Cartoon Cupcake Bites

Cuppie Cupcake Bites for Cakespy
If you’re up on your cupcake cartoonists, then you’ll recognize these guys right away. And, if you’re not, then let me introduce you to Cakespy’s cupcake character, L’il Cuppie in edible form. I made these cupcake bites as a thank you and sent them across the country to surprise Cakespy.

Why, you ask? Well, Cakespy and I have never met or even talked on the phone, but we have been having a sweet little battle of thank yous for a few months now. I hope I’m finally ahead. Here’s a breakdown of how it all started.

First, after stumbling across her flickr photostream and etsy store, I asked her to do these custom pieces for me. Cute, cute and cute!

I liked them so much, I made a fondant version of her cuppie character and recreated the Diet Coke drawing in this little stop-animation video as a thank you.

Then, she surprised me with a super cute Barbarella-inspired movie poster drawing.

Then, I did… I did…nothing.

Thanks Cakespy
Then, she got me again. She sent me this awesome drawing for winning the first Iron Cupcake Earth Challenge. It just cracks me up. It’s of me when I was on Martha Stewart earlier this year. Cakespy is one of the prize donors for Iron Cupcake, but I didn’t expect anything custom for winning.

Obviously, I couldn’t let this go unnoticed. So, I broke out the Kitchenaid and got ready for battle.

Now, once again… Thank you Cakespy!!!

L'il Cuppie

Update: Before I could even get this post up, Cakespy had already beat me to the punch again. What’s a girl gotta do to get ahead. Check it out.

P.S. Here’s how to make Cupcake Bites. This time, I tinted white candy coating gray for the bottoms. If you try to tint your candy, make sure you are using food coloring that does not contain water. Here’s some Candy Food Coloring that works.

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130 comments on “Cartoon Cupcake Bites”

  1. Love the cute pictures, very out of the box, love it

  2. These are lovely. I have to try this. Thanks for sharing.

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  14. Oh my gosh! They are the cutest thing ever.. It looks so yummy!

  15. OMG!! These are just PERFECT!! Jessie’s illustrations have been captured perfectly!! LOVE Cake Spy. She’s done several pieces for me.

  16. Wow, it is the kawaii-attitude !

  17. How do you draw on the adorable little faces?

  18. please answer ASAP.
    thx xoxo mcs

  19. is cakespy pronounced cake-spee or cake-spi?

  20. I have had so much fun making cake bites and pops. It is relaxing for me and it is all because I saw your book and was hooked. Thanks for making me aware and sharing your ideas. What a wonderful thing!!!

  21. Hi! Love your website! Do you have any suggestions for a sweet sixteen birthday party… she’s a girly girl.

  22. Hi!! i sooo love the cartoon cupcake bites!! but i cant find the recipe in here = ( ….can you please give it to me, step by step, please!! thank you!

  23. were can i get this

  24. BLAH HA HA HA HA HA! OMG! That video was HILARIOUS! Make more! Make more! LOL! Oh, and the cup cake bites are just too cute! I have to make them for my get together this weekend!

  25. They’re so cute i wanna die!!!

  26. Wait…….
    Did I say nice?
    I mean, Amazing.
    If I liked capitalizing my letters,
    Amazing would be a word.
    But, unfortunately, I don’t.
    And all your stuff is amazing.
    And cute.
    To bad I love baking but fear ovens.
    Thanks for brightening up my day.

  27. Cool.
    Those look nice.
    In fact, very nice.

  28. Bakerella I am in awe of your creative uses of cake and candy etc. simply amazing, I love this site…Kevin

  29. there so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. How did you make the little rosey cheeks?

  31. oh god..! that’s so cute! I can’t bite them cuz they’re smiling!! :) kkk. I really want make them and give someone:)

  32. wow i love these little cupcake bites! they are super delicous and there soo cute! I just love to plop them in my mouth and eat them up. I made them for my neighbor and her and her little kids loved them. There super easy to make and there really fun. Thxx Bakerella! :)

  33. I just made these and they are adorable! I used the Wilton edible markers and they don’t work very well. I guess I need to invest in the marker you use! You and Cakespy are my favorites!

  34. SO adorable and such a fun story of your back and forths w. the baking and drawings! :)

  35. very very cute and clever

  36. I love your website. I would like to knon what font did you use for the text ‘Cakespy’s Lil Cuppie Cupcake Bites’? Thanks!

    contact me here:

    Gracias ;-)

  37. Hello…. Im from Malaysia…
    can you inform me how to make the bottom of Lil Cuppie @ cakespy?
    Can you send to my email? please………..

