Fourth of July Pennant Cookies

Fourth of July Pennant Bunting Cookies

Mini pennant bunting sugar cookies!!! So sweet and full of fun for a Fourth of July Celebration. Or any celebration really. Change up the colors and use them for baby showers, birthdays and other holidays.

Cookie Dough

I used an ice cream cone cookie cutter to make the pennants and then just chopped off the ice cream part. Kinda sad.

Looking back now, maybe I should have made ice cream cone bunting cookies. I mean how totally cute would those be!?! Or snow-cone bunting cookies.

But these pennants are super cute, too.

To make holes, just press a plastic straw into the cookie and gently twist it to remove the dough and make openings.

Note: when the cookies bake, the openings may close back up some. If that happens, go back over the holes with another straw right after you remove the cookies from the oven.

Oh and you can use this sugar cookie and royal icing recipe. It’s awesome and easy.

Piping Cookies

To decorate the pennants, outline the cookies, including the openings with piping consistency royal icing and let dry.

Add a little water to the royal icing to make it more fluid and then flood the cookies with color.

Dotting Cookies

To make a polk-a-dot pattern, just pipe dots with a second color of royal icing while the base color is still wet.

Piped Cookie

See the ones in the back, those were just piped, but they’ll settle down like the ones in the front. You can also draw lines or make other shapes with the same technique.

Little Letter Sugar Cookies

Yay for little letter cookies! These are the cutters I used.

They are a little tricky to get the sugar cookie dough out of, because they are tiny. So I used the end of a lollipop stick to gently push the shapes out of the cookie cutter with.

Sanding Sugar Cookies

To decorate the letters, pipe them with royal icing and sprinkle the tops with white sanding sugar while the icing is still wet. Let dry and then attach the letters to the pennants using royal icing as the “glue”.

Fourth of July Pennant Bunting Cookies

Ta-da! Too cute!

Pennant Sugar Cookies

You can also skip the words and simply thread the cookies with thin ribbon or decorative twine.

Have fun and hope your fourth is a happy, happy, happy one!

Happy Sugar Cookies

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27 comments on “Fourth of July Pennant Cookies”

  1. they seem usefull for 4th July, birthday, wedding, mother’s day

  2. Love them! I did something similar around Christmas a while back (maybe 2010-ish? Seems forever ago!) We made ours with leftover gingerbread cookie dough!

  3. oh my gosh! just the cutest ever! I love your inspiration!
    Cute! Cute! Cute!

  4. I love this festive cookie set! I have those awesome “mini abc” cutters and can’t wait to try this. My sweet little granddaughter is turning 1 this month..I see a birthday banner in my future. Thanks Angie! :)

  5. So cute!!! How tall are those alphabet cookie cutters???

  6. Wow! Look amazing! These could be used for anything! I am so going to make these!!

  7. So cute and creative! They look perfect!

  8. I love this idea! Thanks so much for sharing. These would be so fun for any party!

  9. How absolutely adorable m

  10. Fabulous idea! My hubby has a birthday coming up and he’ll just love the cookies spelling out happy birthday – or something a little more sexy… LOL!!!!

  11. (Um…those question marks in my other comment were supposed to be clapping hands and smiley faces. LOL!)

  12. Soooo cute! You are so creative Bakerella! Thanks for all the great ideas you share with us all. ????????????

  13. You make it look soooo easy!

  14. I’m not from the US but seeing these cute cookies makes me want to celebrate with you from this side of the globe :)

  15. So cool!

  16. You are amazing!

  17. SO ADORABLE!!! From now on, I want all my pennants to be edible. This settles it.

  18. You are amazing, as you always are! These are adorable! Happy 4th to you and your family!

  19. Awww so cute :D

  20. So super incredibly adorables! I am also from the States and now live in Chile so I will have to make these for old time sake!

  21. Omg so cute :D

  22. Great idea!
    I`m from US, but I live in UK and I feel great nostalgia for my home. So this 4-th of July I`ll make these amazing cookies for my children.
    Thank you so much!

  23. so nice

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