Chocolate Cupcake Pops

Okay, so I guess you can tell I am in a dipping kind of mood lately. I had an idea for these candy covered cupcake pops and I had to see if I could pull them off. I can’t decide if these look like ice cream sundaes or not. But when I made them I did have cupcakes in mind. Either way, I’m excited about how cute they came out. They follow the same idea as the cake pops (chocolate cake and cream cheese frosting mixed together and covered with candy coating). However, these were a little more difficult to decorate… more steps. I only wish I had a third and fourth hand to take pics of the process when I made them.

Here they are on a stick…
Cupcake Lollipops

And off…
Cupcake Cake Bites

Red Velvet Cake Balls (basic recipe)
Cake Pops

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235 comments on “Chocolate Cupcake Pops”

  1. I want to make the cake pops ahead of time, Can I freeze them, and if so, how long?

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!!!!
    I’ve made them a couple of times but I have 1 problem: the cake mix is too greasy and they don’t dip well (or they fall of the stick).
    What am I doing wrong??

  3. I love these! I’m 15, but I love to bake. My mom and I are going to make these this weekend!

  4. hey my again is someone really reading this i mean it is not like we are in a movie like hannah montnan sings about anyway i really need the cake poops i don´t live in britain and don´t talk with british acsent so i can not write like one any way

  5. I made the cupcake pops for a Scentsy party…total HIT!!!! I might I say, they turned out really good :) Forgot to take a pic though :(

  6. They are amazing! OMG like I really want to see how good you of a Baker you are. This is all CREATIVITY BECUASE IT IS AMAZIN GLOVE U I HAVE COLLECTED ALL UR BOOKS IM A BAKERELLA FANNN

  7. Hello, Ms Angie :)

    I love your website! especially the cupcake pops and bites… I bought the ingredients last weekend and will try to make this on Sunday. I have a question though… is it okay to tint the white chocolate in pink or any light colored food coloring? am scared to try and waste the white choco….and i cannot find a pink candy melt… Can’t wait to experiment!!!!! Many thanks :)

  8. I’m dying to make these!! I’m literally dying of cuteness!

  9. love ’em!

  10. I love making cake pops but I’m wondering why the chocolate sometimes cracks after it dries? Any thoughts?

  11. I was wondering how far in advance I can make these for a birthday party. Do they keep very well in the fridge?

  12. Hello :) Does someone knows the shelf life of the cupcake pops? Thanks :)

  13. I tried these and they didnt turn out as pretty as yours but they were delicious!!

  14. bakerella – once upon a time there was a post that explained exactly how to make these…with suggestions on the cookie cutters you used, etc. it might be technical difficulties on my side, but i can’t seem to find it. can you help?

  15. Hi, i just saw you on Martha Stewart making these georgous cup cake pops, i love them. They are sooo cute, i cant wait to make them for my little girls birthday

  16. I made these for birthday invitations.
    They were delicious and everybody loved them!

  17. OMG….i made these. They were so cute and perfect!! And the recipe I used was fabulous!! Rich and chocolatey!! YUM!!!

  18. can you freeze the final product?

    Just wondering . I want ti make ahead of time.

  19. Hello, congratullations for this beautifull works.I´m from Uruguay , and i love this !!!!!!!!

  20. were well i be able to find some ??????

  21. Definetly another classic! These are what made you famous!!

  22. These cupcake pops are SO adorable! I took a cake decorating class at a local craft store about a year ago and have gotten very involved with decorating since then (in addition to my full time job! If you love something, you can always make time for it, right?) I’m very inspired by these! Will be trying them out very soon! THANK YOU for sharing your adorable ideas, with easy to follow instructions. :) What a blessing :)

  23. How did the freezing experiment go? I had to make my cake pops today, but wont be serving them until next weekend and was wondering what the best way to store them might be??

  24. hi bakerella. i love love love your cupcake pops. i would like to know where you purchased your flower cutter/mold? Thank you so much for being so creative and generous with your talents. God bless you.

  25. What chocolate recipe do you use for this? I really wanna make emmm!

    ahh these seem so awesome!! :) I wanna make theeem!!!

  26. Bakerella!! I so love your site!!! I made these for my orthodontist and his staff (and used floss to tie the treat bags so they could clean their teeth afterward…) I also used PW’s sheet cake and frosting recipes like you did for the cake balls for her book signing…they came out perfect and the recipients loved them! Thanks so much for posting your creations and inspiring us to follow along :)

  27. Just wondering if you can freeze these? I wanted to make Christmas ones & was wondering if I could make them a few days before Christmas & they would still be alright?


  28. linda – the cake and frosting mixture isn’t supposed to be solid. It will be very moist. Chilling them makes them firm and easier to dip.

    If they are too moist, you can add less frosting. And yes, try the bark.

