Cute for a Cure!

I’ve made a lot of Cupcake Pops. Bunches. But these are the first ones that could make a difference.


I started out making some with brown bottoms.


Then I threw in some white ones.


And lastly, a little purple.

Cupcake Pops

Then, I sprinkled them with a little bit of red and a lot of love.

Cupcake Pops

Voila… An army of cuteness. They’re getting ready for battle.

Cupcake Pops

Here they are getting dressed for the occasion.

Fight Cancer

And, it’s an important one.

Cupcake Pops to Fight Cancer

Each year, American Cancer Society Relay for Life events take place in communities all over the country. It allows people to participate in the fight against cancer and brings communities together to do so. Basically teams are formed and raise money in fun ways to fight cancer. Then, on the day of the Relay, you and your team take turns walking around a designated track for 24 hours. (I’ve done it. It’s fun.) People raise money for their team in lots of ways. Car washes, raffles, yard sales, and of course bake sales. Ding. ding. ding… that’s where these little guys come in to play.

Bake Sale

Now, I know I’m not changing the world here with a few dozen Cupcake Pops, but every little bit helps, right!

And, who knows. Maybe they’ll make you want to click on this link, join a Relay for Life Team in your area and join the fight.

Cupcake Pops to fight cancer

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245 comments on “Cute for a Cure!”

  1. hi there, I stumbled across your website and I would love to attempt to make these cake pops, but what tin did you use as a mould ive never seen any over here in the UK.



  2. I love the work of the American Cancer Society. Super cute fundraising idea!

  3. Am I missing something? how do you make the bottoms to these?

  4. So cute!

  5. I'm on a new RFL team and we're just getting together our pre-xmas fundraiser ideas–I LOVE THIS!!! What a brilliant idea, and so cute! I'm going to add this to our list of possible catalogue items, and will be sure to credit back to your blog! Bake on!

  6. did you know that sugar FEEDS cancer cells?

  7. I made these finally after a long time reading your blog. My only difficulty was not being able to get the chocolate soft enough. Its something I will work on, but maybe with the pops instead of the cupcakes. The cupcakes took me a long time to make. Although they were a hit!

  8. I DON'T cook or bake but I LOVE your site. It makes me WANT to cook and bake.
    I actually own "Cooking for Dummies". I only WISH I could make such yummy looking treats!

  9. omg. this just made me tear up!
    I work for the American Cancer Society and have been trying to figure out more bake sale fundraisers for our relay for life in August! I'm sooo Making these. I also have a friend thats making relay Cupcakes.. maybe I'll have to send along a picture.

  10. What a GREAT looking! It looks so beautiful! so cute! They are adorable.

  11. i love your blog! i made my first cake pops a few weeks ago and everyone loved them! i am making them next week for a baby shower. i would love to see a post about creative ways to display cake pops for parties and about what size baggies you use to cover them. i have to transport them 4 hours to the shower. thanks and keep baking!!

  12. Kat – when I dip the tops, the chocolate is cooled off some. If it’s too hot, it will drip too much and melt like you said. Try letting it sit for a couple of min before you go straight to dipping. And 50¢ is way too low.

    ChallahMama – I just printed the words out on the computer and then used punches for the shapes.

    lebaneseblonde – here you go

  13. I tried to find darker purple melts ~ but I can only find the lighter “pastely” ones. I’ve looked at AC Moore and Michaels. Any suggestions???

  14. Bakerella,

    First I would like to say thank you for such a beautiful and informative site. Also, I would like to know where you printed the race for a cure logos with the holes punched in them?

  15. Lots of people have been asking about pricing for fundraisers – thought I'd share what I'm doing. I'm using the bigger cutter (the Wilton cutter, the biggest listed on Bakerella's instructions) so the pops come out larger. They're about 3 bites big! Anyhow, I'm charging $2 each or 3 for $5 and people are buying with NO hesitation. After the cost of supples I'm making (on average) about $1 per pop.. most people are doing the 3 for $5 thing, which averages out to $1.67 per pop. We've sold 270 pops so far and I make more almost nightly. This has been a GREAT fundraiser for our cooking themed Relay For Life team.

    ? ? ?

    Bakerella – THANK YOU for sharing your idea with the world.

  16. Thank you so much for your wonderful ideas and tips. I was trying to make the cupcake pops for a fundraiser but they didn’t seem to turn out right. I used the candy mold instead to coat the bottom, however, I couldn’t figure out how to coat the cupcake top evenly because when I dipped them in the candy melts, it started to melt the chocolate bottoms and would leave lots of thinned out chocolate parts on top. How do you coat your chocolate so evenly without having it melt quickly in the warm chocolate?

    I also had trouble keeping my candy melts from hardening too quickly before I could get my sprinkles on it to decorate. Any tips on how to decorate more efficiently?

