Chocolate Cupcake Pops

Okay, so I guess you can tell I am in a dipping kind of mood lately. I had an idea for these candy covered cupcake pops and I had to see if I could pull them off. I can’t decide if these look like ice cream sundaes or not. But when I made them I did have cupcakes in mind. Either way, I’m excited about how cute they came out. They follow the same idea as the cake pops (chocolate cake and cream cheese frosting mixed together and covered with candy coating). However, these were a little more difficult to decorate… more steps. I only wish I had a third and fourth hand to take pics of the process when I made them.

Here they are on a stick…
Cupcake Lollipops

And off…
Cupcake Cake Bites

Red Velvet Cake Balls (basic recipe)
Cake Pops

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235 comments on “Chocolate Cupcake Pops”

  1. You are just AMAZING sometimes. You and Martha are my inspirations!

  2. Can u plz make a cook book of every thing u make

  3. i have been looking at your blog/website since it was 9 now i am 14

    these are so darn cute i remember when you first posted them i tried making cake pops 1 year ago but they were gross for some reason ;(( i want to try again

  4. So cuteee! I made them :) they had a lot of success !

    Please take a look on mine :)

  5. I love these! There so cute! I cant wait to make them for the Relay for Life Just like you did, these are so great! I love all of you’re creations, you have inspired me to reach goals of baking I was never able to make before! Thank you.


  7. HEYYY!! NICE POOPPPSS! ya know gotta have my poppss!!!!

  8. These are so cute and creative! I’ve been meaning to make a “pop” of some type..

  9. where did you get the precious little sprinkles that you used? they are so thin and delicate…I MUST have them!! You are SO TALENTED…thanks for sharing your talent with us!!

  10. bakerella please answer !!!!!!!!!!!

  11. hey ,i cant by colored candy wafers so can i melt white chocolate and color it with wilton colors :D

  12. So, do you think I could use a mini muffin tin to mold the cupcakes?

  13. Love them they taste soooo good yum and so simple too

  14. I just love them ……..I made some for a party and every one loved them oh and it was perfect for the girls on the diet so ya love them

  15. i love these i like/love the decoration on the top.

  16. Hye, I love your ideas..seems like a good door gift for a wedding.will try it soon enough. I have a question it ok to use normal cupcake batter?

  17. So, mine weren’t nearly as neat as yours… but they were still pretty cute! Bakerella, I’m a relatively new fan of yours, but you truly inspire me… keep those creative juices flowing!

  18. I made these for my daughter’s first birthday and they were a hit! Thanks for the inspiration. I did a few test runs before the party and my husband had a genius idea to help while dipping the bottoms and I thought I’d share. So I was having trouble with the milk chocolate dripping down the stick, so we filled a few bowls with rice and laid the pops upside down with the stick in the air while the chocolate hardened then transferred them to the Styrofoam to finish drying before dipping the tops. It worked wonderfully…just had to make sure to dust off any rice that was stuck to the cake pop :) Hope that helps someone!

  19. Hello! Your blog is awesome and inspiring. I am attempting the cupcake pops for my daughter’s 7th Birthday party. I have a few questions:
    ~Can I make (to the point of the cupcake shape) and freeze them 1 week prior and then decorate them day of?
    ~Any hints to dipping them? That is where some of my friends have gotten in trouble.

    THANK YOU!!!

  20. I love these! I used them in my inspiration board for a cupcake party. Come check it out – blog will be live on Friday 6.25

  21. My mom and I made these to sell for our Mini Relay for Life in March. They were a huge hit! One woman bought 5, and another bought one and paraded around the room saying, “Look at these mini cupcake-on-a-stick things, aren’t they so creative?” Thanks so much!

  22. These are so cute… I have been following your blog for awhile now, but I’m not a big “comment-er” But I just wanted to share my baby girl is turning one next month and I am making these for her party! I am so excited! I will be sure to send in pictures of how they came out! :)

  23. I had an idea as i was looking at these, i’m going to try and use the peanut butter cup mold to make the bottoms look like a paper cupcake cup. not sure how they’ll turn out after dipping? I’m excited to try it today! cake’s in the oven woohoo!!


    I love your book/work and follow you from the UK. I made some successful cupcake cake pops by making the vanilla sponge and the buttercream frosting. The UK has not really seen anything like that so was a huge hit with my friends.
    I decided to make chocolate cakepops for work for my birthday however since you can not buy frosting in the UK I made the chocolate frosting and mixed it with the chocolate cake I made and it was too moist. Do you know why? In your book you say to not use a whole tub of ready made frosting….does this apply to homemade frosting? xx

  25. This looks cute! & hard, how do you do it?

  26. the insides of mine came out mushy :( did I use to much icing do you think? They were not cake like inside at all…! This was my first time making them-

  27. wow they look so yummy i live in malaysia were can i find wafer chocolates anywhere can i use normal chocolates?

  28. hola soy de puerto rico y me encanta esto es todo muy interesante pero quiesiera saber si este libro tambien esta en español

  29. I dunno if anyone has asked this, but what’s the appx shelf life of these? How long until they go stale?


  30. I must say I bumped into your site and I couldn´t stop reading it! until 130am!! Im a huge fan and thanks so much for all the recipes :) xoxo from Mexico

  31. these are SO cute!! thank you so much for this great idea! i go to a tech school for baking and made them for the bakery, they sold out in 2days! we took the profits from these little cupcakes and donated it to research for cancer. thank you so much again!!

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