    Virginia – When you dip the bottoms, turn them upside down and swirl your arm in a circular motion. The gravity will force the chocolate down and smooth it out some.

  29. I tried making these, I thought they were adorable. However mine came out HORRIBLE!!! My filling was tastey, but I melted the melts and began dipping, the first color was the chocolate bottom. I dipped and it was gloppy…I could not shake the rest off, and so it left it really thick and for the ones that I did not put sticks in the bottsom were not at all flat cause there was WAY too much chocolate. Then when I tried to dip the ones with the sticks, the white chocolate did not cover the chocolate filling, you could see it through it, and then one of the broke in junks into the chocolate. I was so dejected I just stopped there, I ended up only making three complete ones and then a dozen with the bottoms.

    If anyone can give me a suggestion I would love it.

  30. Hi Bakerella, I’m not sure if I already asked this, but I attempted to make them tonight and I added both water AND milk to my cake mix. Maybe a mistake. After mixing in the cream & freezing my cake balls were still not solid.

    Secondly, I did not use chocolate bark, I used regular chocolate chips, melted. I dont think it worked out taht well.

    HOw do you think I can improve? no milk? real bark?

  31. Kassandra – you can half it – no problem.

    Also, they can be made a couple of days ahead or you can freeze the finished pops if you like.

  32. cynthia – you might be sticking the lollipop sticks too far in. Make sure the coating also surrounds the stick where it’s inserted into the ball.

  33. I don’t know if someone asked this already, but can these cupcakes pops be made in advance then frozen for a couple days ? Or how many days in advance can you make them before a party and they still taste good? I am throwing a shower and the theme is cupcakes and cocktails and the party is on Saturday. I want to make these pops for a centerpiece as cupcake bouquet then as people go though the food line they can take their own pop.
    Also, 50 is going to be way tooo much. If I want to make just 25, would I cut the recipe in half for everything ?
    Thanks so much in advance, they are really really cute !

  34. All I can say is……I Love Love Love these!!! They are so cute and so yummy!! You have so many wonderful and creative ideas.

    I do have one question though. Each time I made these, if I tried to transport them in any way, the cupcake slid down the stick. I did do the stick in the chocolate first trick each time, but I am wondering if there is something I’m missing. Could I be putting in too much frosting (about 3/4 of a can)? Any suggestions on traveling with these cuties or even shipping them without having them fall down? Any advice would be great!! Thank you in advance.

  35. Bakerella, YOU ARE AN AMAZING CHEF!!! I'm practically a dessert-aholic ;), and those are MOUTH WATERING! I love to bake and taste, and those look SO good, i'm trying them out!! thanx for posting about them on your blog! you rock!

  36. Hii bakerallaa,
    i love your blog…
    You are so creative and you make baking seem so much like art !!
    your cupcake pops are very popular here in Kuwait they're called cupcake on a stick thu ;) you can check them out on

  37. Sarah – First, make sure they dry completely. And second, I usually don't refrigerate them unless I use homemade cream cheese frosting. I haven't had any problems that way.

  38. Hello Bakerella! I love love love your blog and finally made some pops & bites today. I tried lots of different ideas I found here – sushi, yellow smiley faces, cupcakes, and a few covered in butterfinger/oreo and sprinkles : ). They actually came out pretty well thanks to all the great feedback you've given different folks.

    My question is that when I drew the faces onto the yellow pops, the ink smeared even after they'd been in the fridge for a few hours. I bought the kind of pens that you do. Any suggestions? I really want to put them in baggies & bring them to work but their faces smear off onto the plastic!

  39. Sure. You will probably need much less frosting, if any.

  40. Hello! I just found your blog today, and its absolutely addictive. I have been reading all your entries when I should be busy studying! The cupcakes pops are absolutely adorable. I was wondering, would it be okay if I used a brownie base instead of a chocolate cake? I always wanted to do the whole brownie pop thing, but these cupcake pops are just too irresistible. Thanks!

  41. I really like these little cupcake pops! I just found your site, and your baking looks awesome. Thanks for sharing it all.

  42. Bakerella, I’m from Brazil, and these are gorgeous, i’ll try to do, love yor blog, thank’s to share yor ideas :) sonia

  43. Did anyone encounter problems dipping the tops in the candy melt?? Our cakes fell apart into the candy melt.

  44. try adding less frosting next time.

    and also make sure you put them back in the freezer after you shape, to get them slightly firm

  45. I make these this afternoon. My cake mixture was soft. It was the consistency of a soft cookie dough. Is this how it should be? After i molded it in the cookie cutter and placed it on parchment paper it would start to droop. Could you tell me what is wrong with my cake mixture?