    How much did you charge per cupcake pop? I’ve been afraid to over/under price them, but I’m in San Francisco, do you think 50 cents each is too much/little for them? How many were you able to sell during your fundraiser?

    Thanks again Bakerella and sorry for all my questions.

  17. Oh my, you're absolutely the best 'sweetie' I've met on the www!!! I'm a huge fan of all your creations. As a walker for A Sister's Hope (in the Netherlands a little sis of Pink Ribbon) I sell pops and cc of fairs for this good cause. At a Ladies Night in the cinema I sold white marshmellows covered with pink icing and a brown mini M&M on top. Well sold??? Everyone thought it were breastpops …. I was glad one of the cinema people bought them all together as a treat for her birthday ;) Next time I'll try the colorful pops you showed in this post – thanks!

    And about your 10 may post: I knew everything is much bigger in the US then it is in our small Dutch country. But this shop is really overwhelming!!! Incredible!

    Thank for your huge amount of inspiration and keep up the sweet work!


  18. My friend Melinda made these for her local race for the cure bake sale and she linked to you! These look SO beautiful! Thank you for doing something so wonderful that makes a difference in the world. I appreciate each person that does something! So sweet! Hope your week is wonderful!

  19. I love this idea, how did you make the cupckaes? Is it a mold that I could purchase somewhere I have looked at Michaels and couldnt find anything.

  20. I just made these yesterday for our church fundraiser & they made us $110!!! They went like hot cakes & everyone loved them! Thanks for such a cute idea!

  21. Yes, you can freeze them.

    Make sure every inch is covered with chocolate and they shouldn’t do that.

  22. LOVE that you support Relay!!

    I’ve made 100 of the Relay pops to sell as a fundraiser and they’re selling like hotcakes! Appropriately enough, my team’s name is “Cookin’ For A Cure!”

    Question for Bakerella – can you make the cake balls (and shape them) ahead of time and freeze – or does the icing cause a problem? And if so, how long will they keep in the freezer?

    One more question too – my second batch of pops has a little bit of oily goo that oozed from in between the chocolate layers. Maybe oil separating from the frosting?? Have you ever experienced that?

    Thanks so much for sharing your gift and for the inspiration. :)

    ~ Melissa

  23. I finally found that little cookie cutter for my daughter….she lives in the middle of nowhere witb no place to find it. I got it at Hobby Lobby in a miniature cookie set along with a Noah’s ark, heart, tulip and a few other things. Thank goodness now she can make these pops!!!

  24. rose and ginny – I made the tags, but I didn’t save the file. You can print some up if you have a color printer and cut them in squares or use a square hole punch.

  25. Beautiful! What a fantastic idea! I’m going to be making these for the Alzheimer’s Memory Walk. Their color is also purple and I know these will be a hit!! I have no idea what to charge. Any thoughts?

  26. Adorable!!…and every little bit helps…or in this case…every little bite helps ;-D
    …and you can tell it comes from your heart!!

  27. I’m going to attempt these for our Relay coming up in the beginning of June. Would you please share a printable of your tags? I can’t wait to try them. Thank you!

  28. I LOVE these!

  29. I am a 36 year cancer survivor, I am also very involved in relay and have been for 10 years. Could you tell me where you got those tags for the “Cute for a Cure” cakes.

  30. You are the best!!

    Kiss from Spain.

  31. Thank you so much for this idea, my daughters school is doing a mini relay for life & they are having a bake sale tomorrow to raise money. We made these together and i think they will be a hit! here's a pictue of the finished product

  32. i have yet to post a comment and love your blog…I just am so excited to see these fabulously fun pops! last year my 6 year old daughter and I sold homemade suckers through the night while people walked….This year I am on the Food Committee for our Relay! I am the treat taker for every meeting! and we have one next monday! I am so MAKING these! Thanks for the idea! Your blog is awesome…and I am so jealous that you meet Paula and her BOYS! I love her stuff! I have made a carrot cake from her cookbook (i got out of a magazine!) YUM! Thanks for your BLOG!

  33. I usually use white styrofoam, but this was some shelf pieces I drilled together and drilled holes into. The labels were done with two different hole punches. I’ll do a post on the how to one day soon.

  34. I think your pops are the cutest.

    Where can I get a white stand to display the pops, all lined up neatly in a row?

    I’ve displayed by sticking in a container of sugar and thought of experimenting with decoratively wrapped floral foam (might stain the stick) or regular foam (will it hold?)

    Also how did you make your little labels? hole punch on cardstock?

    You are a great inspiration!