  38. hahaha so adorable.

  39. it is my dream to make very delicious cakes for my hubby and baby.. thanks bakerella.. i think you will help me with my dream with your yummy recipes :D

  40. So sunday is my daughters 2nd birthday and i decided that i was going to make a castle cake….. after i saw these little guuys i decided i’m going to make little cupcake bite people to go in the castle cake. i’m really excited and i will have to show pics somehow. :)

  41. I will post these on Face Book right now.

  42. I LOVE THESE SOOOO MUCH! THE’RE SOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 00

  43. These are so cute! I can’t wait to make them with my friends!

    xoxo Fairy Narina Land

    ps: check out my blog , comment or follow me!

  44. Go Bakerella! You save the Universe…

  45. How do I order this. I need them.

  46. Stacey – me too! me too!

    Sara – thank you!

    Mona – thanks. I really tried to capture him.

  47. They look just like cuppie! How cute!

  48. These are so cute!! How creative!

  49. I adore cakespy! and lil’ cuppie!
    very cute to see you too share “cuteness”

  50. hawsfam – I saw them. Good job.

    The Sugar Fairy – Hope you had fun making them.

    Terasita – that is too cute!

    We Are Not Martha – actually, she
    sent it in a frame. Even better!

    Tina- thanks!

    Moody Family – you are welcome!

    Anonymous – it gets easier each time.

    Chrissy – practice.

    Dana – thanks!

    The Bullknitter – thanks a bunch!

    RecipeGirl – glad you like it.

    BaL – Well, Hi there Banu in Istanbul!

  51. This is the first time I visit your blog and it’s simply charming at a glance!

    Wonderful :)

    Cheers from Istanbul,

  52. So cute. I especially loved the stop animation video. That was so nice of you (and Fun, I’ll bet) to put that together! You guys make a great team :)

  53. Dear Bakerella, I have given you the “I Love Your Blog Award” check it out at

  54. So cute – what is the trick to the smoothness of the cupcake top. I look forward to your newsletters. Always something fun.

  55. Ok, I tried it, but don’t know how to send you my photo. Mine aren’t nearly as cute as yours, I guess I need to practice more!

  56. These are too cute!! I just watched your Martha with the cupcake pops and talk about easy and cute! I thought for sure it was going to be difficult. Thanks so much for a great idea!

  57. So cute! I love these!

  58. omg, I LOVE that print of you on the Martha show. I hope you framed that :)

    And your cupcake bites are adorable!

  59. A cap designed just for you and Cakespy!

  60. I absolutely love them! So Cute :)

    I’ve just finished making some Cupcake Bites. I didn’t have a mould or a cookie cutter so I used mini cupcake cases in mini cupcake pans. I’ve put them up on my post if your interested. Believe me, they aren’t as good as yours :(

  61. I made “Jack Skellington” pops from the Nightmare Before Christmas. They aren’t as good as yours, but I think it’s pretty good for a 2nd try. If you want to see a picture you can go to

  62. Skeeto – no problem.

    Cathy Santarsiero, “The Christmas Corgi” – thanks

    Michelle – You know, I think I do too!

    cookemila – gracias?

    Blogger Y – Yeah, she’s got a cutie on her hands.

    Chantelle – I hope does.

    made sweet – thanks!

    Susan – that’s really sweet of you to say.

    craft pig – I don’t know. It’s hard to keep up with her.

    matushka4 – I have. Especially with the strawberry oreos i still have. Maybe soon.

  63. These are so cute! I just tried your cupcake pops at our church bake sale this past weekend and they went over great. Everyone loved them. I was wondering if you ever though of doing them like the chocolate dipped dipped strawberries for weddings? I don’t have a wedding coming up and figure why not let the expert go first. Anyhow just an idea. I luv your site.


  64. Bakerella, you and Cakespy are AMAZING!

    Don’t ever stop!

  65. i wish i were having a thank you war with you!!! :O)

    oh my!!! these are so wonderful! i am so jealous of your talents in the kitchen! keep it up. you are so inspiring.

    cupcake wishes – susan

  66. TOO CUTE! love it.

  67. You bake (brilliantly!).

    You make neat little videos.

    Waaahhhh… you got my (and a whole lot more) share of talent! :P

    Thanks for sharing.