  46. These are so adroable and very yummy!! However..getting them to “shape” was not an easy task,I am hoping next time I make them for a party(today was a test run) I get a better shape..I got the small flower cookie cutter,Im thinking I need to make the balls bigger next time???Or do you have any suggestions on how to do it???

  47. Becky :) s- make sure the cake is completely cool and try using less frosting next time. The mixture will be very moist.

    Heather – thursday to sat is fine in an airtight container or in treat bags with a ribbon.

  48. Don’t know if you’ll have time to respond to this comment before I attempt to make them tomorrow. But I’ve read all your comments about making them ahead and keeping them fresh various ways. But I am making 150 that will need to stay fresh from Thur. morning until Sat. morning. If I just leave them on the sucker stick and wrap them with a lollipop bag- do you think they’ll be fresh. Would a bag be airtight enough??
    Thanks for the great idea!

  49. I LOVE these pops!! We are trying to get them perfect for our wedding favors. We had cupcake “plop” 1.0 today. But alas, we encountered some problems :( The mixture of cake and icing together was so tacky and almost looked wet. We could not get hem to mold nicely despite cooling them. Any ideas as to what Imay have done wrong? We used Th eDevils Food Super moist cake mix. Should I use another kind? Also, the cake was a tad warm still when I putit in the food processor. Maybe a contributing factor to out “plop”? Thank you so much for your imagination and beautiful blog! You are uber talented…Any insight would be MUCH appreciated!

  50. Lindsay – very cute!

  51. Wow, you are AMAZING Bakerella! Your whole blog is so inspiring, and I couldn’t wait to try the cupcake pops! I just finished making them for my Bachelor Final Rose Party tomorrow! (Mine aren’t as pretty as yours, but they still turned out stinkin cute!) I’m asking everyone who comes if they will accept this…cupcake pop.

    I live in Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada, so if you ever do another segment on where your cupcake pops are popping up, let me know and I’ll email you pics.

    Great job once again!

  52. SUZY HOMEMAKER MOVE OVER!!!! I am soooo excited. I made these. I didn’t think I could. I didn’t think mine could possibly measure up to the original masterpieces you created. And they really don’t…..but I did it. I made them. They are the cutest darn things ever. They’re scrumptious. And fun. And icky dirty making. But, oh man, do I think that they are worth it. Thanks so much for creating this craze!!! I am posting on my blog right now my story and pictures…and I linked back to your original posts.

  53. You are welcome Ashley!

  54. I made these up for the kids for Valentines Day. Mine weren’t near as cute, but worked just the same! Thanks for the awesome ideas!!!

  55. You’re right on the money. If the mixture is too moist, that’s exactly what you should do to correct it. You could have also bought a few plain cupcakes if you were in a hurry.

    The consistency should be just moist enough to mold and still hold it’s shape.

    Good luck!

  56. These were the cutest darn things ever, made them today… but a little trouble. I watched the martha video and your cake mixture with the icing looked fine, but mine was really really really wet I am in the process of baking another cake to add to the mix that I already made up hoping that will “dry” it up a bit. Any other suggestions would be great.

  57. Dawn – Great job on the footballs!

    Jeannie Edwards – Pretty good. I think you’ll be fine. I wrapped them in treat bags first and then in aluminum foil. Then place them in a glass dish so they didn’t get smushed.

  58. With Valentines & a birthday coming up I'm trying to plan a head for some things. How did your experiment with freezing the cake pops? I'd love to be able to make these a head of time and freeze them.

  59. Thanks for posting the recipe for these delicious little gems! I made footballs for the superbowl party we are attending today-hope they are well received. I posted pictures and your link to my blog!

  60. Thanks Cake Lady. Glad you like them.

  61. Not sure if you will ever see this post with so many comments, but, WOW!! I love them! They are adorable!
    Thanks for sharing your talent
    ShelleyThe Cake Lady

  62. I ment to say Candy melt not Candle melt lol

  63. I love these!! My daughters first birthday party is Cupcake im so excited to make these!! DO I put the lollipop sticks in before i put the candle melt or after there chilled and dipped in the chochlate? Thanks so much!! oh and the sprinkles on top do i put those on after i put the pink candy melt on?

  64. Monica – I don’t know how to make it from scratch, but maybe you can find a place to order it online.

  65. love your cupcakes!!!. In Peru they dont sell candy melts. Do you know how to make it?

  66. shannon – they last for several days in an airtight container on the counter. You can try to freeze them. I’m doing an experiment with some now to see how they do.

  67. how far ahead can I make these without them going bad? I wanted to start my Christmas baking in November. TIA

  68. These are baked first and mixed with frosting to shape. You can try to mold them into larger shapes.

  69. My friend made this and the recipe was so amazing! I would love to do a regular sized cupcake using something very similar to this recipe, but I noticed on Martha’s website that these are not baked. Any suggestions?