  35. Sarie Lou Who – baby heads :)

    martha- this one

    Amy@UWM – thanks

  36. wow these are great. so cute. and for a great cause. great job

  37. Bakerella – I love your blog. Last year I was sick with pneumonia and I watched Martha – during cupcake week. I’ve been completely addicted ever since. I’ve made lots of cupcake pops but finally they start to look like yours because I found a slightly rippled cookie cutter. For me, what works best – is my recipe for ‘lead’ cake (homemade scratch cake). I’ve also made them into petit fours and into cupcake bites. Although they are a lot of work, I sure do enjoy making them – and am pleased to give them away.


  39. I work for the National Office of the American Cancer Society and several of my colleagues are huge fans. We love, love, LOVED these Relay pops!!!

    We wondered if you’ve seen our newest campaign at The campaign for more birthdays is another fun way to get involved in the cause. Thanks for helping to create a world with more birthdays through Relay For Life!

  40. I LOVE your cake pops. They look amazing and I hope you raise tons of money with it.

  41. I’d like to make the cupcake pops. The pictures on how to make them are great What recipe do you use to make them keep their shape?

    Emily in UT

  42. Any suggestions for cake pops for a Baby Shower?

  43. How much do they sell for?

  44. anne – if it becomes a problem, try re-dipping them. I’m working on the cause in the meantime.

    Berrylish probably

    Rena – thanks … I have that kit!

    Anonymous – small size – something like 2 X 3

    Sonia – I get my clear bags at craft stores. But try amazon.

    Bru – several days at room temperature

    Millie – cake mix and canned frosting most of the time.

    Brenda – here you go

    Anonymous – I guess I need to do a post on that.

  45. This is fantastic! I was wondering how did you make the little signs to stick through the lollipop sticks? I’m planning on making these cupcake pops for our Relay for Life fundraiser — thanks! :)

  46. I LOVE these pops!!! I am a captain of a Relay team and I would love to make these!! How exactly do you make these? Please email me at

  47. Thank you so much for your selfless generosity in sharing your creativity. I lost my father 2 years ago to brain cancer and in his memory I will be making these for our team’s booth at this years event. I’m doing my best to duplicate your wonderful creations and in doing so I made the tags in Microsoft Powerpoint and would like to offer up the file for anyone that would like to have it. I’m not sure how to get the file to you….that’s my only problem. Please contact me if you would like to have it for distribution.

    Thanks again for all you do to inspire everyone!!!!

  48. Bakerella,
    I am new to your website but enjoy the eye candy as much as making my own goodies. I apologize if this all-ready known information but I did not see it anywhere on the site….the cupcake pops…are you using a regular cupcake recipe?

  49. I love the Relay for Life Pops, and am going to make them for our walk this year.

  50. Hey Bakerella! I love all you’re creative baking. I’ve made the oreo truffles and they are my grandmother’s favorite! I have to make them for her every other week. I have a request- have you ever done anything with a Hawaiian theme? I’m looking for ideas for my daughter’s birthday party in a few months. thanks for inspiring me to bake!

  51. You do it again!!! I seriously need to try these cake pops again. And now you have sooo many good ideas :) And for a good cause too!


  52. Those are wonderful! You’re so creative.

  53. Great job! I love them, what a trooper you are!

  54. Awesome!
    I ran into this blog and now I’m in love!
    You are very talented and most of all you are a great person for sharing all your tips, tricks and recipes with everybody! Congrats!!

    Can I ask you something? if I make them in advance, should I store it in the refrigerator or at room temperature? and for how long they last?
    I want to make them for my son’s first birthday.

    Thank you and u just got yourself another fan!

  55. hey bakerella! i found this website that sells VERY CUTE cupcake charms.
    I thought you might like it :D

  56. You’re a saint! Bless you, Bakerella!

  57. Great idea! Kudos to you for putting cuteness toward a cause. I chaired a Relay last year and have been a committee member for 5 years, and it’s SUCH an awesome event. Cancer is something that touches far too many of our lives, and it’s great to come together for the cause.

  58. Wonderful wonderful wonderful! So much love and support in each pop! Congrats:)

  59. hi! i`m from Argentina, i `ve discovered your blog sometime ago and i love it!

    Last week i made my first cupcakes!! I was really excited!!

    I visit your blog every week, is Amazing!!!!

  60. that is a truly wonderful cause!! and the cupcake pops are adorable!! :)

  61. Ok that should have said Best of Luck NOT lick…. fab typo though.


  62. These are ACE & having 2 family members fighting Cancer just now (a few others sadly didn't make it) I applaud your fundraiser idea.

    We have many events here in the UK to highlight Cancer care, I have done Race for Life. I'd love to make these for our events so where might I get the clear bags from? Can you provide a link please.

    Hope you have a great fundraiser Best of lick.


  63. what size little bags do you use-there are so many “treat” bags at the stores. Thanks!

