so cute and look so fun to make

  15. These are amazingly cute! I can’t believe how adorable they are!

  16. Both of the bunnies are so adorable.I will have to make them for Easter. Happy 1st day of Spring everyone!!!!

  17. On the first bunny what did you use for the cheeks? I love them both! :)

  18. Everything you do is awesome, but I agree that these are the most perfect bunnies ever! I just love them.

  19. Where did you get the sheet of “eyeballs”? Luv-luv-luv the bunnies!!!

  20. Lady! You’ve gone too far with the cuteness scale. I can’t take it! And I agree, the 2nd bunny is unbelievably cute. I love that you make use of random candies and end up with such beauties. That’s my philosophy in cooking too.

  21. Love the glam bunny! but omg love love love the marshmallow feetie bunny…now to buy some jordan almonds and find those ice cream candies! ty once again for haring your amazing talent!…haha..I meant Sharing but left the typo as it’s PUNNY

  22. They’re both great, but love that little bunny and it seems easy enough for me to attempt.

  23. Simply amazing! In italy we call the almonds covered with sugar “confetti” and it’ s soo a smart idea to use them with cake pops! Thank’s for sharing!

  24. Wow, these are great! The first bunnies are adorable, but in my books simple is sensational–the second bunnies will most definitely be in my house at Easter! I probably won’t find the ice-cream lollies in time though so maybe I’ll just stick with carrot-less rabbits. Have a great Easter!

  25. They are adorable! Glam bunny and sweet bunny, something for everyone. I look at your pops all the time, I just need to try my hand at them. I am thinking I will make some for my tea party for Mother’s Day with my sisters and their daughters. Thank you for inspiring me to try.

  26. I wasn’t sure what you were gonna do with the ice cream cone candies. So cute! You have such a good vision for those kinds of things, pass a little of that my way :)

  27. Is there a trick to using the americolor pens. I have used them a couple times and they never apply smoothly for me:(

  28. Far Out! I would hate to go up against you in a patience contest. You have the concentration of a surgeon. They are far too good to eat.
    I have a new line for you – fake cake pops – ones that will last forever. plastic and polystyrene etc — because I just can’t fathom all that work being munched away!!!!!

  29. The are both awesome.The first ones look like they belong at a fancy dinner or something they look so glam.I like the litrle ones with the carrot best of the two.I think it is super adorable.Problem is no ome woild want to eat tuem they are so cute.

  30. Wow don’t know what happened there.Suppose to be no one would want to eat them.

  31. The first ones are adorable, but the 2nd ones are my favourite… just too CUTE!!

  32. They are both utterly impressive. I love the vintage look of the first bunnies but there is something so sweet about the simplicity o the second. Let me add, too, there is nothing simple about creating cake pops. You make it look so easy!

  33. I am convinced that you were born with with a sprinkle filter in your brain that lets you create such clever designs. Both bunnies are cute but that second one is especially adorable.

  34. Those bunrabs are just adorbies! I like them both but I’m all about the glam bunny, sooooooo pretty <3

  35. Ahhhhh!!! The first bunnies are adorable, but the second ones kill me with their cuteness! *I die*

  36. Why am I so bad at making these? This would have been so cute for Easter, I just don’t have the skill…I’m going to conquer you this summer CakePops…

  37. Those second ones are just too cute! Love them!

  38. all the work you put into the first glam bunnies and then the majority like the 2nd simpler ones. including me. isn’t life funny? :)

  39. Oh Angie I’m amazed at all the fabulous and creative ideas you pull out of your hat. These are darling! I have to make these.

    One question – I noticed you just left an impression for the ears, so you don’t actually break into the cake to hold the ears in place? You merely stick them into the chocolate and that’s enough to hold them in place? I just want to do it right the first time. Thanks.

  40. The first ones are just so amazingly cute, but I am in LOVE with the second ones. I dont like Sweetarts though, so i might replace them with something- any ideas?? I love everything that you do , Bakerella!!!!!