  70. Beth – that’s great. I’m glad you enjoyed them!

  71. My sister made these for my bridal shower, they were AMAZING! Not only did they look completely adorable, they tasted divine!! They tasted almost like a brownie, so moist and rich!

  72. Lauren – I’m sure they were a hit at the shower.

  73. I have made mini cakes, but not on a stick and NOTHING as adorable as shaping them into cupcakes! I did about thirty of yours for a baby shower. I just used blue instead of pink because they were having a boy! So very cute!

  74. Looking good. The two of you should get together and combine efforts.

  75. This is my second attempt at making these my first was trying to help my daughter who introoduced me to these.
    hers were tastier mine looked nicer :P

  76. these roses are made with healthy chocolate we are doing them for relay for life and also milk chocolate they are really easy to make

  77. hi there bakerella,

    Im tini from singapore.
    Really love your idea.but could not follow with your recipes.Such as if you count flour of 1 cup what does that mean ??? in gms

  78. Hi Sian

    go to and search cupcake pops. There’s a video that shows how I do them.

    But here’s a couple of things that could have caused that.

    Your shapes were too heavy for the lollipop sticks

    Your lollipop sticks were too thin – if so, they make thicker ones.

    You inserted the sticks to far to the top of the cupcake shape

    Also, the melted chocolate should surround the stick to help secure it.

    I will also, dip the tip of the stick in a little of the chocolate before I insert into the cupcake shape.

    Hope this helps.

  79. Hi Bakerella,

    Thanks for the amazing idea. I just made some and they’re very cute, but they slid off the stick -any suggestions? I followed the method ie. box cake mix and a can of cream cheese frosting, put them in the freezer to firm up. I check your site often for inspiration, keep up the great work!

  80. Anonymous – Sure. It should be great. Just use the equivalent to what you would find in a can of ready made frosting or about 2 cups. Sounds yummy!

  81. Just like everyone else has said-these are so cute. After Martha I went and bought what I needed right away. My question is, can I use any other frosting instead of cream cheese? I buy the most delicious buttercream from a local bakery and thought it would taste great. Do you think it will work??

  82. Amy – thanks! your daughter will love them!

    Amy – I know. I can’t believe either. They’d be great at parties.

    Rachelle – awe, thanks – you’re too sweet.

    Kapu – you can use any cake youlike. It just needs to be crumbled pretty good when youadd the frosting

    Anonymous – Sure, you can go to and search cupcake pops. There’s a video and recipe

    Anonymous – good luck with the vanilla wafers.

  83. I also saw you on Martha and am dieing to try the pops. I actually Tivo’d it so I always have the step-by-step directions. I made your Oreo Truffles this past weekend and they were a huge hit with my husband. I saw that you did them with Nutter Butters – due to a peanut allergy of my son’s I was going to try the recipe with Nilla Wafers. Also, have you tried the Cupcake Pops with standard Cupcakes?

  84. I don’t see the recipe for this, but I’d love to try it! Where can I find the recipe and how to shape these? Thanks in advance!!

  85. This looks fabulous!!!!! Going to make it for my brothers wedding. Just one thing….what is the recipe for the chocolate cake. It sounds like a dense cake is best to use. Mahalo

  86. Just saw your segment on Martha and came here to show my little girl “Look! there they are!”! Those are not turds! lol
    They look super easy to make too!

    You were great!

  87. Saw you on Martha today. I can’t believe she called them turds. The idea is fabulous and I will definitely try them for my 30th birthday.

  88. Hi Angie! I saw you on Martha Stewart today! BRAVO! I absolutely love your Cupcake Pops and Bites idea! My daughter turns 4 this April and I am planning on making these for her party! Thanks for sharing this with the world!

    You did a fabulous job on Martha today! Best of Luck!

    Amy Milillo

  89. vicki – vanilla will be fine. Actually any cake and frosting combo you like will work.

    Thank you so much anonymous.

    stella – the oil you used is fine and so is the frosting. Try this next time. I have found it works better.

    After you shape the balls with the cookie cutter into cupcake shapes, chill them for a few minutes in the freezer to firm them up. Next, melt your brown chocolate bark. Dip the bottoms of the cupcake in, just to where the top mound forms. Then turn upside down and let the bark start to slide down the sides. You may want to wiggle it a little too. Set them on the wax paper upside down and insert the lollipop sticks straight in. (It really helps that these are chilled, so the weight of the chocolate won’t pull them apart.) Get your pink chocolate heated and actually let it sit for a while so it is not too hot. Then hold the pops by the base of the cupcake and dip tops in pink chocolate just to the point where it overlaps the edge of the chocolate. Turn right side up, add decorations and place in styrofoam block.

    Hope this all makes sense.