    Let’s hope this ‘war’ continues! x

  68. Those are seriously too cute! I love cakespy’s little cupcake character!

  69. preciosisimos que talento…

    so very cute…xoxo

  70. what a fun battle! now, for some odd reason, I want a cupcake! :P

  71. oh how cute!

  72. It is wonderful to be a witness to such creative genius!
    Thanks to both Bakerella and Cakespy for letting us in on the fun!

  73. ~Holly – thanks

    Elizabeth – it's a good way to fight.

    kira – thanks

    Brook – cakespy's expressions are pretty cute.

    My Sweet & Saucy – glad you like it.

    Halley – thanks soooo much

    Clumbsy Cookie – we're just having fun.

    morgana – thanks again morgana

    Milwaukee Cupcake Queen – thanks

    jennie w. – I used an edible ink pen

    sara angel – I agree

    LAS DELICIAS DEL BUEN VIVIR add a few paramount crystals or a couple of drops of veg oil. That will help thin it out if it get's too thick. But just for reference, mine's not really that runny. It can be pretty thick. I just do a lot of tapping to get the excess to fall off.

    Tara – watch out because you know the holdays are coming.

    Katie – thanks

    Patricia Scarpin – Cakespy's great don't you think.

    Julie L – thanks. it was a lot of work.

    TCMama – sorry, don't have an answer for that one.

    Amylouwho – thanks! and, your book is on its way.

    Jaina – Totally!

    Anonymous – You are most welcome.

    Dawn in CA – well, I hope I can keep you entertained then.

    Atticelf – glad you like the video.
    And time? what's that. Doesn't register.

    Lisa Smiley – the bottoms are actually gray. I tinted white candy melts.

    Check back next week. I think you'll be happy with what I have for Halloween.

    Cassidy Dawn – thanks!

    pixiepine – YAY!!!!!

    Donna – thanks

    Mrs. Cupcake – And a little entertaining, too I hope.

    Amy O – thanks

    Satisfying my Sweet Tooth – it's difficult, I must say.

    Kati – I don't know. She's on top of her game for sure.

    Anali – that would be fun.

    Liz Davis – we both thank you!

    sharyl – I think I should go on a cake walk with her. Those look like fun.

    Tiffany – however, you end up packaging them, they shouldn't have any extra room to move around in any direction in the box you use. Then, put your packaged boxes in a bigger box wrapped in bubble wrap and peanuts to be safe. Also, I have only ever used Overnight Delivery, so I don't know how they would do in reg mail.

    Sally – ok

    Sue Sparks – Why thanks

    Kapu That's fantastic. I'm so glad it worked out for you. Wish you had a pic. 350 is A LOT!!!!

    Girlfrog – That's why. I like people to smile.

  74. This post and cakespy’s post really made me smile. Thank goodness that you care enough to take the time to do such fun and cute things!

  75. I’m finally back from Hawaii attending my brothers wedding. The cupcake bites were a huge success and everyone loved them and are still talking about them. I made 350 bites and not one was left over. guest at the wedding were asking other guest if they didn’t want their favor because they wanted it. My sister-in-law is still emailing me about how much everyone loved the favors. I didn’t take a picture of all 350 but I did get a picture of one that made it home the next day but was soon eaten after the photo shoot. Mahalo (thank you in hawaiian) again for an amazing idea. You rock!!!!!

  76. Your cutest EVER!!! :)

  77. Hi, just wondering, what font did you use for the text ‘Cakespy’s Lil Cuppie Cupcake Bites’? Thanks!

    contact me here:

  78. Those are so cute! I have a question though, how did you package them to ship them? I’m planning on mailing some cake balls and I’m trying to figure out the best way to package them so they don’t melt or get smushed.

  79. i’m all for world peace but thank you wars are the bestest! and to think you guys havent even met! maybe you guys should meet one day. we’d love to see that on blogger!

  80. Wow! What love, what devotion, what blog stalking capabilities. Talk about being of the same thankful mind!

  81. These are so cute! I hope the two of you get to meet soon!

  82. That is absolutely amazing! I think Cakespy has finally met her match.

  83. where do you find the time? honestly! You are amazing and it’s so fun to have these little e-friendships!

  84. Adorable… and what a fun battle to be embroiled it! Kudos to both of you!

  85. Bravo, Bakerella!! Your creativity is so inspiring!

  86. oh my! this is the kind of friendly one-upping stuff I like! too funny, your fondant cuppies are awesome!