  41. Oh my gosh, that second one is so cute!

  42. Disgustingly cute. ; )

  43. Awww!!! How cute these bunnies are! Little Buddy will want these!!! xoxo

  44. The second bunny is sooo cute! He’s my favorite!

  45. Both of them are too cute for words! :)

  46. Oh my gosh! I thought the bunny pops with the candy corn ears were totally cute and awesome. I had to make them of course! And now, when I saw the first ones with the almond ears, I’m thinking too, too cute! Bakerella is too much, I HAVE to make those this year! But much to my surprise, she wasn’t finished. Bunny pops with carrots! You are beyond awesome!
    You are the ultimate Cake Pop Queen that will never be dethroned! I bow to your GREATNESS!!

  47. OMG Angie! You never fail to make me smile! You’re talent for design is extraordinary!! Big hugs XOXO

  48. Both bunnies are adorable! Did you use white candy melt for the nostrels for bunny #1. How did you do the bunnie feet for bunny #2 .

  49. These are so adorable and creative!

  50. I love the carrot bunnies. They have that perfect combination of cute and looking harder to make than they actually are. The top ones are just more than I currently have time or energy for. Wonderful!

  51. OMG the carrot one is adorable :D

  52. Just amazing. Your attention to detail always makes your cake pops bounce out of the screen like no others. Brilliant!

  53. Oh goodness, those are so darn cute! I love the carrot! And marshmallow feet. So perfect Angie! <3

  54. Both bunnies are pretty darn cute … I think the bunny face is glamorous, however the carrot was genius! I need to find those ice cream cones!

  55. These bunnies are absolutely adorable!!! I’m obsessed with those sprinkles! So cute!!!

  56. These are just about the cutest food, cake, dessert I have ever seen!!

  57. Bunny love!! Adore, adore, adore! They’re the cutest, sweet bunnies ever. They even rival my little guy, Lionel. :)

  58. You are truly amazing! Such an inspiration to us. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas.

  59. Thanks so much everyone! Glad you like these little guys.

    Carlos – It happens when you press the mini marshmallow together.

    Brigette – all of the above : )

    PJ – I used luster dust for the blush on the cheeks

    Soshell – a store called Cake Art near me. But I also added a link in the post to find some.

    Lydia – I agree. But I can’t help but play.

    Amy – Use them with a light touch without pressing down too hard so the candy residue doesn’t build up in the tip.

    Michelle – I have some!

    Cali – YOU CAN DO IT.

    Lisa@hoopapalooza – That doesn’t bother me. I like to make them both ways. Hopefully the first ones will inspire people to try different ways to decorate.
    If I were making them for myself, I’d probably make the cuddly ones too.

    Vicki Bensinger – It was enough. You may need to hold the almonds up for a couple of seconds to let the chocolate set. But once it sets, you’d have to break them off.

    April – Thanks!!!

    Teri – I did. Just apply it with a toothpick. For bunny two, just press a mini marshmallow flat for each foot.

    Marian – Hardly! I was actually thinking about your bunny yesterday. I want to meet him.

  60. So, so stinking cute. You are so clever.
    Thanks for continuing to make our lives just that bit (lot) sweeter.

  61. I really love the second version of bunyy cake pops. They are so cute!

  62. I was attending your Easter cake pops..
    But this is very original!!!

    Not Only Sugar

  63. Bakerella, can I PLEASE ask you about the Merckens candy melts? I am in Australia and we don’t have half the brands that you have, but we CAN get Merckens. I tried to make some green cake pops using Merckens green melts, but the chocolate doesn’t go NEARLY runny enough to get a nice smooth coating, like you have achieved with the white here. The consistency looks so much thinner in your pictures! Please help! Thank you!

  64. Bakerella you are so creative! You put a smile on my face with each new post! These are seriously adorable. I especially love the second bunny- that face!

