Cocoa Cake Pops

Cocoa Cake Pops

I’d rather be thinking about spring-themed treats right about now, but man… Winter will not leave. So I made these adorable little mugs of not-so-hot cocoa. Hopefully we’ll be on to warmer weather soon, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy these cold weather inspired cocoa cake pops. I love how cute they turned out!

Letters Candy Mold

I wanted perfectly-shaped handles for the mugs to help pull off the look, so I thought I could use my Letters Candy Mold to make them and I think they turned out pretty great. If you don’t have a candy mold that would work, you could also just pipe thick C shapes on to wax paper.

Candy Mold

To use the mold, fill the shapes with melted candy wafers using a toothpick or squeeze bottle. Place the mold in the fridge for a few minutes for the candy to set. To release the letters from the mold, give it a gentle twist and push on the plastic from the bottom of the shapes to help release the letters. Hold the mold over a towel so the letters won’t break as they fall out from the mold.

I used the letter C and also used D, G, O, Q by filling a curved portion of those letters to mimic the C.

Candy Letters

You can make the handles ahead of time and then just save them until you need them.

Shaping Cake Pops

Here are the basic cake pop instructions to get you started. Once you have them rolled into balls, continue shaping them by hand. Make an indentation on one end and then roll, rotate and slide the ball on wax paper to form a cylinder like above. The wax paper makes it much easier to shape and achieve defined edges.


The indentation in the top of the cylinder shape will act as a well for the “cocoa”.

Cocoa Cake Pops

These pops are dipped in melted marshmallow white candy wafers first and then melted chocolate is placed in the well. If you made a perfect cylinder shape without a well and dipped the pops in coating, once you placed the chocolate coating on top for the cocoa it could look like it was sitting too high above the mug. But you can totally skip the whole indenting step if you want. They’ll still be cute.

Here’s how they are dipped and decorated.

Sipping Cake Pops

Dip the cylinder in the melted coating allowing the excess to fall off. Gently press a handle shape into the side of the pop and attach a red jumbo heart sprinkle on the front before the coating sets. Let dry completely and then fill the well with melted chocolate coating (Note: I mixed chocolate with vanilla to get a lighter, more cocoa-like shade of chocolate.) Use a toothpick to coerce the coating into a circular shape if needed. You can also gently tap the bottom of the pop stick on the counter to help settle and flatten out the coating.

Mini Marshmallows

But wait. We need teeny, tiny marshmallows for our cocoa.

Cocoa Cake Pop

Before the chocolate sets, place 3-5 into the coating.

Oh so cute!

Cocoa Cake Pops

Enjoy!!! Hope these warm your heart.

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42 comments on “Cocoa Cake Pops”

  1. can you please tell me the size of the letter mold you are using the shop that you referred to does not carry them  Thanks

  2. If you don’t have a candy mold that would work, you could also just pipe thick C shapes on to wax paper.

  3. jummy bakerella i loved your idea sure it seem very hard to make for me tho but you are a pro at this :)

  4. the marshmallows!
    they are soooooooooo tiny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  5. the marshmallows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Mmm hot chocolate

  7. these are so stinkin’ cute!!!!!!!

  8. Hi

    Can i use whipped cream instead of frosting ??

  9. I have never had the patience to try to make any of your cake pops, but I look forward to every new design! They are always so creative and adorable!

    At first I thought the mug handles were white Lifesaver mints broken in half…I wonder if those would work for people who don’t have the molds or need a faster way to do it.

  10. how can I get a book on how to make these? So cute. Thanks

  11. Complimenti per queste golose meraviglie…. dire che sono bellissime e persino riduttivo!!!!

  12. These are the cutest thing ever, you are truly an artist, I don’t think I’d have the patience to make them or will be able to eat them! They are too adorable <3

  13. These are just tooooo darling Angie!

  14. OMG! So smart! So Cute!!!

  15. All I can say is..LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Your cake pops never fail to bring a smile to my you Miss Angie! :o)

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  17. They’re so cute. What a great idea.

  18. I love how your creative juices flow! I can’t wait to come up with brilliant ideas of my own.

  19. These are so stinkin’ cute!

  20. Absolutely love these!!

  21. These are so cute!

  22. SO FREAKIN’ CUTE!!!!

  23. Aren’t these the cutest things in the world! I love them, my sister is a cake maker and I adore cake pops.

    Jess X

  24. I am so smitten with these! They are absolutely charming and definitely reminiscent of my favorite part of the chilly winter months.

  25. How cute are these? They’re beautiful. Love the little handles, and the red sprinkle stands out so much.

    I must admit to having hot chocolate all year around. But ya, winter won’t go!

  26. I love enjoying hot chocolate year-round! Thank you so much for sharing your absolutely adorable Cocoa Cake Pops with us and breaking it down into very do-able steps! Your photography always makes me smile!

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  29. Cutest idea EVER

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  31. Oh my you always amaze me! Looking at your project initially I thought “no way”. Thank you for always taking it step by step to show us, “yes we can do it”! I’m craving some hot chocolate….

  32. These are adorable!! Whenever I attempt cake pops they never turn out right but when I do manage to figure them out I will definitely try these!!!

  33. These are so creative. You’re so versatile with your molds and stuff, it’s a skill I’m trying reeeeally hard to pick up! ;)

    With my silicone molds, it’s hard to tap out the tiny bubbles that form in the coating. Do you have any tips on preventing that? =)

  34. Adorable! They are just too cute. too bad I am on a diet!

    I live in a warm country but we are having a pretty cold winter here, so its really tempting.

    I love your ideas!

  35. They look fabulous and not too complicated at all! I would love to make them once for a party.

  36. Very cute and fun. It is my little girls fifth birthday today. I made cake pops for her ????

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