  87. Oh my goodness I love your blog!!!

  88. so freakin cute!

  89. OMG! Those are soooo adorable! I love it! How did you get that bottom so pure white? Sooo cute! She must have just been in awe when she opened the package!

    I am so looking forward to your Halloween themed bites! Will you make and post them soon so we can start planning for our parties and gifts? I have some ideas, but something tells me you will do better. I had a request to make them look like bloody eyeballs.. that should be fun :)

    You are just amazing!

  90. ROFL here…the video was fantastic (where DO you find the time????) and Cakespy is obviously deserving. I’m looking forward to seeing how The War progresses… :)

  91. You really do have a gift — these are SO flipping cute! Even if I never make the adorable items on your site, it sure is fun to see your posts and dream about (maybe) trying. :)

  92. You are both very clever and so creative. Those bites are adorable I love the various exspressions what a hoot fun, fun, fun. Thank you for always sharing with us.

    Debbie/Phx AZ

  93. Those are wonderful! If only all battles could be cupcake battles.

  94. I love watching two of my favorite baking blogs fight it out cupcake style!

  95. I’ve showed your site to everyone that visits my house!
    Have you ever found any melts that don’t have partially hydrogenated oils in them?

    Can’t wait to see what you do next!

  96. Oh how cute are these!! I am going to try your recipe…I’ll let you know how it goes. BTW, the diet coke video is awesome!!!!

  97. These are much too adorable!
    you two are so talented, girls!

  98. Just saw these on Cakespy’s site. OMGOSH! WAYYYYYY too awesome! I LOVE it! You totally got cuppie perfectly! :)

  99. These are too cute!! I love your blog. It has some of the most innovative and special deserts. I think I gained five pounds just reading your blog.

  100. Hi Bakerella, very cute!!! i would like to know the brand of the candy melts you use, because i bought some from Melt and Mold and didnt melted as yours, i mean when i tried to dip something is sticky, not runny, i put it in the micro more time but stayed the same, is like the consistency of peanut butter…

  101. Omg way too cute…cute overload…oh goodness…

  102. How did you do their cheeks and expressions? So adorable.

  103. outstanding battle of love.

  104. They all are so lovely… I really enjoyed your first video but this li’l cuppies are just incredible.

  105. You two girls are the best!

  106. oh my god! they look soooo cute!!!

  107. Love these! What an adorable “thank you”

  108. So cute! the drawings are so fun!

  109. omg those are toooooo CUTE!!! :) such talent!

  110. Those are so cute! I love your happy thank you war! :)

  111. How funny!! Those are too cute!!

  112. j – thanks!

    Mrs. K – just trying to have fun.

    Julie – thanks. it was fun to make, just time consuming.

    Cakespy – I wish I could have seen your face when you opened them. I hope your guinea pig isn’t jealous of all those cute cuppies. And if you don’t want to eat them at one time, they’ll stay moist for a while.

    Lil Missy – you said it!

    mommy2twindaughters – thanks.

    Cheryl – adorableness. yes, fantabulous word.

    Bridget – In small boxes with bubble wrap and tissue.

    landa – thanks

    puglyfeet – why thanks!

    Stephanie – yeah, this gave me a reason to look at it again. Still makes me smile.

  113. They’re so cute! I’m glad you put that video up again in this post. I loved it the first time around, and I loved it again this time!

  114. You are good. Hella good.

  115. These are the most adorable things I have ever seen.

  116. You guys are too fun!!! That Martha drawing is the best…I love it! And the cupcake bites, of course, are adorable!

    Curious…How did you package them to mail?

  117. I said this on cakespy’s blog and I’ll say it here too…you two are the cutest! I’m loving watching the adorableness (is that a word?)!

  118. So, when are you going to start selling these things? I don’t have time to be creative but they are SO adorable!

  119. oh so stinkin cute!

  120. When I opened the box of Cuppie truffles, I squealed and scared my guinea pig!!! Not only am I completely delighted and honored to have received such a special gift–but I’m also amazed by how dangerously delicious and moist these l’il truffles are! One might think it would be difficult to eat one’s own character, but you know, after the first bite it wasn’t so hard at all. ;-)

    Bakerella, you truly make the world a sweeter place and I’ve never had a more fun war of the thank yous!!

  121. I LOVE THE VIDEO!! I think this is one of my favorite posts of all time so far. And I think you should make more stop motion videos! :-) love it.

  122. you are SO talented!

  123. They’re so adorable I can’t stand it!

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