Cheesecake Pops!

Cheesecake Pops

Okay, be honest. How many of you saw this coming? After last week’s cheesecake success, It was finally the perfect opportunity to give these little treats a try. The first time I remember seeing them was April, a year ago. I remember because I had not been home long after showing Martha how to make Cupcake Pops. I was looking at some of my favorite blogs and everywhere I looked, I started seeing chocolate covered balls on sticks. I mean everywhere. I was like, holy cow, Martha really has some heavy mojo. Then, I laughed at myself when I realized, Martha and I had nothing to do with it. The pops I was seeing were part of a Daring Bakers Challenge where tons of bloggers tackle a new dessert each month and that month they had coincidentally picked cheesecake pops inspired by the book Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey. Well, I finally saw this book a couple of weeks ago in the bookstore, and I had to immediately have it. Let me just tell you, it is a feast for your sugar-loving eyes. When I flipped through it again last weekend, I was reminded of all those beautiful cheesecake pops and it seemed only natural for me to finally give them a go.

And, it didn’t hurt any that I had half a plain jane cheesecake sitting in the refrigerator waiting to be experimented on.


I used a small ice cream scoop and scooped up as many balls as I could, trying not to scrape the graham cracker crust into it. I didn’t want it to look ugly, you know. I guess, if I was going to make these on purpose, I would bake my cheesecake in a regular 2-3″ high cake pan and not use a crust at all.

Scooped Cheesecake

I got 12 easy, from half of the cheesecake. I could have probably squeaked out a couple more, but I might have eaten a few sections of cheesecake along the way. Maybe.

I didn’t really roll these, but I did kind of shape them a little to make them more round.

Cheesecake Balls

And, then because they were lumpier than I am used to with the cake pops, I dropped each one in a small bowl filled with graham cracker crumbs and rolled it around to coat. This helped to shape them better as well.

Then, I popped them in the freezer for a few minutes to firm up. (Maybe about 20-30 min. for these.)

While they were chilling. I heated up some chocolate candy melts in the microwave (30 sec intervals, stirring in between) and got my sticks and decorations ready.


I went with teeny tiny hearts in red, white and pink. A hearts and jimmies mix in red, white pink and brown … and also just some dark chocolate that I chopped up in a mini food processor.

Note: I’m pretty sure a few of you are going to want to know where those baking cups came from. Check out

So, after the balls became firm, I dipped one end of my lollipop stick in some of the melted candy coating and then inserted it into the cheesecake ball. I immediately dunked the pop in a deep bowl of melted candy coating and then sprinkled to decorate. Each one was then placed in a styrofoam block to completely dry. Then, they went in the refrigerator to await their fate.

Note: It will really help if you use a bowl that is deep enough to completely submerge the pop in chocolate and remove in one motion. It also helps if your chocolate is on the thinner side. (You can melt a little shortening in it to thin it out some.) Once, you remove it, carefully tap the excess off while balancing the pop on the stick. You may need to rotate your hand so that gravity keeps the pop in place long enough for the chocolate to start to set around the base. Add the decorations before it sets too much also or they won’t stick to the surface. These were slightly harder to manage than the cake pops. One… they were larger and heavier because of using the scooper. Two… the cheesecake texture wasn’t as sticky as the cake pop mixture.

But… I think they turned out beautifully.

Let’s take a closer look…

Cheesecake Pops

A little closer.

Cheesecake Pops


Cheesecake Close-Up

Whoops, just couldn’t resist. YUM-O-RAMA!

So, you say you don’t want to do a balancing act to make all these on sticks. Here’s another way you can do it. And it’s easier.

Cheesecake Pops

Take your graham cracker-coated cheesecake ball and drop it in the bowl of melted candy coating.

Cheesecake Balls

Don’t stir it. Just spoon some chocolate over the top until it is covered. Then, scoop it out with a spoon and tap off some of the excess by tapping the spoon on the side of the bowl. Then, just let it slide right off onto some wax paper. Insert your stick and add any decorations. Told you this was easier. I didn’t tap these as much as I do regular cake balls because I was going for the Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey look that Jill O’Connor shows in her book.

Cheesecake Pops

Messy looks good, too, don’t you think?