  90. Hi Bakerella, it’s me again! I tried to make these and was able to get the shape of the cupcake by using the flower cookie cutter. The only problem I faced was with coating it in chocolate! I put a popsicle stick in it, and tried to coat it by holding the stick..but it was too soft. The stick would go right through the whole cupcake. I followed the directions exactly–only thing that was different was that I used canola oil instead of vegetable oil to make the cake mix. I used a whole can of cream cheese frosting, should I use a little less next time to see if it’ll make the cake less moist and heavy on the stick? (That was my first time really baking…I would love to try to make those for my daughter’s 1st birthday-cupcake theme).

  91. Hello!! This is the first time I am on this site. I absolutely LOVE your stuff! You are so creative. I would have never thought of doing something like this. I am planning on doing these for a bridal party. I am sure they will be a hit!! Please keep sharing your creativity with us :)

  92. I’m not a fan of creame cheese frosting. Do you think using normal vanilla frosting would work as well?

  93. No problem, lulu lemon. Happy Easter to you, too!

  94. Thanks so much for your help BakerElla. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  95. Once they have the chocolate coating on them, they don’t need to go back in the fridge before the pink is added. Just leave them out to dry and then start on the second color.

    And you can even let the pink sit a little while after it is heated before you dip. Just as long as it doesn’t start to harden.

    Your pink was probably too hot.
    Hope that helps.

  96. HI BakerElla…I coated my cupcake lolipops with chocolate coating, then I left it in the fridges I try to coat the top pink, but the chocolate has melting on the pink coating… how do I put a different color coat on top of the cupcake without melting the chocolate…I hope I explain that right.

    Thanks in advance BakerElla

  97. zara – thanks and they are yummy. you should try sometime.

  98. Besides looking awesome they must taste yummy!

  99. anonymous – Thanks, I’m thinking about how I could do that.

    tori – you’re exactly right. I bought a styrofoam block and then took one of the lollipop sticks and pre-made holes to have a place for them to dry.

  100. Another question for you…after dipping the cake balls, did you stand them up in styrofoam or something else? I can’t figure out where to put them without lying them down and then having a flat side.

  101. I’ll be waiting for your “youtube” post if and when you decide.

  102. Anonymous – I thought about that. I might try it.

    Jacqueline – I hope it works for you too.

    Tori – thanks!

  103. You are so nice to post your instructions over and over again…such patience. ;)

    And I must say that these are stinkin’ cute and I am going to make them soon! Thanks for sharing!

  104. Bakerella you are so talented!! I’m going to give the cupcake lollipops a try this weekend. I hope it works! It looks really difficult.

  105. BakerElla: Instead of step by step pictures, can you post a “YOUTUBE” on how to make it instead? Just an idea….

  106. Anonymous – glad you found what you needed.

    Stella and Mark Coomes – I used chocolate cake and cream cheese frosting for the pops. You can use any flavor combo you like. The bark I buy is like small bricks of chocolate. It also says candy coating on the package.

    justin – great deal! Sounds like you probably found the right one. They are metal if I didn’t mention before.

  107. Bakerella: No need to repeat yourself on how you form your cupcake shape. I just read all the comment that other people have ask you…Now I know how to do it…Thanks again and God Bless for sharing. can’t wait to see the step by step photo next time.

  108. I was at hobby lobby this weekend and found a small flower cookie cutter like the one you described. It came in a set of 6 and was 19.99, but with the 40% coupon was worth it.

  109. One more question…did you use the red velvet cake mix for those cupcake lollipops? It looks more chocolate-y than red velvet. My grocery stores don’t sell a red velvet cake mix—is it safe to assume that using another kind would be fine? Also, chocolate bark–is that just those slabs of chocolate that some stores sell? How much would I need? Thanks again. :-)

  110. Wow! I love it! just wondering what you use for molding it into a cupcake.
    Thanks in advance.

  111. Jenny – that’s funny.

    Stella and Mark Coomes – I found it at Williams-Sonoma, but I’m not sure if they still sell them. I used it to form the bottom part of the cupcakes. Next time, I’ll give pics. But it was actually the first time I had made these and I didn’t know they were going to be such a big hit.

    Here’s another brand

    Sarah – that sounds fun!

    Dianne Young Erwin – The shaping is pretty simple. Roll into compact balls using your hands and chill in fridge for a while. When chilled, take a small flower cookie or round shaped cutter (almost an inch tall)and push part of ball through. Form a mound with the part that is still sticking out. Then just push the shaped ball back out from the bottom carefully. And touch up the shape using your hands. Return them to chill for a while before dipping in chocolate bark.