  64. What a wonderful cause and as always they look great.

  65. Wow! I am totally speechless. The cuteness of it all.

  66. I saw all of your different cake balls and was wondering if you could make some hippo ones and take pictures of them. I will also be using the idea for some cows for my friend who loves cows. Thanks so much!
    Just let me know on my blog if you can.

  67. well done! a great idea for a great cause!!!

  68. Hey Bakerella! I've been a long time lurker on your website. Let me just say, you are just SO INCREDIBLY CREATIVE and I always love to aimlessly browse through your adorable cupcake pop pictures.

    Having said that, I don't know if you've heard about this website called, but in their Mother's Day section, they've got a whole bunch of baking goods, including this cupcake making kit with some really cute cupcake liners – immediately I thought of you! Anyway I thought you just might find something interesting on that website :)

  69. I am a SURVIVOR!!!!!! And I am looking forward to a Relay for LIfe her in just over a month, you can bet that I will be making these as part of my fundraising!

    I alos plan on making pink and white ones in October for Breast Cancer Awareness month, since this is the type that I have. I will make royal frosting pink ribbons to put in the place of the M&M. I can hardly wait!

    Also, I am so addicted to making these cute little things! I have made over 200 of them in just a week! I started with 30 for my God-daughters birthday last Friday night, then came home and made 45 more for another party….then I saw your post for the RFL and wanted to make them for one today, but it was cancelled due to rain, but I already had them made, just needed to "frost" them…so I made 120 more in multi colors…, green and blue! Call me CRAZY

  70. Your cake pops are adorable! I have some seaweed face punchers that I would like to use on some cake pops. Here’s what they look like after being punched out:
    I was wondering if you know of any edible sheets I could use them on besides seaweed and soy paper? Possibly something dessert-ish? It’s probably easier to just use edible ink pens, huh?

  71. Thank you so much for posting this adorable idea for Relay for Life. I am a committee member in CA and I relay for family that I have lost and for my 31 year old best friend who is fighting the disease! God Bless you for spreading the word about Relay!!!

  72. That is awesome!

    I am one of those that make cake pops for Easter and I just have 1 problem. My chocolate cracked…on every single one of them. I don’t know if it was because I pulled them out of the freezer right before we dipped them in the chocolate so maybe it was because of the coldness. So then I left some out in the room before I dipped them and they still cracked. Please help. :) I love the cake pops, they are super cute…but not so cute with big cracks in them. :(

  73. Thanks so much for making these! I’m on a Relay for Life Committee, and I’m always impressed with the great ideas people come up with!

  74. Thanks so much for making these! I am on a Relay for Life committee for the first time, and love seeing the great ideas people have! You are truly talented!!!!

  75. I would just like you to know your blog makes my heart sing.

  76. oh Bakerella,
    I have tears in my eyes I’m so excited to see Relay getting the exposure it deserves. I’m a co-chair for my city’s event and I’ve been discouraged the last couple of days I’m also an amateur baker and coming to your site gave me renewed confidence in our event.
    Thanks so much!!

  77. Your cake pops are always amazing but these are extra special since its baking for a good cause.

    Please please PLEASE make graduation cap cupcake pops for May/June.

  78. Love your blog, love your heart, and love that you are highlighting the ACS Relay for Life. One of the most worthy charities in the world that touches so many lives.

    Thank you so much!

  79. I didn’t realize how meaningful this post would be. Or that it would make me cry to read your comments. Or how many people reading are also involved in Relay for Life. So uplifting. And your stories… thank you for sharing them. And, as much as I hate to read about lost loved ones, it warms my heart to read how many good, generous people there are. Thank you.

    Kristin – My pleasure!

    Karen – Ha! I saw the homepage. That was great. thank you.

    Kate@ Kids and Cocktails – a long time.

    Anonymous – I didn’t realize. Yay South Africa!

    Anonymous – purple candy melts

    Chad W – yep. little ole me.

    Anonymous – Yay – relay-ers in Canada, too!

    emily – I’m so sorry, Emily.

    Jen S. – i did the tags. Guess I should do a post on how.

    Becky – that makes me tired.

    Glynis – here ya go

    Taya – Wow. I’m touched. Thank you.


    Brandon and Erica – that’s wonderful.

    Lori – I don’t know what to say. Except I am sorry.
    I don’t know what I would do.

    I guess exactly what you are doing.

    Lacey – you are completely welcome.

    Spruce Hill – fantastic … about surviving … not making the pops!

    Amy – I made my own

    Yvonne – I’ll do a post on it.

    Anonymous – swirling it upside down

    Lesa – it’s for a charity, so charge high and remind them it’s not about the sweets, it’s about helping.