If you want to make some Cheesecake Pops … you will need:

Cheesecake (Buy one if you want to get straight to the fun stuff. Shhh… I won’t tell. You can also use this recipe.)
Mini ice cream scoop
Chocolate candy melts
Lollipop sticks
Wax paper
Dark chocolate, chopped
Graham cracker crumbs
Dipping bowl
Styrofoam block


Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey if you want to feast your eyes on more messy yumminess.

You can also check the Google results for the Daring Baker’s Cheesecake Pop Challenge and see tons more versions to drool over.


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  2. Do you still have your plain Jane cheesecake recipe?? the link sends me to a different recipe. Thanks.

  3. They do look like a real masterpiece. Simple idea but very interesting at the end.

  4. where can you find the cheesecake recipe of this? I can’t seem to find it in the link

  5. Both most favourites; cheese cake and that melting chocolate! And the presentation is cute and appealing. It is a must try. Want to order online cakes? Visit

  6. I’ve had customers ask for these but was intimidated by them. Now that I know how simple they can be made I willl definitely be doing them.

  7. Wow, those look amazing! I am totally trying those :)! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I did some similar with leftover cheesecake from Costco and since the crust ads a lot of flavor and texture I stirred it all in together and YUM-O. A totally fabulous dessert. Thanks for the recipes.

  9. those look so good my keyboard is wet.

  10. Mmmmm! I’m totally trying those next!

  11. Incredible ouo I’m making my mum make these for Christmas and the football game xD Looks so yummy *o* Can’t wait to eat them!

  12. Just discovered your site, love what you do. These cheesecake pops are a must try. Any ideas on any strawberry like coating (similar to eating cheesecake w/ strawberry topping)?

  13. Love your idea, bakerella, especially this one! Please go to my blog, it’s about my business on a virtual online fashion game but it’s open to anyone, not just those who work for me or use the website. I put that as my website.

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  23. i wonder if you could cheat and use that cheesecake in the tub…instead of baking a whole cheese cake……Im all for easier..

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  27. Where is the Plain Jane Cheesecake recipe?? the link takes me somewhere else. Help! thank you!!

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  29. OMG I can’t wait to try these. Thank you so much for the ideas.

  30. I’ve made the cake pops before which were a huge success. I made them a few days before & kept them in an air tight container and they were just as moist as the 1st day I made them. Now I would like to attempt the cheesecake pops…my question is how far in advance can I make them & how do I store them so they taste just as good as the 1st day & not get a “fridge” smell/taste. Would I leave them standing uncovered in the styrafoam board? I have room in my fridge to do that but didnt know if there was a better/different/smarter way. Thank you!!

  31. If making the cheesecake from scratch, do you think you could use the cake pop pans, you know like the ones you see on TV? I got a couple of those pans for Christmas. But I have never made cheesecake from scratch. This would eliminate the ball making process!

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  34. That sounds SUPER yummy and they turned out so cute. I have a great White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake recipe… I will have to play around & try this!!

  35. im just curious how it will turn out as soon as you rolled them into a ball and graham cracker if you used a fine tip turkey flavor injector and shot some rasp. cherry, caramel or choc filling in the center then freezing them then doing the choc coating. yummm that sounds even better. :)

  36. Thiz iz soo kool

  37. going to try these out tommarrow with the rest of my plain jane cheese cake!

  38. These look so yummy! For the Graham cracker crumbs do I buy Graham crackers and just crumble them up? Thank you:)

  39. I really want to try these for valentines day but what can I use instead of Graham Cracker crumbles? They dont’ have graham crackers in Australia!

  40. cant wait to try this….hmmmmm

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    i lovee cake pops. plus i weigh 567 POUNDS!!! im so proud of myself i dont need jillian michaels . forget working out im sticking with the PHAT PEOPLE!!!! YO YO YO


    i want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. if i were there i would eat everything in a twinkling of an eye cuz do u know why cuz im……… FFFAAAAATTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  45. im soooooooooooooooooooooo FATT!!!!!!!


  46. another question…….is there technique/tips for making the ball shape I found that part difficult

  47. Can you freeze these after you make them? Or just put them in the fridge

  48. i was just wondering how you get the pops to come out completely round. I haven’t tried yet but the part of the pop that’s resting on the try doesn’t become flat? (the thin melted chocolate layer, as it’s hardening)


  49. please email me the recipe for cake pops and cheesecake pops.
    Thank You

  50. I can’t wait to give this a try! I’ve already bought the sticks and some pink candy melt. So i only have to get my hand on cheesecake ingredients and i’m ready to go!