  112. Love this idea and i am going to try to recreate them for my sons first birthday carnival. One question i do have is how do you get them into the cupcake shape? Thanks

  113. I am amazed at how cute these are! I am picturing these stuck into a cute glass scattered across the table at my daughters 1st birthday party and LOVING it! Thank so much for the great idea. Hopefully I can make them a cute as yours!

  114. I’m not much of a baker (at all) but I want to attempt to make these….where can I (where did you) find a flower shaped cookie cutter? and the purpose of its use is to help me make the mound? I really hope that next time you can take a picture of that process. I’m much more of a visual person and that part of the process is stumping me. I LOOOOOVE your blog.

  115. these have got to be the cutest things i’ve ever seen! my husband was in the room when i discovered your little cupcakes and he kept on laughing at me because i kept repeating “oh my gosh, these are so cute!” over and over again. i can’t wait to make them.

  116. red lotus mama – thanks!

    so who am I? Hope you get a chance to try.

    anonymous – Thank you, I’ll have to visit them.

    Jennifer – after you mix the cooked, cooled cake and frosting and it has chilled. You could probably take some of the mixture, flatten it on a cookie sheet aa little and use a car shaped metal cookie cutter. (almost an inch high) Then you’ll have to use your fingers to push it out of the cutter carefully. Without trying first, that’s what I think might work. Also, keep your shape should be on the smaller side and a simple side. Hope that helps some.

  117. I love these! I would like to make these in the shape of a car for my son’s birthday – I realize that the car is one-sided (if that makes sense), or do you think I could freeze some cake in a pan, then cut out with cookie cutter for better success? Any ideas for shaping into other shapes, 3d or otherwise? Thanks, Jennifer

  118. These will be so perfectly cute for my daughter’s Hello Kitty birthday party…. too bad its not ’til September!! Thanks for the great ideas. (I came from

  119. Just happened upon your blog and I love all of these great ideas! Can’t wait to try the cakesicles.

  120. so so so cute!!!!

  121. Thank you spo much for taking the time to explain it again– that helps alot!

  122. i love these little pops. they are so super cute.

  123. thanks hellooo gorgeous and mommysecrets!

    Anonymous … I’ll try. it is hard to visualize. I’ll have to do again with pics. But here goes.

    The shape: roll to form balls, about 1 inch, then take a ball, roll it so it’s a little oblong and start to fit into a small metal flower shaped cookie cutter. (mine had the shape of six petals and was about 1 inch tall)
    push mixture through gently and fill the shape of the cookie cutter. Not all will fit in, so the rest sticks out of one side and you can form it into a mound with your fingers or the palm of your hand.
    Then turn upside down. Sometimes, it will slide right out. If not, push it out very gently from the bottom using your fingers. Rotate and push using your finger so it comes out evenly. Then set it right side up and chill for a little while before dipping.

  124. I know – 75 people have already told you how great this are! But I also have to say it – they’re the cutest cupcakes ever!!

  125. I’ve read your instructions on how to mold the cupcake shape– I can’t follow what you mean. Can you explain it any differently! You are so creative, I enjoyed looking at all of your creations!

  126. these are adorable….ill have to try.

  127. Anonymous – Just roll into compact balls using your hands and chill in fridge for a while. When chilled, take a small flower cookie or round shaped cutter (almost an inch tall) and push part of ball through. Form a mound with the part that is still sticking out. Then just push the shaped ball back out from the bottom carefully. And touch up the shape using your hands. Return them to chill for a while before dipping in chocolate bark.

    I know they will last in the fridge or an airtight container for several days, but to be honest, I have never frozen them. The whole batch is always eaten.

    Jen – You’re welcome and I hope it turns out fabulous for you!

  128. Thank You Bakerella!! My son’s 2nd Birthday is coming up and I’m going to have to incorporate these into his cake. I’m thinking tiers of cupcake pops (pushed into styrofoam like you displayed) and then a mini cake on top for the Birthday Boy! Anyhow, thank you for the fabulous inspiration (and major kudos for always answering the comments…WOW, that must take some major time seeing how popular you are!) Best Wishes!

  129. This is great! I can’t wait to try it. Bakerella – how did you shape the cupcakes? Did you have a mold? Any tibits of info you can share with me before I try it this weekend? If I make these ahead of time (a wk before my son’s birthday party), can i freeze them ready-made for a week and defrost them before serving?

  130. clare anita – I’m glad you tried them. They’ll be easier next time.

  131. Hi,
    I am new to this blog and wanted to tell you how cute these are.
    I also wanted to say I tried them,freezing was very important.
    I also added a little something I pressed a fork tines into the bottom edges and it gave even more of a cupcake paper look.
    It really helped to get all the info(cookie cutter etc.)
    The only problem I had at all,was the heat of the second coating(frosting,on cupcake)Wilton candy melt disks seemed to make the first coating of chocolate run a bit on the pink topping.
    I think practice will help.
    I will try to send some pics.
    THANKS!!! for such a fun idea Bakerella!!!! =^-^=

  132. Thank you Dorothy.

  133. These are the cutest! So glad I found your blog! Actually all of the posts I have seen so far are super clever!

  134. ana, cindy, we are not martha (cute), elizabeth, and florence – thanks so much!

