Easter Basket Cake Pops

Easter Basket Cake Pops

Look what the Easter Bunny brought early… bite-size baskets filled with candy and cake, too.

Rips Licorice Belts

I used licorice belts for the basket handles. Just cut them into 1/4 inch strips that are about 3 1/2 inches long and set aside until you are ready to decorate.

If you cut them too long, they’ll droop on top of the pop.

Okay, now let’s shape the basket bases.


Follow the directions for basic cake pops and then shape the cake and frosting mixture into basket bottoms. Take a look at this post on how I shaped cylinders, but basically I roll them into balls first and then shape by hand as much as possible. When the basket shape starts to form, you can slide it on a wax-paper covered surface to achieve distinct edges.

After you have them shaped, use a toothpick to make two indentions on the top of the base. This is to help the handles have a slightly deeper place to be inserted for stability.

Dip the cake pops into melted chocolate coating and then insert the handles before the coating sets. That’s probably the trickiest part of making these pops.

Easter Basket Cake Pops

But, it’s the rest of the decorating that’s the most fun.

Basket Cake Pop

First, draw an outline around the top of the basket with a toothpick dipped in melted candy wafers. Then sprinkle with white sanding sugar before the coating sets. Use a clean toothpick to straighten up any lines.

You can also use an alternating candy wafer color here to jazz them up even more. I went simple on the bases though, so the Easter eggs and grass would stand out.

Sweetarts Jelly Beans

The eggs are Sweetarts jelly beans. I like these because the colors are so vibrant.

Easter Eggs

Just dip the ends of the “eggs” in melted green candy wafers and attach to the center, top of the basket and let dry.

Green Candy Shred

Now for the grass. I love this Green Candy Shred from my product line with Make’n Mold.

It’s pretty perfect for Easter grass, but you can also use shredded coconut tinted in pastel colors for a thicker grass.

Making Baskets

With a toothpick dipped in coating, apply more melted green candy wafers on the top of the basket, around the eggs and in between the handles. Then gently press the green shred into the coating and let dry.

Easter Basket Cake Pops

And that’s it!

Now, I did have to stop myself from overdoing these. I thought the baskets might have needed something else, but maybe if the borders were in alternating colors that would be enough for me.

In the meantime, I put a bow on it … with some leftover bows from last weeks bunny cookie pops.

Bow Update: Just went into the kitchen after finishing this post and the bows on the handles aren’t a good idea. They’ll make the handles droop from their weight. Instead try attaching them to the front of the basket if you want to add them. : )

Easter Basket Cake Pops

Too cute. Enjoy!!!

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    One of the companies that you provided is no longer in business.

    Your decorating is great, however, it makes it hard to make the pops with the decorations as you use (or similar) if the company links don’t provide the product, i.e., green grass.

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