  51. I LOVE your site, as well as this recipe, this is the first one I tried after “stumbling” upon your page. Your pics are astounding!!!!Thanks for sharing, your recipes are amazing!!!

  52. Can I make these and then decorate like the Hello Kitty ones posted on the site? Not sure if they will be too lumpy looking…

  53. HI

    How long can these stay in the fridge for after they are all completed? Thanks

  54. I’m really impressed with your writing abilities and also with the format for your weblog. Is that this a paid subject matter or did you customize it yourself? Anyway keep up the excellent quality writing, it’s rare to peer a nice blog like this one these days..

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  56. This site won’t display properly on my android – you might wanna try and repair that

  57. This is a great web site, might you be interested in doing an interview about how you designed it? If so e-mail me!

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  59. OMG a perfect mix of my two favourite food groups…. cheesecake and chocolate, I think i am in heaven ;)

  60. When you say vanilla, do you mean extract or the beans?

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  62. Nice post! I must appreciate you for the post you have shared. Cordialy

  63. Hiii
    such a great post, and these cheesecake pops are sooo yummy. Did those for mothers day last weekend.
    Go check it out:

    thanks !!!!
    niner from

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  67. Love the cheesecake pop idea – I have had several requests for them, but I have always said they couldn’t be done because they would need refrigerated. am I right? Would these need to be kept in the fridge?

    Your book has helped me tremendously! Thanks for the tips!

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  69. Hello,
    I love your site and it always cheers me up. I am having a really down day today.

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  73. These are amazingly delicious! A friend’s birthday was this week and we made these in a group effort:
    – I provided the idea from the blog and purchased two cheesecakes
    – someone made a gluten-free cheesecake
    – someone brought the chocolate and sticks
    – someone provided the kitchen
    And the birthday boy declared it a wonderful success.

    Thanks Bakerella!

  74. Do you think that these would work if the cheesecake was dipped in melted butterscotch chips? I had a “something cheesecake and butterscotch” request for a bachelorette party and am thinking finger food.

  75. These look very yummy….and so simple to make. I’m sure I can make these…and I can’t wait to try them my mouth is watering.

  76. nevermind on my last question. How many pops does your cheesecake recipe make?

  77. Hi! I’m planning on making these in a couple of days, I was wondering where you bought your ice cream scooper? I bought one at Michael’s awhile back but it was plastic and broke down too quick! What brand is yours?

  78. PLEASE COME TO ENGLAND!!!!!!!!(somerset)
    we all love you over here

  79. Hi, this may be a stupid question but do I need to refridgerate the cheesecake pops? or can I leave them out?


  80. these are soo darn cute! i love them, what a great idea! i would love to make these for my child’s daycare teachers as a Valentine’s day treat. Do you think store-bought cheesecake would work just as well as a homemade one? I’ve never made a cheesecake on my own before. Also, do these melt quickly? Wondering how to store them when driving to daycare Monday morning if I make them Sunday night. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

  81. These look so adorable! And so delicious! I will definitely be making these and the very near future. They’d be great for Valentine’s Day! Also, for these, could they be made without the sticks?

  82. Never mind–I went ahead and tried it with the Dove chocolate and it is fabulous! Love your blog!

  83. Can I use dove chocolate to dip these in?

  84. I can´t find the recipe for the chessecake, could someone help me?I can´t wait to start cooking this fabulous recipe

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  88. Hi bakerella. I love cheesecake and pops. Thanks for combinbing the two. I think I will have a feast tonight. It is my friends birthday and I am making all your sweets.YUM! :)

  89. Can anyone tell me how many days I have to store these in the fridge for sharing after they are dipped? Thanks!

  90. what is the best chocolate to use to make cake pops or cheesepops?

  91. Hi Bakerella! I love your works! I just made the cheesecake pops and it turned out great! But I would like to know how should I store these cheesecake pops? Should it be kept in the fridge for all times? Or can it be left in a cool, dry place like the cakepops? Thanks!!