    I’ll definitely have to visit How About Orange.

  135. I’ve just seen these on How About Orange – they are gorgeous!

  136. these are the fridt thing I saw this morning (via How About Orange.) I cannot think of a better way to start my day. these are phenomenal.

  137. Best idea ever!!!!

    I’m so excited…thank you so much :) :)

  138. These have got to be THE MOST ADORABLE piece of edible food I have EVER SEEN~!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!

  139. These are “The Cutest”! I love it!!

  140. cookie4 – Thank you. I do like taking pics almost as much as creating the subjects.

    amy stem, cyndi & lee, melissa & sharp lily – Thank you!

  141. Genius!!! They look so delish!

  142. These would make great wedding favors! I love them!!! You are just so creative!

  143. So, so cute! I LOVE THEM!!! Now you have me tempted to try something like this for Valentine’s Day.

  144. Found you through hostessblog and all I can say is CUTE. I’m more into decorating than baking but may have to try these for a The Sweetest Thing shower I’m throwing soon.

    Love your site!

  145. Thank you for the details on constructing these little goodies. I noticed from your picture you dip the entire item in dark chocolate first, then after it hardens dipping into the pink melts – great idea!

    On a separate note, I love your photography on all your baked items – is photography your 2nd passion next to baking. You do wonderful work on that as well.

  146. The shaping is pretty simple. Roll into compact balls using your hands and chill in fridge for a while. When chilled, take a small flower cookie or round shaped cutter (almost an inch tall)and push part of ball through. Form a mound with the part that is still sticking out. Then just push the shaped ball back out from the bottom carefully. And touch up the shape using your hands. Return them to chill for a while before dipping in chocolate bark. And if your making lollipops, you can go ahead and insert sticks, too. Hope that helps a little.

  147. Hi Bakerella – I came across a thread on Cake Central which lead me to your site. All I can say is “incredible”!!!! These little cupcakes are so attractive. I stayed up last night making my grocery list to purchase everything I needed to make them today but I need a little more instruction on the shaping. Is there anyway you can describe the process in detail or even post a few pics? I really want to make these for Valentines and send them to work with daughter. Even thought I’d place the sticks into a read heart shaped vase I found at Michaels. Thanks for youre reply?

  148. kristyn311 – I’m glad they were tasty

    Karen – hope you do.

    flyingdutchman – they’ll be a hit!

  149. these look delicious and fun. i’m making them for a party on saturday night.

  150. Amazing! I have to try these!


    I really tried making them but I came no where near cute little cupcakes haha. They were very tasty though, next time they will look much cuter!

  152. maybe strawberry – thanks, I love CTTC.

    farmerjulie – thank you.

    nicole green – cool and happy birthday!

    oksana – thanks a bunch.

    February 5, 2008 1:46 PM

  153. oimgosh you are my hero! my two favorite things combined into ONE!!! thanks for being a cupcake goddess and brining all this goodness to others.

  154. these are too cute for words. i’ve been on a hunt looking for cute cupcakes to make for my birthday tomorrow and these are just perfect. :) i’m going to try making some tonight!

  155. these are so darling! How creative you are!!
    Love your blog!!

  156. these are so adorable!!!! you are so creative! i found your site on cupcakes take the cake. i’m so glad they linked to your site so i could see the rest of your creations. everything on your site is so great!

  157. Thank you marianna!

    anonymous – try the red velvet sometime, those are yummy, too!

  158. I was so inspired by these little beauties that I had to make them right away. I used chocolate cake mix and chocolate ready-to-spread frosting and they ROCKED. Decadent little bundles of love.

  159. Oh my goodness!!! FABULOUS! I must try this once- you are very creative!

  160. Stef – thank you

    Cindy. Lo. – thanks, that made them all the more fun to eat.

    Peabody – thank you

    Dayna – that’s a cute description.

  161. Wouldn’t these adorable things put one over the top of the PTA crowd?
    Petit perfection.

  162. Those are pretty much the cutiest thing ever.

  163. They’re….they’re so cute!
    I don’t wanna put them into my mouth,
    They’re too cute to be eaten!

  164. These are beyond adorable! I love them!!

  165. Tartelette – thank you.

    cakebrain – thanks, too!

    Jules – you should just give it a try. Worst case, you can still eat it.

    renman – thanks, I’ll check it out.

