Bunny Cookie Pops

Easter Bunny Cookie Pops

I decorated some more oreos for you. Moreos. ; ) … I loved the letter cookie pops I posted last week so much that I couldn’t resist making cute cookie bunnies, too! They’re as easy as they are adorable.

Playful Shapes Candy Mold

Bunny Ears

I used my  Playful Shapes Mold to make the bunny ears and bow ties. It came in pretty handy for these little hoppers.

P.S. … take a look at these bunny cookies from Cake Pop Crazy on instagram using the mustache and eyeglasses shapes from the same mold … super cute!

You can also use the mold to make flower petals and I’ve seen them used by Stacey’s Cake Pops to make crazy cute turkey feathers, too.

Bunny Ears

But for bunnies, fill the center of the ear shapes with melted pink candy wafers and let dry. Then fill the rest of the mold cavity with melted white candy wafers. Tap the mold on the counter to even out the coating. Then, place the ears in the fridge for a few minutes to set quickly. Remove the shapes from the mold by pressing on the plastic and twisting the mold over a towel on the counter.

Make the molded shapes ahead so you can save time the day you want to decorate.

Keep in mind: You could also make your own ear shapes if you don’t have a mold. Just pipe melted candy coating on wax paper in the shape you need. If you want a pink center, pipe the pink first, let it dry and then pipe over and around it with white to finish the shape. Use a toothpick to help guide the coating if necessary. When you’re ready to use them, the fronts of the ears will be flat with a pink center… the backs of the ears will probably be a little lumpy though.



Separate the cookies and dip the end of a pink pop stick in melted candy wafers. Press the stick into the creme center and put the cookies back together. You can also add a little coating around the base of the stick to help keep it from falling off. Let the coating set before dipping.

Take a look at last week’s #YAY cookies to see how.

Oreo Cookie Pops

Dip the cookie completely in melted white candy wafers and let the excess fall off.

Dipping Bunny Cookies

Dip the bottom end of two pre-made ears in coating and position on top of the cookie. You’ll want to do one at a time and hold in place for a bit to keep it from falling off. Take your time. Trust me, I did have a few mess-ups before I got the balancing right. Place in a stand and let dry completely.

Bunny Pops

To decorate the faces, I just used a few things.


White M&M’s or candy gems for cheeks, pastel sunflower seeds for the pink noses, my DIY Sugar Eyes, and bows I made using the same Playful Shapes Mold.

Bunny Cookie

Use melted white coating to attach the individual candies. When it sets, the candies will be glued to the front of the cookie. Then just draw the eyes with a black edible ink pen.

You can find my Playful Shapes Mold, Pop Sticks, Candy Wafers and DIY Sugar Eyes at A.C. Moore Crafts or online directly from Make’n Mold.

But get creative and decorate them in different ways. Once you have ears in place, the front is pretty much a blank canvas. I can see heart sprinkle noses, confetti sprinkle eyes, mini marshmallow cheeks, and more.

Bunny Cookie Pops

Here’s “hopping” you enjoy these cookie cuties.



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  1. Great idea to earn extra income on Easter!!!
    I love it

  2. Hi, i have looked everywhere where can i get playful shape mold? Do they still make it? Even ebay didnt have it

  3. The website you suggested to find the mold, SAYS THAT THE ITEM DID NOT EXIST. 

  4. I can not seem to locate the Playful Shapes Mold. I tried going on the site you recommended. Any suggestions?

  5. What a great idea! And it looks incredibly yummy also.
    Thanks for sharing this creative recipe, cheers!

    Here is myf little food recipe website if you have little bit time please viste my site :

    And again Thanks for share this recipe ..

  6. I ended up dipping the Oreos, letting them set, and then attaching all of the pieces, including the ears, to the front of the cookie. They turned out just fine that way and everyone thought they were super cute. Thank you for sharing the idea.

  7. These bunny cookie pops make a creative and fun choice for Easter! They’ll make great fillers for Easter baskets and hostess gifts, too. I bet this would taste great with other kinds of cookies, too.

  8. Madame Baker – I find them seasonally at places like Fresh Market and a lot of times near the checkout counter at places like TJ Maxx and Marshalls.

    Stephanie – I wish you wouldn’t give up. Sorry I don’t have a video to help. But if you’re having a tricky time, dip the oreos first and let them dry and then dip the ends of the ears and attach them after the fact. You could lay them down on wax paper to let them dry so you don’t have to balance the ears on top. They’ll just be a little less secure this way so I probably wouldn’t travel with them.

  9. Was very excited to try making these. Well, however many dollars later, I’m giving up. Next time you have a step that took YOU a few times to get right, please post a video of how you do it. Thanks.

  10. My 5 year old has only just discovered Oreo’s. He is addicted and would eat them every day if I let him so I am thinking what a nice surprise these would be for him!!

  11. these are so cute and adorable who wouldnt want to have one. they would go great in an easter basket full of goodies!

  12. Awww these are so adorable! I love them!

  13. I love anything that has oreos. I’m amazed at the creativity of this recipe. I wish I knew how to do this when my kids were younger. I may give these a try for our extended family’s Easter brunch.

  14. I knew I could count on you to send something over to me to brighten my day! These are so clever and so fun. Just found this post in my email inbox. You are such a doll for sharing how to make these step by step. Would love to give this a try!

  15. These are so simple and so cute. Everybunny must love these :)

  16. ADORABLE!!!

  17. Beautiful and adorable as always! Hmm…Not I find myself wondering about dabbing on some extra white chocolate and dusting them in cocoa powder for spots.

  18. Love them. It’s my birthday in a week????

  19. Aw, they’re adorable! Just wondering, where could one find pastel sunflower seeds? I’ve been trying to find them for a while now.

  20. I love the word moreos.

  21. Your bunnies are adorable! Thank you for sharing your step by step details. Oh so much fun!

  22. Love these, so adorable, great step by step…so simple. My kids will love these.

  23. Too cute! And easy indeed! I might make these for Easter.

  24. So cute! I might have to get in gear and give these a try!

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