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  93. its sweet but not yum hmmmmmmmmmmmm ha you cant make a cake

  94. I’ve been wanting to try these for a LONG time, and I’m throwing a bachelorette party next month, so I decided that I’d practice these for thanksgiving tomorrow so I don’t have ugly ones for the part, I didn’t do the pops because I couldn’t find sticks but OH MY FREAKING LORD!!!!! I used this chocolate that’s ready to microwave (kroger brand I think?) that has it’s own tray, and I coated them with chopped hazelnuts and they were so flipping good it’s not even funny. I like the chocolate because it dries right away (unlike our chocolate fondue Valentines fiasco earlier this year) so I was able to keep it relatively ball-like and mess free, and go through them quickly, always a plus the NIGHT before thanks giving! (And I bought your book on Kindle LURVES IT!!!!! I totally cried when I saw you became published, like a ‘real person’ and there you were on amazon! It’s very inspiring!)

  95. Love this!! I have an idea!! Try using the tub of philadelphia cheesecake filling!

  96. To tell you the truth, These look more pretty/formal than pretty/cute. Ya know, I had a hunch……. these pop things? How can you be sure that they’re not to big? Okay it sounds stupid but it’s true. Some people are very very VERY picky where I live. Sad, but true…… I’ve found a tablespoon is way too big, but a teaspoon too small……

  97. Wow, these cheesecake pops look amazing!!

  98. I had trouble with the sticks as well so I ended up just making small balls that fit into mini cupcake papers. I’m not a big fan of the chocolate melts and opted for Guittard’s French Vanilla Semi-Sweet Dark – 54% cocoa content and Gourmet Bittersweet- 63% cocoa content. The semi-sweet was a perfect for those who like a sweeter dessert, while the bittersweet was a perfect foil for the sweetness of the cheesecake. They are so easy to decorate (I tend toward drizzles of white chocolate or very tiny gumpaste flowers). Add my thanks to all the others for your generous sharing of this fabulous idea.

  99. this is so cute!! I can’t wait to get my own book and start trying these cute little desserts myself!!

  100. Hmmm….What a yummy blog! I love reading your blog so much. It’s Thursday night 10:20 pm. I’m so going to grab some sweet in my fridge! I’m definitely going to try out your cheesecake pops! They look so delish! I love baking. I used to bake a lot with my aunt a lot when I was younger. I’ ve DIY projects and posted on My favorite is this yummy chocolate chip cookie stix. Hop on:

    Feel free to promote yummy sweets from your blog!

  101. Just wanted to thank you, I won my block party baking contest with cheesecake pops!

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  103. Have to try these……so many to try…..don’t know where to start!!!

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  106. These look…. good!
    (Makes a sad face)
    To bad I’m no cheese fan.
    I can only manage a bite of the stuff.
    Weird, Cause My elderly aunts specialty is….. you guessed it. Cheesecake. I want to cry when I see them.
    I’m sure if I was a fan, I’d be at the grocery like, NOW

  107. I tried making these for my daughter’s birthday and I was nearly cursing over it! The cheesecake balls kept falling off of the stick and breaking in half when I was dipping them in the chocolate. It was a big mess. Somehow, I saved enough of them to serve, but they weren’t smooth at all. Tasted good, though. I am planning on making the cake balls for a baby shower this weekend. I don’t want to run into the same problem. Any tips/tricks I haven’t figured out yet? Is it better when they’re frozen before you dip and can you also freeze them after you dip them? Thanks!

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  109. I LOVE IT!!! I just made some and they are absolutely AMAZING!!! I am making these for my daughters birthday party on friday. Thank you so much for sharing! I heart you!

  110. i made these for a bunco party last night and they were a big hit!! thanks for all the great ideas :)

  111. I could eat them in one bite!

  112. Can I use chocolate coating (the kind you dunk strawberries in to make chocolate strawberries) to dip the cheese cake balls?

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  114. omj !!!!!!!!!!! :) ;) :D :P :O

    i love it this website is amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!! it has everthing i love it everyone use this website it rox mi sox off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. I love your websit and ideas. I am really new to all this and it is a riot. I also love all the sites u link to. My one request and suggestion is this, i know u have a print buttom, but could u set it up, like many sites do, with the recipe and choice of picture or not. I love a pic. of finished product but I cannot afford to print all the pictures u post, too much ink. But i do love looking at them just do not want to print all of them.
    Maybe I am just not doing something right.

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  117. fantastic.