  65. They look so cute!

  66. Instead of making these myself I think you should come over!!! lol Love these!

  67. They are so cute I want to eat them right up! LOL!

  68. Oh my – these are so cute! I adore the 2nd bunny and am in love with the marshmallow feet. So wish I was brave enough to try these on my own. I have a feeling mine wouldn’t look quite as cute.

  69. Oh my gosh! These looks so adorable!! I won’t be able to eat cuteness :D

  70. Super Cute, love the whole bunny holding the carrot!!

  71. The second one may not be as fancy, but the little guys much cuter!

  72. a-DORable, Angie…thanks for the inspiration!

  73. You are amazing!

  74. The jordan almond eared bunnies are my favorite! I’m not just saying it because their ears look delicious! :) They are the cutest bunnies you have made!

  75. These are so cute!

  76. Man it’s been awhile since I’ve made cake pops. Don’t think I’ll have the time or patience to do the first ones for Easter dinner, but will definitely try the second. They are both so adorable. Thanks as usual Bakerella.

  77. They are both equally amazing.. love them..

  78. Love the almond ears they’re so amazing! Although since I’m nowhere near as good as you at decorating I should probably aim to do the second bunnies, more achievable for me! Can’t wait to try them :-)

  79. Wonderfu !
    You really are a master in this art.

  80. These are adorable by my favourite combo is the Jordan ears and the faces etc on the pipe cleaner ones.

  81. How much frosting is 16 oz?

  82. You have the most gorgeous designs! No matter what I do, I can’t get my cake pops to have such a smooth candy coating. But I keep trying! (most cakepops are still cute, even if they aren’t perfect. that’s why they are AWESOME!!!)

  83. My goodness, you do have a fantastic eye for seeing ‘bunny parts’ in the cutest little edible ‘anything’! These are just adorable!

  84. Can I pay you to make these for me? Do you make them and mail to sender? Please tell me how and were to order them as I have no time to make them nor do I have the patience. LOL Thanks and I look forward to placing an order.

  85. You are absolutely EXTRAORDINARY!!!!

  86. Ms. Bakerella, you are absolutely amazing. I’m so inspired by you! Your bunnies are out of this world. I first discovered cake pops when I ran across your website and needless to say, I jumped on the band wagon. Now, I’m addicted! I’ve always been a very crafty individual. I make candy bouquets and gel candles, now I can add cake pops to my list. Thank you so much for unselfishly sharing an abundance of information to the world and may GOD continue to bless you! PLEASE KEEP THEM COMING!!!

  87. I don’t think I’ll get anything done today. I just about died of cuteness when I got to the carrot bunny. I’m still recovering. :-)

  88. I can’t wait to try these bunnies- I think even I can make these! To give them as presents, how should I wrap them?

  89. I have always wanted to make cake pops ever sense I saw your website bakerella but my mom has to give me permission this week she did! I have never made cake pops before but I am certainly going to try the second ones awwwww they are the cutest little things in the whole wide world! I love the first ones two they are so artistic and seemingly simple!

  90. Simple bunny with the carrot gets my vote. Too adorable.

  91. Wow. These are adorable! Perfect for Easter! Kind regards, Juniper Cakery

  92. Just received the new King Arthur Flour catalog. Item 3866 royal icing carrots. 3/4 inches -42 for 14.95. Cute!

  93. oh my gosh… it looks so “real” I mean.. You know it doesn’t look like food… it’s so cute and perfectly decorated I think I will not bear to eat them…

  94. Moi, jamais de ma vie j’arriverais a faire ces adorable petits lapin! Vous avez une telle créativité que vous me sidérée! J’éspère un jour avoir ce talent extraordinaire! VIVE BAKERELLA!!!! Merci de nous faire partager se moment unique avec toi! Tu est superbe comme artiste!!!

  95. I am in love with these!!! I also love how you did a simple bunny as well. Thank you for sharing your creativity.

  96. I made some of the second bunnies (without the marshmallows) today and ended up having to use black candy melts for the eyes because my marker wasn’t working. What brand do you use?

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  98. Please let me know where do you buy the silicone molds to melt the candy melts? Thank you!

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