First cake with the Kitchenaid

Okay! I was a bit intimidated at first. You know, I was used to working with a hand mixer and all. But then, after cautiously getting everything ready, I turned it on… and WOW!… The Kitchenaid mixer is amazing! It works so good – I even felt guilty for a minute (or more like a few seconds) like I had taken all the fun out of baking because it was doing all the work. Then, memories of my arm aching quickly knocked me back to my senses.

Oh… and I love the handled bowl, too. I even have a pink Kitchenaid spatula (another Christmas present) to go with it. The only thing I am wondering is why didn’t I get one of these before now.

Anyway, here’s the first little cake with my new mixer. I used some lovely artwork created by my niece as the inspiration for the decoration.

Purple and Pink Cake

Purple and Pink Cake

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25 comments on “First cake with the Kitchenaid”

  1. but how do u make it

  2. Too cute! Too cool! And your neice….WAY too cute!

    I gotta get me one of those mixers!

  3. didn’ t realize I had “manboge” as a username. What the heck.

  4. kidding… it’s me up there with #20-21.

  5. as in C-U-T-E CUTE. Cyoot.

  6. This is a beautiful cake! I love that you used your niece’s art for inspiration.

  7. I love that cake.Did you use fondant

  8. you are so cool Aunt Bakerella to use her art work WOW

  9. You’re so good at piping. Do you have any tips? I’m great with the baking part but I tend to mess up decorating. lol

  10. your cake is so pretty I love your cakes you are amagazin

  11. Dip your spatula in hot water before you smooth out the frosting and you will get that finished look you want. Don’t get the frosting too wet, though.

  12. I would say a big part of it is the frosting. Store bought frosting is really too soft. Frosting is super easy to make, especially a cream cheese frosting. My favorite tool of choice is an offset spatula. I like using a smaller 5″ one from Wilton because I have more control over it.

  13. wow, for some reason I can never get my frosting smooth enough to do something like that! i always have a ton of visible marks from the spatula, or the frosting slides around, or both (usually both). im curious, is it a technique you use, the intrument (knife, spatula, etc.) or the frosting? (or all three) … i bet its the frosting because im still using store bought stuff (not quite confident enough to make my own….yet). can you help me out a little?

    Thanks for your time =]

  14. WOW! and she’s adorable..

  15. btw, thx for the e-mail. my mom is thrilled :)

  16. only 8 comments? i thought there would be more. this cake is awesome and so is that artwork!

  17. Oh my goodness… that is so adorable!

  18. Thanks, she’ll be thrilled!

  19. Hello-
    love what you do on your site–delicious! I gave a shout out to you and your niece (and her artwork!) on my website, The Cupcakes CLub…a children’s book series.Take a look here: Hope you enjoy and thanks for all your creative work!

  20. She really did! I should get her to draw some more.

  21. I love that you used your niece’s art for inspiration – bet she did too!

  22. Thanks Rachel and thanks for stopping back by.

  23. Oh my, that is so pretty!! I’ll bet it’s yummy too.

    So glad you are enjoying the mixer!

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