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  119. I know it was awhile since you posted but do you think I can use a no bake chessecake mix and get the same results?

  120. Absolutely adorable, I really want to try one of those, and actually I will, I’m going to bake a cheese cake and try this, I love your website ;)

  121. i made similar ones a while ago and people were so surprised because they had never seen anything like these balls! ;) they thought they were truffles until they bit into them. what a great idea! it took quite a while to make them but they’re great as gifts too. oh boy, i still havent posted them yet, oops…

  122. QUESTION: How much in advance can these cheesecake pops be made? One of the things I love about making cheesecake is that it can be done in advance — but I’m not sure about the chocolate covering on these — how will they hold up in the fridge or freezer? Thanks!

  123. one word…….


  124. how do I make the cheese cake into these pops. If I make the cheesecake dough will it be like sticky instead of gooey?

  125. I love cheesecake and thee look so fun! What a good idea for a party. Very creative. Thanks!

  126. These look awesome, my mouth is already watering!!

  127. hey, these look really great. just wondering, how long can these be kept outside!

  128. Bridget – bars are better for baking. Bark is better for coating.

  129. Is there any difference between the chocolate bark and chocolate squares? I have a bunch of bakers chocolate squares and wondered if it would affect the outcome.

  130. u just keep on amazing me! good job!

  131. lets make it happen

  132. I was needing a good Valentines treat for some special ones, I think this is it!! Thanks for your creativity!!

  133. we made those they are so good

  134. a dream come true *0*

  135. ok I take it back, Im impatient, overnight in the fridge did a cheesecake good and they turned out great!

  136. I tried to bake it without the crust and it didnt turn out… (moisture isnt right?)
    Ive never had a failed cheesecake… I think you NEED the crust for the baking…

    totally bummed, but Ill try again another day I guess.

  137. These look wonderful- been making cake pops for a while now but never tried cheesecake. I can’t wait to see how they come out.

  138. Tried these for a holiday party this weekend – made a crustless cheesecake I found on that came out great, and then made the pops and dipped in melted semi-sweet chocolate (I just happen to not be a big fan of the flavor of candy melts). I decorated and they were a huge hit! Such a great idea!

  139. Tammy – go for it.

    Nicole – you can use the cheesecake recipe and bake it without the crust since you are basically scooping out the insides anyway.

  140. is it okay to use frozen cheesecake with this recipe?

  141. OH MY GOD!!!

    I jus found this blog and you´re killing me with all these amazing recipes. These cheesecake Pops look delicious, I can´t wait to taste them.

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. how would i bake the cheese cake without the crust?? Like how to make it not stick to my pan?

    Thanks! (making carrot ones now!)

  143. This would be great for my daughters birthday party! Girls just love cutsie stuff like this!

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  145. talk about yuminess!

  146. Your blog is amazing! Wow… your cheesecake Pops looks so professional! I love the colorful sprinkles too. That is just the cutest photo ever! I love it wonderful job on your cheesecake pops. Your cheesecake pops bring a broad smile to my face. I'd like to make these for my daughters birthday. But i have one question if you set the truffles on the waxed paper, does it not squash the roundness on the top? just curious, thanks.

  147. Yummm! What a great idea. For those with a gluten allergy these would be sooo easy to make gluten free!

  148. I did it! Bakerella, you truly are inspirational. We celebrated my grandmother's 96th birthday and she loved the cheesecake pops! Since I didn't have sprinkles handy, I chopped up smarties and a Hershey's Cookies and Cream Bar to decorate! The pops were a huge hit. And, I figured out that the "candy melts" that you referred are called chocolate wafers here in Toronto! Thanks for the tips! This dessert is a winner!

  149. Melissa – it's also called candy coating, chocolate bark, almond bark. It's basically chocolate that is already tempered

  150. You are really amazing! My cousin recently sent me links to 2 of your postings and I am completely in awe of your work. Pictures, recipes, decorating tips…everything!!! I have a question about candy melts….are they chocolate and would be similar to chocolate wafer candy? I'm from Toronto, and I've never seen anything referred to as candy melts! Thanks for your inspiration! I am going to attempt the cheesecake pops just as soon as this is clarified!

  151. Oh Mama! I don't think we could be friends in real life. I would be so much bigger than I am now! Or I wouldn't leave your house all day long. You're an inspiration. Everything looks so simple when you do it.

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