    Isabel – I am with you. I wish I could do triple what I do now, but it’s difficult to fit all that in with a full-time job and limited baking time. So I post about what I am doing at the moment or what holiday is coming up. It’s not about the recipe. It’s about the decorating ideas with the pops.
    But, there will be other baking and yes, more cake pops sprinkled in between.

    Anonymous – you can make them several days in advance.

    Becky – i have tears.

  80. Thanks for helping out in such a yummy,cute, adorable way.

    My dear husband of 15 years passed away at age 35 from colon cancer. Last year was his first and only year to participate in Relay, he was so proud. I KNOW your pops will be a huge hit!

  81. As soon as I saw your colors I just knew they were for Relay! I am a co-captain for my office RFL team and am also the online chair for our county event! Great job on the cake pops and I am so going to try them!

  82. Great idea! This is our second year to relay for our five year old daughter who was diagnosed with stage IV Wilms Tumor in October of 2007. We may just have to try this!!

  83. Our Relay for Life is tomorrow! I am not going this year as I have prior commitment but I did it two years ago and it was one my most fun experiences. We stayed the entire time from 6 pm to 8 am, without sleep! It was the most tired I have ever been but totally for a good cause. I did it for my school and we had bake sales, snack sales at games, and pay to wear a hat day!

    I am glad you are helping someone donate with your wonderfully cute cake pops!

  84. So cute! And a great way to support a cause. I will think of this when we do our school fundraising.

  85. What a GREAT idea! We may have to do something of this nature for our Relay on April 24.
    Thanks for the idea!

  86. This year will be my fourth relay and this is such a cute idea. Would you be interested in baking some for ours? Instead of red, pink would be more with the colors, I think!

  87. Thank you so much for all you do. You’re not just thinking about you, you’re thinking about how you can use your creative gift to benefit others. You have inspired me to do RFL and to do these for fundraisers. Thanks for sharing your ideas. You don’t know how much of a difference you have probably made. Have a wonderful day.

  88. LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE! I just wanted to let you know about my blog giveaway to benefit the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. This giveaway is for Paula Deen’s 10 piece cookware set. Check out my blog for more details about entry. Thanks for looking. Tiff

  89. What a great idea!! If I had more time, I’d try to make some to sell at our Relay… But it’s tomorrow night!! Maybe next year… :)

  90. Great idea for a worthy cause!

  91. Your work is simply amazing! Not to mention inspiring… I have a fund raiser bake sale coming up and am wondering how long in advance they can be made and stored?? Thanks so much again!
    **You always make me smile ;)**

  92. Taking on the world, one cake pop at a time, I’m so there…

  93. I love that you’re doing this for a good cause, and your cake pops are darling.

    But that said, in your future posts, would you do a dessert other than cake pops? I used to read your blog constantly, but my readership has tapered off lately. It feels like every time I return, you’ve posted some new iteration of the same recipe. I’d appreciate a little variety.


  94. Your pops look great! What a wonderful cause!

  95. I made bunny cake balls for Easter and they were so cute–thank you for your recipes, instructions, and photos! I used white unshelled pumpkin seeds for ears and they worked great. I’m ready to make more!
    Is there any chance, Bakerella, that you might make some bumble bee, ladybug, duckling, baby bird (besides the cute chicks), or other late spring cake pops? I’d love to make some! Thanks so much!

  96. I have to say, I am addicted to your blog. I just absolutely love it!! Now, I have Celiac disease and can’t eat a single thing you make, LOL, but it matters not because seeing the pictures of all the beautiful things you make just makes me smile (and no calories!!)

    I too do the Relay for Life (in Canada) and those pops are just amazing.

    You rock, Bakerella!!!

  97. I just love these. I need to try to make them. They are a good idea. Great cause as well.

  98. Thank you for doing this. My son has been off treatment for almost 3 months now. He was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma at age 8. The American Cancer Society provided gas money while we commuted back and forth to the hospital/clinic each week. Such kindness makes my heart swell.

  99. YAY!! Love these – I’m relaying this weekend in fact! My Uncle died from Lung Cancer – it will be 2 years ago on April 21. He is deeply missed. Unfortunately the list goes on of who I relay for. Thank YOU for making a difference! (Oh, and add me to the list of cake pop makers for Easter – here are mine – though NO WHERE are cute as yours… (scroll down, they’re at the bottom of the post) :

  100. I am wanting to make some dalmation & yorkie cake pops. Any ideas? Thanks!

  101. This is a wonderful idea. How much are the cake pops? I would love to do this for my Train To End Stroke fundraiser. We are training for a half-marathon and each member raises money for the association.

  102. Your creativity continues to astound me! It’s so awesome that you are able to use it for a good cause.

  103. how do you get the chocolate to go on each crack of the cupcake? mine just becomes one big blob. round on the bottom and round on top. PLEASE TELL ME!!!