    Nanette – that’s great. You’ll be the hit of the party.

    jkeeler – you visualized correct. I used a mini metal flower cutter. It was part of an assortment in a tin that I found at Williams-Sonoma.

    jesse – thanks, it definitely makes them cuter.

    pjmesser – your very welcome.

    Morgan – thanks!

  166. Get out of town! Are you for real??? These look AMAZING!!


  167. I can’t get enough of your blog!! I love it- love it. Thank you for sharing so many wonderful ideas.

  168. these are so great! i love the idea of using a lollipop stick!

  169. You are indeed a very talented lady–wow!!! You mentioned you molded by hand and used a cookie cutter to form the bottoms—I’m still trying to visualize. did you roll them into a round and then pushed cookie cutter up half-way?? What kind of cookie cutter. Sorry for being a pest but I’d like to try to do these–I just can’t figure out the shape you start with.

  170. I’m making the original Red Velvet Bites right now for a baby shower I’m attending tomorrow. I’m sure they’ll be a HIT! Thanks for the inspiration!

  171. GREAT idea — obviously just one of many you’ve had.

    BTW – you’re gaining a very positive reputation on

    stop over there sometime and share even more “cake” love!

  172. These are absolutely fantastic! I wish I had the talent to create these.

  173. Those are amazing! So cute!

  174. Your creativity will never cease to amaze me…this is too cute for words!

  175. That’s exciting. I found these jimmies at Kroger in the ice cream condiment section. They’re thinner and more pastel than some of the others i’ve come across.

  176. One question:
    where do YOU buy your rainbow jimmies?

  177. Bakery is coming along. Crossing my fingers to open NEXT WEEK!!!!

  178. This picture made me smile. What a brilliant idea.

  179. Cyndi – thank you

    Kristina – thanks -I’m trying to keep it fun.

    csquad – thanks again for letting me know. A lot of people wouldn’t take the time.

    sharyl – thanks so much!

    morgana – thanks, a co-worker said they looked like little smurf houses

    linda – thank you

    Jessica – yeah, these took a little while working with all the elements. I’m glad you like:)

    bittersweetblog – Yeah, cupcake on a stick is much cuter.

    Sarah – thanks

    VeggieGirl – thank you

    danirose87 – I’m glad you like them.

    Retro Bakery – thanks. How’s the bakery coming?

    Bethany – thanks

    Brilynn – they were definitely more work. But fun.

    Hilary – thanks

    jai – I used chocolate bark and candy coating (or candy melts) for these. You can find chocolate and white bark at the grocery store and chocolate and some colors of candy melts at craft stores. It’s basically chocolate for dipping or forming in molds. I melt them in the microwave and then dip the items in. I would have posted a photo process, but it was all I could do to focus on making them.

    Rachelle – I molded them by hand and used a cookie cutter to form the bottoms

    Erin C – thank you.

    Maryann – thanks – don’t wait for an excuse. go for it.

  180. These are ridiculously cute. I can’t wait for an excuse to make them.

  181. These are adorable and unique. I love them :)

  182. Those are the most gorgeous little desserts ever. So creative!!

  183. These are the cutest little things I’ve seen! Did you use a shaped pan for them? Love your pics and blog!

  184. this is beautiful! I’m not a baker but i would love to try making these for my little cousins , my question is , WHTA are candy melts? and do you melt them the same way as you would chocolate (for ganache).i wish a method was posted for this , im in love with these little beauties.

  185. So cute!!

  186. I was impressed with the cake balls, but these are outstanding! Wow!

  187. ADORABLE!!!

  188. INCREDIBLE. Those look amazing. Great job!!

  189. I am blown away by the beauty of these “pops”. They are so cute and you are sooo inspiring.

  190. cupcake lollipops?? how fun!! they’re so precious!! :0D

  191. Those are so cute…they totally look like little cupcakes on a stick! I am always envious of others creativity!

  192. How creative, these are just wonderful! I wasn’t so crazy about the cake-on-a-stick idea before, but now I want to make these!

  193. I’m usually hesitant to approve anything described as “adorable,” but how could I say no to these? Very enticing; I can tell you put a lot of care into their creation!

  194. They are too cute!

  195. So cute…. I must try! They looks like doll cakes for tea time in a doll’s house. Lovely idea.

  196. my oh my! these are yet another awesome idea. you are so creative! i wanna make everything you have on your blog. too bad my creative juices only flow on very limited amounts.

    keep up the good work! your’s is one of my favorite blogs thus far!

  197. Hi again! i’m glad the austin cupcake business did the right thing and there was a happy ending :)
    i wanted to comment again on how i really enjoy seeing you take a concept and play with it. it’s nice to see these cake pops evolve, and i can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  198. Way too creative! I’ve been loving your blog. Lots of cute things/ideas to look at!

  199. Those are absolutely ADORABLE!!! I love your creativity!

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