Cake Pops: Two New Videos


Hey guys. I have a new book trailer video for Cake Pops. It’s up on Amazon if you want to watch.

Don’t worry, the first one is still there, too if you want to see my how-to on dipping. I’m glad they left that one up, because I think it’s helpful if you’re just starting out making them.

The new video is a little different though, but still cute. Alex and Joelle from 4SP Films made all the magic happen. They have created several videos for Chronicle Books in the past. So, if you want to see a little behind-the-scenes or links to the videos themselves, read on.


I made the cake pop props in a few of the designs from the book.

And carefully drove them all over like this to my friend, Cupcake Julie’s house for the video shoot. You know the one I did the Candyland Christmas post on. Well, she has a super cute cupcakey kitchen … with a pink island, of course. Perfect for a cake pop video.


I brought just a couple of sprinkles and such, too. : )

This is the stressful part of working on a video away from my kitchen. I am so worried I’ll forget or need something, or that a pop will break in transit, that I just bring everything and it’s distant cousin, just in case.


It does make things easier if you are prepared and organized though. There is so much time involved in set ups and lighting, that I would hate to add to it by fiddling for stuff.

This was an overview beauty shot of bowls of colored candy coatings. It helps to have cool gadgets like this little monitor tethered to your camera so you don’t have to hurt your neck looking through the lens in awkward positions.


There were many, many different set ups like this that all had to be lit separately depending on the subject and angle. Tedious and challenging sometimes, when light is bouncing off of things here and there. Here the marble countertop was the culprit.


So, instead of fighting the light, we fixed it another way – with a cute yellow fabric.
Problem solved. And instantly cuter.

And all of this for a 2 second shot in the video.



Here I was waiting to reach into the bowls for a shot of me grabbing some of the coatings (carefully, through the tripod for the right angle). There are lots of little camera tweaks, so once you get everything in place, it’s best not to move if you can avoid it. Plus, there’s less chance of tripping over light stands and messing up your setup. I’m not naming names, but she has her hand raised.

P.S. This reaching shot didn’t even make it in the video. But, that’s what I like about Alex and Joelle. They get lots of different shots, just in case. Kinda like me when I bring all those extra sprinkles.


This shot made it in though. It’s a sliding shot moving across the candy coatings with a cool camera gadget to make the move seamless. I don’t know it’s real name, but slider thingy sounds good.

By the way, he’s shooting with a digital camera that also shoots video. I actually have the same camera, but I’ve never shot video with it. Note to self: Need to learn.


Sprinkles beauty shot.


Panda Cake Pops in varying stages.


Joelle took care of the sound, just in case the Pandas said anything funny.


More tweaking. It’s the tiny adjustments like this that make all the difference on screen.


Here’s another digital camera. On Steroids! With lots of attachments that are all bigger than the actual camera body. Crazy!


The shoot was long, but lots of fun. Hope you like the video.


Hope it makes you smile.

Or laugh.

That’s ok, too.


I also worked on second video for the Cake Pops Kit that just came out.


If you follow me on Instagram, you might remember this pic from a few weeks ago when I was in San Francisco.

While I was there, I met up with 4SP Films again and we put together some more cuteness.


Of course, I brought a few things with me.

By the way, if traveling a few miles with pops, is stressful. You can imagine what flying cross-country is like carrying cake pops and hoping you have everything and hoping when you arrive that you don’t have broken pops.

Luckily, I’m obsessive.


On the shoot day, there was book lifting by Joelle.


Cake pop twirling for the camera by Peter.


Curled ribbon dropping.


There were cute tags…


And bags and tying tricks, too.

And all in a super cute gift box.

This video is a lot different than the first one. It was shot on green screen so they could change the background and it’s also animated. The pops had to be individually shot in varying stages of completeness as well as shot from different angles to make them move if we wanted.

Tee – deee – us.

But actually not as hard as the first one. Because it was shot on a tabletop in one direction, there was basically only one lighting set up with a few adjustments. So that saved a lot of time.


I’m glad my mom could be there with me to watch all the fun. She enjoyed seeing the behind-the-scenes stuff, but I don’t think she realized how long it would take. She’s pretty entertaining though and kept us all in smiles. If any of you have met her at any of the book signings, you know what I mean.


Here they are. Glad to finally show you guys.

Cake Pops Book Trailer – on amazon, the new one is the 2 minute video.

Cake Pops Kit Video – on youtube. It will be added to amazon soon.

Thanks 4SP Films!

P.S. – If anyone is wondering, I bought the Alphabet cards last year at Saint Cupcake Deluxe in Oregon. I’ve been waiting for a reason to use them for something. And the pink striped wood cake pop stand is from KC Bakes.

Note: This post contains some Amazon Affiliate links.