  104. How did you make the Relay for Life tags for the sticks? I have a Relay for Life event in May and would love to do these.

  105. So nice looking, and what a great project. I am baking for a bakesale and that might be just what I need to try one of your pops, finally!

  106. I’m doing the Relay this weekend and I’m going to make a batch of these to take with me. Better yet…I’ll make some to take to school and get donations for them! Thank you for your inspiration!

  107. I LOVE THESE!!! I want to know where to get the little “fight cancer” logos’ I can make my own I guess as well…our church congregation is doing a charity carwash and a bake sale sounds awesome as well for a fellow member who is on her second round of battling cancer and was just told she had 3-6 months to live and perhaps a bit longer if this last round of chemo helps. What a great idea and what a precious cause to be a part of! YOU ROCK!

  108. Thank you! I am a member of a team, with my support group. All of us are young breast cancer survivors. I tried to make cake pops for our bake sale last week but I messed them all up and ended up making cake bites.They were yummy!I did a post about it.

  109. These are so cute! I am our Relay Event chair this year in my community – our Relay is about a week away. I am also on a team and we are doing a birthday theme in our booth. I will definitely be trying these and hopefully they work out so we can sell them next week! Thanks for supporting Relay!

  110. Thank you so much for featuring Relay For Life and raising money for a cure! I was diagnosed with cancer last year at 28 and started relaying…it is an awesome experience and a very worthy cause!

  111. this brought a lump to my throat. Thank you so much.

  112. What beautiful cupcake pops. I am excited to try them. The pictures and layout of your blog are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  113. A GREAT cause thats for sure. And like you said, every little bit helps :)

    I’ve got a great giveaway at my blog. Check it out!

  114. Oh you are so cute! That is a wonderful idea! No one will be able to resist :)

  115. aw that’s so sweet…
    my mom has cancer and she would really appreciate this!

    so cute!

  116. We are in the middle of raising money for our Relay for Life team right now. I love these pops! I am going to have to make these to sell at our Date Night and day of the event sales. What a great idea

  117. Tasty recipes and now Relay for Life support?! Bakerella, you are THE BEST! I lost my 2 year old daughter to cancer in 2007 and have done Relay ever since. I really feel like I’m making a difference and helping us get one step closer to a cure. Thanks for spreading the word!

  118. Can I buy relay for life cakepops from you? Double cost for shipping? They look wonderfully tasty and my baking time has shuffled off the mortal coil for the moment.

  119. these are adorable :)

  120. We have the number one fundraising, non-corporate team for our relay. I love those and may have to make them to sell at our booth!! Thanks for the idea!

  121. Oh my gosh! You are so awesome! My husband and I are the Event Chairs for the Provo/Orem UT Relay for Life this year. I am a cancer survivor of just over a year…and we are just getting involved with Relay for Life.

    You are so awesome to do this…it is better than any local advertising we could do because everyone loves Bakerella!

  122. I am and thanks for the support, even if it is with mini cupcakes.

  123. absolutely amazing! *applause*

  124. Ilove so much,the cause is an great
    idea for contribution, the inspiration for the women in the world and the universe.

    Salutes from Monclova,Coahuila.Mexico

  125. Very cute!!! Love the idea!

  126. This is perfect! I have a Relay for Life team. Normally we bake purple sugar cookies and sell them to raise money. This year – I’m making purple cupcake pops! THANK YOU!!! Our Team is Tracy’s Cakes and our race is May 15th from 7pm to 7am – Relay for Life SE Denton County. Thanks again for a wonderful blog and great ideas.

  127. Thanks for this idea! My boss is a 1yr cancer survivor and will be participating this weekend in our local RFL. We will be making some for her to take and sell there! YOU ARE AWESOME!

  128. I have only made your pops once and I think they were too big and too moist. So I must try again. these are really cute love the colors

  129. They are absolutely cute! How much do you sells these for (if you don’t mind me asking)?

  130. Those are so cute!

    What do you dip htem in? Is it a powdered sugar based glaze? Then, what do you use as frosting?

    I would love to make these as a favor for my son’s birthday party. You can email me at


  131. This post DID inspire me and I’m putting together a team in my community right now!

  132. Is this where I can ask “how to” questions?
    ~ Is there a special pan for making this shape, or do you just make them with your hands?
    ~ How do you keep them from sticking to a pan? (I recently tried to make Brownie pops with a silicone pan and they wouldn’t come out, even though I sprayed with Pam!)
    ~ Is there anything we need to do to make sure the sticks stay in the pop?

    I love these and want to surprise some Relay friends with a batch. Thanks so much for the beautiful idea and inspiration!!

  133. Very very cute! Inspired by your cake balls we are doing over 600 for my sister in law’s wedding!!! It’s going to take forever!!

