It’s Cake Pops Day

Cake Pops Day

Here’s a sweet little shoutout for National Cake Pops Day! YAY!

It’s been way too long since I made my original cupcake pops so I decided I needed to start dipping. This design is still one of my all-time favorites. Partly because these are the ones that captivated the internet way back when, but also because they are just sweet and simple and perfect for so many occasions. Here’s the first post I made about cupcake pops (don’t laugh) when they debuted back on February 1st, 2008… can you believe it’s been nine years ago now? Raise your hand if you’ve made or enjoyed cake pops sometime between now and then. Crazy, right! I still can’t believe how they’ve brought smiles to so many people around the world.

Anyway, BIG hugs and I hope you have a super sweet day!

Cake and Cupcake Pops

PS… here’s the cupcake pops and cake pops basic how-to instructions if you decide you want to make some, too! And here’s the first time I posted about plain cake pops (again, don’t laugh) – I think you’ll be able to tell by those old posts that I had no idea where these little treats on a stick were headed. : )


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32 comments on “It’s Cake Pops Day”

  1. Hello, Angie!
    Thank you for the perfect recipe! Soon my daughter`ll have a sweet life!

  2. I’ve made cake pops before and always had trouble with melting the chocolate to dip them in. It always seemed to clump while melting. What am I doing wrong. Love making them just anxious when making that darn melting process. Help

  3. Besides looking beautiful, seems to be very yummy.

  4. I love making cake pops! I can’t even guess at how many I have made. I use your technique as well as some of you ideas. I usually make them “stick up” so I don’t have to use anything special while the chocolate sets. I can dip them very quickly when I make them like this. My friend says they look like little solders all lined up I add a pretty ribbon and people LOVE them! I have made your frogs as well as your brides and grooms. I made 500 for prom at the school where I am a school nurse. When I am asked how I make them, I show them the video of you demonstrating tapping your wrist/hand to gently knock off the extra chocolate.  In fact, I have a tray of yellow cake balls in the fridge for me to dip tomorrow. I’ll also be making some red velvet ones this week. Thank you so much for teaching me how to bring a little bit of sunshine into people’s lives.

  5. Hi Bakerella A.K.A  Angie! Where did you get your sprinkles from and the little candy on top of the cupcake (red and pink candies) 
                                                                                                                     ~ Sarah E. Cabrera

  6. Oh Angie – I still remember the day I found you way back when, via a link for your cupcake pops and I just thought you were the bee’s knees thinking of using the little fluted cutter to shape the base. I just clicked on the link for your first plain cake pops and feel that there’s hope for me yet in the world of pretty desserts on sticks ?

  7. You changed my life with cake pops!!! Thanks to these sweets, I was able to pay for my wedding and make aome extra cash on the sidr. Meeting you at your book signing was amazing! 

  8. Happy Cake Pop Day! Thanks for sharing your creativity! I’ve tried so many of your recipes and loved them. I even got brave enough to try decorating sugar cookies after seeing the Christmas cupcake cookies you made!

  9. Whoops! Please delete the above.
    Happy Cake Pop Day! Thanks for sharing your creativity! I’ve tried so many of your recipes and loved them. I even got brave enough to try decorating sugar cookies after seeing the Christmas cupcake cookies you made!

  10. I love cake pops!! In fact, I am making some tonight after work!! ??

    Happy Cake Pop Day!!

  11. Aww a little bit of cheer :D

  12. My all-time fav ones are the sheep that you did years ago! I haven’t tried to replicate them yet but I will at some point!! They’re too cute not to copy!!

  13. Happy Cake Pop Day!!! :)

  14. Yes I do remember when you first published this and couldn’t wait to make my own. Mine weren’t anywhere near as cute as yours but they sure tasted good. Have made lots more since that first posting. Thanks for your creativity. Oh and my daughter-in-law met you back then at Ree Drummond’s first “house party”? You did a demo at the Lodge. I was supposed to go with her but couldn’t get off work. Oh well. Congrats on all your books.

  15. Just made some simple cake pops yesterday. Even my daughter who doesn’t normally have a sweet tooth can’t keep her hands off them. “Mom, why are these so good?!” Thanks for sharing all your fantastic designs over the years. Love your site!

  16. Love these! I remember seeing you on Martha Stewart and thinking wow what fun. You have become even more amazing.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  17. Who knew that this little bite of heaven would become such a hit. I have made thousands over the years – even did it as a business for a few years. Now I only make them for family and a few friends. Thank you for introducing cake pops and showing me a talent I didn’t know I had within me!

    • You are so welcome. I love that cake pops have that effect on people. They totally look like impossible at first and then make you feel so empowered when you create tiny masterpieces.

  18. Those cupcake cake pops are the cutest!

  19. You are the official QUEEN OF CAKE POPS and are the best! Look at all your creativity inspired with this “invention!”

  20. My friend referred your site to me to make Oreo truffles 7 years ago and I  got sidetracked by all the amazing cakepops! And I have been a calepopper ever since! I have your books and I love to make cakepops! My favorite has been Olaf cakepops for my sons birthday! Friends & family expect cakepops on birthdays! Thanks for sharing all your cute creations with us! 

  21. Oh Happy Day! Happy Cake Pop Day!!!! I can’t remember my life before Bakerella and your delicious Cake Pops! I always look forward checking out your blog and your latest creations! You are amazingly talented Angie! I can’t believe it’s been 9 years. Congratulations on your many successes! When’s the next book coming out!?!

  22. Congratulations!   Can’t believe it’s been 9 years.  You’re still the best and I loved coming to one of your book signings. You are a genuine person!

  23. I never had one until I made some for Halloween in 2011. I’ve eaten and made a lot since then! Thank you for the inspiration. 

  24. Yes! I’ve made so many and love them. 

  25. From first seeing your blog to going to your first book signing, I have adored you and your creations! Thank you for being so real, sweet and inventive for us! <3 <3

  26. Happy Cake Pop Day!! My family and I adore those little bites of yumminess!

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