  134. These are awesome! My 6 year old daughter is currently fighting cancer and we’re trying to raise funds for a bike ride my husband is doing in her name as well as Relay for Life. Did you make the tags yourself?


  135. These are gorgeous and so simple!

  136. My five year old daughter is a cancer survivor and it is people like you who bring hope to the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Sirri (my daughter) is going to be doing a lemonade stand this summer to help raise money for our Relay team and I think we just might have to sell the cake pops as well!!!!

  137. they are so wonderful and cute!

  138. As friend to a DEAR friend battling breast cancer, I thank you for ALL your efforts and those are especially DARLING!! Love them. :)

    If you would like to find out why you should never eat crow, drop on over to my place today. :)

  139. You have such a cute little army there! I hope they that help to win some battles and in the long run, the war!

  140. I did this at my high school this year,it’s not just for a great cause but its sooo much fun!I love the pops!

  141. A friend and I would love to make some pops for a friends baby shower. Would you mind throwing out a few ideas for what would work? I’m bad at the design part!

  142. I absolutely love your idea to do this for the Am. Cancer Society because my mom is fighting breast cancer right now – brings a tear to my eye knowing you put your talent to work!! I had so much fun making cake pops as well for Easter, but I am a little embarrassed to say mine are nothing compared to others and of course yours!! You are amazing and I have told so many people of your wonderful talent!! Check out my version on my cooking blog! Thank you so much for your “Heavenly” little treat that I have become addicted to – take care and have a great day!

  143. what a great idea and they look fantastic as always. It’s a great cause too.

  144. That is utterly awesome.}:P

  145. Those are adorable! And I think any bit of something is good for the fight against cancer. So many in my family have been affected. I was glad to support a team that is walking. Thanks for bringing it to the attention of more people.


  146. If more people like you go up and put their creative juices to work we could change to world. these are wonderful.

  147. Those cupcake pops are amazing!! And for such a great cause, good for you!!

  148. Precioso! como siempre

  149. Those came out fabulous, and they are even better because of the cause! You rock, bakerella! :)

  150. Love them!

    We will be doing a walk in May for Brain Cancer. What a great idea for our fundraiser.

  151. bakerella, i love your cake balls and cake pops! i made some with my daughter for easter and everyone devoured them! what do you place the cupcake pop sticks in to keep them upright? is it styrofoam? where do i buy some? thanks! keep your creativity flowing!

  152. My uncle passed away from pancreatic cancer yesterday. I will be joining a relay!

  153. You never cease to amaze me!
    As a Relayer myself, I can’t think of a more fun way to help the cause! My kiddo is my cause. He was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 7. He has since won the battle, PTL! But we still walk for him twice a year (2 different relays), every year. :)

  154. Love them and what a great cause! I am a Relay-er in Canada!

  155. So cute! What will you come up with next :)

  156. AWESOME!!!!!!! I am a mom of 2 boys, wife and also a cancer survivor and most of all our local Relay For Life chair for this year’s event Friday April 17 in East Texas! Wouldn’t we be honored to have some of YOUR pops there to sale…do they mail? I will have to tackle after relay for my next year’s event. Will have to find out where you got the “relay info” to put on them as they turned out way too cute! Together we can make a difference…it’s never too late to think relay! Thanks for making me smile. Terri from Texas

  157. My dad passed away December 24, 2008 from Throat Cancer. Cancer is very evil! I live Crosby, TX, outside of Houston, but I am going to the RFL in San Antonio to walk with my best friend for 20 years in rememberance of her mom (she died last year from Ovarian Cancer) and my dad. Thank you for doing your part in fighting cancer. Every little bit helps…just think of the progress we could make in cancer reshearch if EVERYONE would do a little.

  158. love the cake pops! I acutally made Relay For Life purple and white little cuppies (just with out the sticks) months ago for my Relay For Life committee, the Relay at the University of Oklahoma.

  159. Bakerella, those pops are SO cute! Did you make the “Fight Cancer” pop signs yourself, or did you get them somewhere?

  160. What a noble cause. My mom just had a blessedly brief battle with cancer herself.

  161. I’ve got to try to make some of those cake pops. They look like fun!

  162. how did you make the purple?

  163. Yay Bakerella!!!

  164. Nevermind Relay for Life only being in communities… it’s WORLDWIDE! I live in South Africa and follow your blog religiously. We participated in our city’s Relay for Life and I believe they were held all over sunny South Africa. What fun and what a great cause – one that’s close to my heart. Just so you know – you have outdone yourself with those Sheep pops, they’ll keep you coming baaaaa ck for more! : )

  165. Great idea and great cause! Good for you!!

  166. Those are so great looking! How long does it take for you to make them?

  167. I love your blog and all your ideas…. Which is why I was wondering. My daughter is turning one and I am trying to plan a Goldfish theme party. I though that your pops would be a great favor. But I am just not creative enough to figure out how to make them look like fish! Any help would be great!
    Ariella Saucier

  168. I am planning to make Pink cake pops for my annual participation in the Susan G. Komen Race for Cure. It’s my hope that someday I’ll be participating in the “Race Because We Found A Cure”.

  169. Such cute pops for a wonderful cause!!

  170. Thanks Bakerella! I have done Relay for life many years, but this year I am co-captain with my sister. She has brought me to your site and now I’m addicted. We have struggled a little bit this year with the economy and raising funds for Relay. I am so excited to get with my sister and make these cake pops to help raise a few more funds for the cause! Thanks for sharing!

  171. AWESOME! I have made Pink and White ones for Breast Cancer but never thought about a tag for the stick! That little thought gives me SOOOOOOOOOOOO many more ideas! Thanks again Bakerella! LOVE YA!

  172. I’m another longtime Relayer and lurker on your blog. This was SO COOL to see! THANKS for your support of the American Cancer Society!! (P.S. You might want to check out the homepage of a bit later today!)

  173. I am totally making thee for our Relay for Life event MAy 15-16 in The Heights Houston. Team Julie’s Army of Ants walks for my sister. THANKS for the idea.

  174. Oh, wow! You are such an inspiration! Thanks!

  175. I did Relay for Life a couple years ago and it was amazing. What a lovely contribution =)

  176. Fabulous! I am making similiar “cupcakes for the cure” for Ovarian Cancer later this month. It’s fun to be able to contribute this way, don’t you think??

  177. Oh my gosh! I took these to our Easter gathering with extras for everyone to take home. I was called by a family member yesterday about doing these as a fundraiser for relay for life and said yes. Where did you get the little paper tags? Did someone give them to you or did you make them somehow? I would love to know.

  178. I think these are brilliant! Especially what they stand for.

  179. As both a long time Relayer and a long time Bakerella blog lurker, you made my night!

    Celebrate, remember, fight back!

  180. those look soooo good
    darn my diet :P

  181. Wow!!!! Great and cute army. Hope they win the battle somehow. YES!!! And thank you for your contribution and for making us think about this battle.

    I wish cake pops were more well known here (Spain), but I think this will take some time.

    Hope you don't mind it I comment this here, but I wanted to share the last "crazy cake ball research" with you: Cake rolls!!! It is my first try but it turned out really fun.

    Hope you like it and, again, thank you. I couldn't make these without you. (k)

  182. These are great! It makes me wanna join the cause, except I live in Finland, so it would be a looong way to walk.. Anyway, I think your blog is absolutely fantastic! TOSI KIVA as we say in Finland ;) Thank god we have a store here in Helsinki that sells “american products” so that I can try and make these pops! Have a great spting! is my own blog, nothing compared to yours, and in finnish, but it’s a start ;)

  183. Gorgeous!!! you are talented for a great cause!

    U go gal!!!

  184. Very good idea! Cupcakes on stick for a cause. Keep it up Bakerella!

  185. They are adorable! :)

  186. You are more than just a creator and designer of cakes pops extraordinaire- You are a gift to all of us, reminding us that even the smallest of things can make a difference, in our hope to conquer this awful disease.

  187. Yay, what a nice way to support Relay for Life! :)

  188. Fantastic!!!

  189. Long time reader…first time commenter. :)

    I have to tell you that I actually work for the American Cancer Society at the National Cancer Information Center – we are the 24/7 call center of the American Cancer Society. I think you’ll be tickled to know that several of my co-workers follow your blog just like I do, and some of them have even been brave enough to try the cake pops. And one of the girls even made cake pops for a RFL fundraiser here at our center!!! And they were a HIT!!!

    Thanks so much for highlighting RFL on your blog. It’s supporters like you who make it possible for ACS to be available 24/7 to those touched by cancer.

    You ROCK!!

  190. These are great, Bakerella! Our Relay even is this weekend — and there’s a link on my blog about it! Thanks for recognizing such a great organization!

  191. I am a cancer survivor (5 years), so this is dear to my heart. Love the relay for life pops!!! Have a wonderful day. Love & blessings from NC!

  192. How wonderful :). I am so glad to hear that you are an advocate for this cause!

  193. Hi there darling.. I think this is so generous of you, I just heard a friend of mine who has been battling for a long time now has to have skeletal surgery… this post hit very close and I think you are doing something fantastic.

  194. Those are adorable, as usual. What a terrific cause, too.

  195. They’re great, good work!

  196. We do relay for life in honor of my mom. We were just trying to plan what to sell at our booth… maybe we can follow your lead. Thanks for the inspiration.

  197. I”m making pops for our church bake sale! I am sure the will be a hit if I make them correctly

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